The Record of a Failed Prime Minister

She failed to tackle immigration as Home Secretary and is trying to dupe the British Public yet again: Britain’s system to count migrants coming into the country has once again been exposed as farcical, with the present system only counting a random sample arriving between the hours of 6am and 10pm.
The Office for National Statistics reckons this could be leading to an under-counting
(well yeah) and are going to start with night time checks as well.
For instance, The Sun expose how at Heathrow there are 16 flights per day arriving between 4.30am and 6am. Under the present system, none of those would even be subject to the dodgy random sampling. The lackluster system for counting migrants has been exposed before, with 1.2 million more National Insurance numbers being given out than migrants officially recorded in the country. Let’s face it: the present system represents at best an educated guess. At worse, the record-high migration figures we’ve seen over the past few years are actually a massive under-count.
She has failed to address the ridiculous Climate Change Act 2008 The Office of Budget Responsibility estimates that by 2022 the annual cost of all green taxes and subsidies paid for by the British taxpayer will reach the staggering sum of £15.2 billion. More than £72Billion over the next five years. Which is more than we pay into the EU, more than the estimated cost of HS2 and roughly equates to over £560 per household per year.
She has failed our Armed Forces by not reviewing the cuts insisted upon by the Coalition. The Labour Party may well have left the country in a financial mess but the cuts in the Defence Budget were more to do with EU diktats than British financial problems. The MoD is trying to find £10bn worth of “efficiencies” in the defence budget during the next decade. This is ridiculous when you consider that the Royal Navy only has enough men to crew one of the new Aircraft Carriers and is desperate for men to crew the new Astute Class submarines. Theresa May is turning a blind eye to our defences both at home and abroad. Russia no longer considers us a Major Power and our standing in the World is on the decline because we are considered weak. In light of Brexit she must reverse the Defence Cuts and start to rebuild our Armed Forces in both personnel and equipment.
She is about to fail our fishermen and the British Fishing Industry: By keeping quiet amid rumours that the question of British Territorial Waters may be used as a bargaining chip during Brexit negotiations she is stifling investment in shipbuilding (new fishing vessels), nets and all gear associated with the fishing industry, add that to the fact that investment will also dry up in the ports and fishing villages throughout the country. Further, without reassurance from May that the Territorial Waters will be restored many fishermen will move away from the industry and those who remain will have no confidence in the sustainability of the industry which will deter future generations from entering into the trade.

Britains Failure to quell the Moslem Takeover:


Theresa May is guilty of appeasing Islam and welcoming it into this country. She and the Church of England are complicit in this and in doing so have damned this country. We already have a Judge who has set a precedent by allowing Sharia Law, now what was a slow trickle will become a torrent as Sharia courts will spring up all over the land using this precedent.  As Home Secretary, she did nothing to quell the rising tide of Muslim immigrants. She waffled on about the debacle of sex grooming gangs but warned that we should not stereotype Pakistani Muslims over these crimes.  This is a woman who would put on a yellow blouse and swear that it was pink.

Talking of swearing, as Prime Minister she appointed a Muslim to be Home Secretary. If that were not bad enough in a Christian country, she allowed him to swear his Oath of Allegiance on the Koran. A complete slap in the face to everyone who voted Conservative and made it possible for her to hold the position of PM. The woman is a total disgrace and should be removed from Office immediately along with her Home Secretary. Why her Home Secretary? Just look at the treatment meeted out to Tommy Robinson under Javid’s watch. Have we had an explanation or apology from this man? NO! Do we expect one from our Muslim Home Secretary? NO!

Some might argue that this is not just the fault of Theresa May but that all politicians are at fault over this issue and that PC is controlling the minds of these people as well as the minds of those who vote for them. This is a load of rubbish, PC is an invention of the political elite and used as a tool to keep us mere Plebs in order. At the moment she is touring Europe trying to sell her idea of Brexit to the nations of the European Union. “Her” idea of Brexit, not the Brexit that 17.4million people voted for but “her” idea of UK exit. We no longer have Theresa May’s government but Theresa May THE government. She has enshrined the protection of Islam in Law, taken away free speech, and put the Rights of every immigrant, asylum seeker and returning Jihadi terrorist before the Rights of ethnic UK residents. She uses racism and homophobia as a weapon, things which should never be an issue when people are trying to save your country from ethnocide!