Once upon a time in a pond on a farm lived a tadpole called Terry. Terry was not a happy tadpole because all of the other tadpoles called him Blobby because of his shape.
They always made Terry cry; “boo, hoo, hoo.”
He cried that much that the water in the pond rose to the top of the bank and nearly spilled over. The other tadpoles were so fed up with Terry always being miserable that they made him go and live in a dark corner of the pond all by himself. Ahhhh.
One day a fish swam up to Terry and said, “Hello, I’m Phyn the Fish. Who are you?”
“I’m Terry the Blob!” He replied and started crying again. “Boo, hoo, hoo.”
“Are you sure that you are a blob?” asked Phyn.
“That’s what all the others call me,” replied Terry, still crying loudly. “Boo, hoo, hoo.”
“Oh, you are as silly as they are,” said Phyn. “Everybody knows that you are a tadpole!”
“What’s a tadpole?” said Terry.
“You are silly,” said Phyn. “A tadpole is what you are, not a blob, so stop that silly crying.”
“I can’t help it, I’m an ugly blob who eats mud and nobody loves me!” He said.
“Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself!” said Phyn, angrily. “I haven’t got time for people who are always feeling sorry for themselves!”
Then, with a flick of his tale, he was gone and Terry was all alone again

And started to cry all over again; “boo, hoo, hoo, boo, hoo, hoo.”
He cried all day and all night until his tummy hurt.

The very next day, Phyn the Fish swam by again.
“Hello Terry,” he said. “I’m sorry that I got cross with you yesterday.”
“Th-that’s alright,” Terry replied. “Still sobbing.
“Anyway,” said Phyn. “You won’t always look like that,”
“I know, I’ll get old and look even worse; boo, hoo, hoo.”
“Oh, stop it! Don’t you know that one day you will grow up to be a beautiful green frog?”
“A frog! What’s a frog?”
“It’s a creature that lives on the land and in the water and all tadpoles turn into frogs eventually. Look, you’re changing already.”
“What do you mean?” Asked Terry.
“Why look, your legs are starting grow already.”
“Legs! What are legs?” Asked Terry in alarm.
“Those things growing from your tummy, they are legs,” replied Phyn
Terry looked down: “AAAARGH!” he screamed; “what are those things?”
“They are your legs silly; I’ve just explained that to you. You really are the silliest tadpole that I have ever met!”
“AAAARGH! They are horrible. Take them away! Take them away! Everybody will laugh at me even harder now. Boo, hoo, hoo.”
“For goodness sake!” said Phyn. “Pull yourself together and stop acting like a big baby!”
Then he swam away, leaving Terry feeling even sorrier for himself.

Phyn was that angry with Terry that he did not come to see him for a whole week. Terry got very, very lonely in his corner of the pond all by himself.
When Phyn did come to see him, again Terry had changed even more.

“Terry you are a FROG!” exclaimed Phyn. “A lovely green frog, now I am jealous because you can do something that I cannot do.”
“What would that be then?” Asked Terry.
“Frogs can live on land and in the water; you lucky, lucky thing. Look at you! Standing there on that lily pad for all the world to see.”
“Am I really lovely?”
“Yes, you are really, really lovely,” said Phyn.
Then Terry climbed up one of the reeds, jumped onto the bank of the pond, and started to hop all around the outside of it. “Look at me, look at me!” He shouted to Phyn, who was getting really dizzy trying to follow his friend around the pond.
Then Terry jumped back into the water and he and Phyn played all day until it was time for Phyn to go home.
Terry wasn’t an unhappy tadpole anymore; he was a lovely happy green frog


©Phil Bottomley 2015