Once I had joined the UK Independence Party I knew that my life had changed. I knew that having committed myself to the ideals and aspirations of of the Party my skin would have to become thicker and my resolve harder.

As a dedicated ‘Armchair Politician’ of forty years standing it came as a shock that I actually wanted to become active in politics, I suddenly realised that if I wanted real change and not the ‘short-change’ offered by the cosmetically enhanced Parliamentarians paraded in TV studios on a nightly basis, then I would have to do something about it. I’m talking of those whom I used to scream at from the comfort of my DFS armchair, the very ones whom I swore that I would never vote for.
Perhaps it is the wisdom of age or, the apathy forced upon me and millions like me by Mandelson’s muppets that made me think again. Made me realise that by not voting I was allowing the ‘Two-Party’ system that we seem to have in this country to flourish.

So, why the UK Independence Party? First, I have always been unashamedly patriotic. I believe that if you have had the good fortune to have been born in the United Kingdom and have shared in all that it has to offer then you owe it to yourself, your family and the country to show allegiance to Monarch and country. I did so by joining the Royal Navy and I am saddened at the way the previous government and this Coalition is treating those who have volunteered their lives in order to make a safer Homeland for the people of the UK.
The UK Independence Party is also unashamedly patriotic, it too is sickened at the way our Armed Service personnel are treated by this Coalition. It too is conscious of the fact that we are a ‘Union’, a United Kingdom, not a collection of ‘Regions’ as most present-day politicians would like to see.
I am also proud of the British Welfare State, however unsustainable it might be, and it sickens me to see it being taken advantage of by people who do not live in this country.
Similarly, the NHS. This has become a behemoth of gross unsustainability under Labour and the Coalition and yet I still believe in its founding principles of being free at the point of delivery and entry. So too does the UK Independence party.
However this does not stop the obscene practice of ‘health tourism’ which is costing the British taxpayer £billions.

Secondly, when I listened to people from within UKIP I heard common sense and, most important of all, I heard UKIP spokespersons actually answering questions. No fudge, no waffle, an honest answer to whatever was asked of them. True, this often landed them in trouble with the media and in the beginning they were fair game for ridicule. Then the penny dropped. People started to listen, started to believe in the principles of UKIP, started to applaud what they once ridiculed, started to see that the road to change was there if you wanted to get on it. I was one of those people, as a recently retired owner of a small business I know first-hand how restrictive the red-tape and bureaucracy handed down from the EU can be to growth and profitability.
Looking around I realised that it wasn’t only red-tape, immigration or open borders or restrictive practices that was wrong with the way this country was being led, Green policy meant that the countryside was being blighted by unsightly and inefficient wind-farms. Fields full of ugly wind turbines sold to the British taxpayer on a lie because to be efficient they need a sustained wind speed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year!

The final straw was the realisation that not only were the bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg unaccountable but so too were our own politicians. They had become arrogant, confident in their own sleaze, unwilling to admit failure or wrongdoing. People were getting hurt, people were dying because of it and that’s when I decided to get out of the armchair and become part of the ‘change’ needed to bring this country back to respectability.

For believing in the above and for recognising that the only political Party to stand up for the Rights of the British people is the UK Independence Party I am accused of being:

‘racist’               That’s not who I am!
‘homophobic’  That’s not who I am!
‘fascist’             That’s not who I am!
‘realist’             That’s who I am!

I am you and you and you, ordinary people who have shaken off the shackles of apathy and whom have come to realise that change is not just a word but a basic Right. It’s not good enough just to scream at the TV or to not vote. Real change takes real commitment and that is what I have found in the UK Independence Party. People who are willing to ignore the slights and the abuse directed at them because they know that they are in the right. They know that to throw false accusation and to slur is the only weapon that the Establishment has got. A pathetic response from a pathetic collection of Establishment cronies who realise that the game is up!
Common sense and honesty are the order of the day now and for some the kitchen is getting much too hot. Time will tell just how many more DFS armchairs become abandoned but up to now over forty thousand lie redundant in living rooms up and down the land.