David Cameron has refused to rule out campaigning to leave the EU if European leaders support the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission.It begs the question. “How many faces has the Thin-Lipped, Dave got?”

Frankly, the sooner this idiot is carted off to the “Tory Twilight Home For The Bewildered”, the better!

It strikes me that the Westminster elite have too much time on their hands. Dare I say that this is the result of relinquishing the day-to-day running of Britain to the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels? The UK, at the moment, is like a rudderless ship. Everyone wants to be Captain but no one has any sense of direction! It matters not a jot who is President of the European Commission because Britain’s fate was sealed as early as the mid Sixties by idealistic opportunists too lazy to take on the burden of running the country but eager to erase our heritage and the battles fought to preserve it!

I have absolutely no faith in Cameron or his Party, Miliband is a joke, apparently now being supported by the biggest joke that the Labour Party ever had. Is it a coincidence that after seeking and getting a safe seat for his son, Stephen, to fight at the 2015 General Election (Aberavon in Wales), Neil Kinnock now feels the need to throw his weight behind the hapless Member for Doncaster North?
He was an enthusiastic supporter of Ed Miliband’s campaign to lead the Labour Party in 2010, and was reported as telling activists, when Ed Miliband won, “We’ve got our party back”.
However, there is a cynical thread here. Guess who was Vice-President of the European Commission from 1999 – 2004? None other than Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty in the County of Gwent!

Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and the vast majority of their Party members are strident Europhiles. Anyone who thinks differently is an idiot. Great Britain is vibrant on paper but even now, economists are warning that the “bubble” is in danger of bursting. Fancy speeches in the Mansion House or diversionary tactics in Ypres cannot hide the fact that the present incumbents of the Palaces of Westminster are living in a dream world of their own creation. The depth of their delusion was made evident earlier when Osborne leaked plans for HS3. The Tory vision of the future for the North. The cost for HS2 has not been fully realised yet, I hate to think how much HS3 will cost future generations.
Don’t forget, I told readers of my blog weeks ago that the EU has plans for HS2 thru to HS10!
Our children’s children will be lucky to see the completion of HS2, if ever that project gets off the ground.
We are fast approaching the scenario described by Gordon Brown as “Boom & Bust”! This can only be exacerbated by the present government’s penchant for borrowing. Which leads to another question. Who will pay off the National Debt if the UK fully integrates into the European Union? Will we become the Greece of the western fringes of the EU?

What of UKIP? Will it come racing to the rescue and save the UK from unmitigated disaster?
Well, not in 2015 anyway. Although we expect to do really well in the 2015 General Election you will not be seeing 200+ UKIP MP’s polishing their backsides on the benches of the House of Commons.
Why is this? My view is that people view the European Elections as nothing to do with their lives in the UK. Therefore they can, in their minds, send a strong message to the ruling class that all is not rosy in the garden of political intrigue by voting for UKIP or, any other perceived protest Party.
Given the chance by the Electorate I’m sure that we in UKIP could make a vast difference in the betterment of life for the average UK citizen. The thrust of my argument being that we (UKIP) put people before politics. We actually do listen, we actually do react and we actually have an indefatigable lust for Great Britain.
Unless we get people supporting us, unless we get people voting for us, unless we can convince the Electorate that the present lot are and have been taking them for a very expensive ride for years, we will always be a minority Party.

We need to broaden our horizons, we need to spread the word, we need to tell people who we are as opposed to the media version of us as a racist, homophobic, protest vote.
Selling the message is never easy, trying to do so in an ever increasingly hostile atmosphere is more difficult still. However, sell it we must if we want our country back.
Self determination is the key. With self determination comes self respect, self preservation and self governance.

So, do I care about Jean-Claude Juncker? NO!
Do I care that Cameron keeps throwing his dummy out of the pram because Frau Merkel is deaf to his protests about Juncker? NO!
Do I care that loser Kinnock has thrown his weight behind Miliband? NO!
Do I care about the effect QMV will eventually have on every citizen in the UK?