May I remind you all that the Labour Party held an annual conference a little over one week ago; 21st Sept – 24th Sept. I mention it because it was such a lacklustre affair even ardent Ludicrous Labour activists have forgotten that it took place. The usual amnesia shown by Labour was in abundance throughout, culminating in their gaff-prone leader, Mr Ed, forgetting that there is a huge deficit. Probably due to the embarrassing fact that Labour was the root cause of it! They also forgot the 1400 victims of child sex trafficking gangs in Rochdale. Persecuting the hapless Police and Crime Commissioner prior to the conference was all well and good, as it was he who was in charge of Child Services at the height of this disgusting episode. It did not however attempt to pursue, persecute or prosecute those involved, from the vile pimps and traffickers to the officials too scared of losing their own jobs and thin reputations.
The paucity of action, both in legal terms and in the setting up of internal inquiries was staggering. Two years ago, Rotherham Borough Council’s Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Joyce Thacker, disgustingly removed children from the care of Foster Parents, who happened to belong to UKIP, saying the children were “not indigenous white British” and that it had concerns about UKIP’s stance on immigration. Had such “care” been taken by the authorities in Rochdale perhaps 1400 children would have been spared needless suffering. The Labour Party in Rochdale were forced to call for an investigation into the Labour-run council’s decision, after claims from UKIP it could have been politically motivated.
Labour run Councils throughout the land are are guilty of turning a blind eye to the forced prostitution of young children; some as young as 10yrs old, by Pakistani trafficking gangs. The feeble excuse given by officials in these Councils was that they were afraid of being condemned as racists. Racists! Talk about being hoist with your own petard. This is the vile Party which hires bus loads of mindless thugs and idiots and sends them off to disrupt peaceful meetings being held by Parties opposed to Ludicrous Labour and its policy of forced multiculturalism.
We should also remind those faithful Party Delegates who trudged in their thousands to Manchester of the role played by some of their prominent Shadow Front Bench in the support of PIE. Is it any wonder Labour Councillors turned a blind eye to child sex trafficking when at least four of their leading lights advocated lowering the age of consent and a legal department headed by Harriet Harman looked at cases of sex between adults and children aged 14 to 16. Harman, of course, denied any connection with PIE and when this was found to be another case of Labour amnesia she refused to apologise.
So, Lacklustre Ed scores three for learning his lines prior to giving his speech but scores minus five for supporting Harman the Amnesiac.

The highlight of the week was the UK Independence Party Conference in Doncaster. After the Ludicrous Labour laboured four days, this conference was a breath of fresh air. Speaker after speaker showed their grasp of what is really wrong with the machinations of government in this country and sallied forth with positive and workable solution after workable solution. The atmosphere in the hall was electric.
Jane Collins MEP reminded conference of Ludicrous Labour’s cowardice and political correctness in Rotherham. She pointed out that three Labour MPs knew about the abuse and did nothing about it. Well, Jane is, she is calling for criminal charges to be levied against them. She went further by saying that UKIP calls for a full inquiry culminating in police convictions where necessary. Astoundingly this abuse of young, vulnerable children is still going on in South Yorkshire.

This year, UKIP tackled the important things in peoples lives, The Economy (UKIP did not forget this important item), the Armed Forces, Welfare, immigration. Culture, The NHS, Justice & Home Affairs, Education and many, many more. All were costed, examined, and policy put forward in a positive and professional way. Further, and going against the grain of mainstream politics in this country, the UK Independence Party actually put the people and the country first when devising these policies.A country is nothing without the people who inhabit it. A ridiculous observation you might say until you realise that the Labour Party, The LibDems and the Tories have been forgetting about the latter for years. Deliberately forgetting that the people who put them where they are deserve a modicum of respect. Some form of recognition for entrusting them with the keys to the Realm. No such luck, the arrogance of these Westminster trough gobblers would dwarf that of the court of Le Roi-Soleil
Forgetting the people whom you are supposed to represent is a big mistake and not one that UKIP can be accused of. However, for the sin of reminding people of this they are constantly castigated by a rabid and biased press and targeted by mindless rent-a-mob gangs of Lefty loons.
One person who was acutely aware of the dangers of political duplicity and the effect that it can have on a persons conscience was the Conservative MP, Mark Reckless. Here we have a man of tremendous honour and bravery who realised that passing on vague promises from his leadership to the Electorate in order to be elected to Parliament was a gross dereliction of duty. He was in fact telling the people of Rochester lies on the orders of Conservative central office. Being a man of principle and no longer able to look the people of his constituency in the face he did the honourable thing and resigned as a Conservative MP and joined UKIP. He did so because, he said, he realised that only the UK Independence Party made deliverable promises, only the UK Independence Party told the truth to the electorate and only from within that Party could he truly serve the people of Rochester.

Then, to the delight of the media, we have the Tory conference in Birmingham. Not so much a conference as a back-slapping contest for aged Bullingdon Boys.
The new, trim, “look at me, I’ve lost lbs”. George Osborne stalked onto the stage like a victorian actor in a Gothic tragedy. The loss of lbs was soon to be transferred to the hapless and helpless in society in the form of £s as giggling George capped benefits for the next two years and gaily announced that more cuts to the Welfare Budget was to come.
Way to go George!
His friend, Insipid Duplicitous Smith, was on his feet clapping like a loon.
He ended his take-away session by declaring: “I believe it is perfectly possible for Britain to be the most prosperous major country on earth. The most prosperous, the most dynamic, the most creative.”
“But only if we, in our generation, provide the big answers to the big questions. Only if we choose the future not the past.”
Got news for you George, the people have chosen and the future is ‘Purple!’

To great fanfare and much foot stomping, the Tories then brought forth their heavyweight champion. The flaccid albino himself, Boris Johnson. Not so much a buffoon as a danger with no hazard warning lights!
He ripped into UKIP defectors with the most puerile of jokes, obviously drawing on personal experiences from his days at Eton. That was all he had to say really, an attack dog with no direction, a loose cannon whom David Cameron should be very wary of.
Cameron’s speech was one of promise after promise. In his usual inimitable style he promised the earth five years hence, warned that to vote for UKIP was really to vote for Labour and that the NHS was safe in his hands.
Yeah Dave, we really believe that especially as you told the World that forgetting your daughter when leaving a pub was less important than forgetting the deficit.
One word Dave.


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