The total arrogance of British main-stream politicians amazes me more and more each day. Ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown, you remember him – the one the British people never elected into Office, has taken it upon himself to take control of the bribes that Clegg Miliband and gormless Cameron have pledged to the Scottish people for saying No.

We need some perspective here, over 80% of the UK population are English and yet we have not had a referendum on whether we agree to giving all this money to Scotland. It is a very clever ploy by the Westminster elite to pit country against country, region against region and city against city. What better way of complying with the EU diktat of regionalisation than by doing exactly as Cameron has done. Offer one part of the UK a referendum on independence, throw in a few economic and industrial half truths and then sit back and wait. Not only has europhile Cameron got what he wanted but Scotland will become the most Public Sectored country in Europe and all paid for by the English taxpayer! Meanwhile the rest of the country is clamouring for the same sort of deal and I say, take the blindfolds off because you are falling into the EU trap just as Miliband, Clegg and Cameron planned for you to do.

Up in Scotland Brown breaks into a speech as soon as a camera and microphone appears, whilst the actual leader of the ludicrous Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has already forgotten most of his “VOW” and is trying to hide the fact by insisting that the Party move forward. He might find that a bit difficult with a Party that is in reverse. The Tories are already demanding that Cameron curb the right of Scottish MPs to vote on English issues, something which would probably be the death knell for any chance of a future Scottish Prime Minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer. Of course, it hasn’t escaped the brighter ones in the Labour Party that, God forbid, they do form a government, their ability to push through legislation would be severely restricted. So too in the House of Lords if legislation only pertains to England.
Cameron, on the other hand, is trying to be clever by playing both sides against the middle. A game which he has already proved to be useless at! He hopes to delay the extra concessions to Scotland until after the May 2015 General Election by feigning concern the effect of such legislation would have on England, Northern Ireland and Wales. He sees this as his only slim chance of winning at the polls in 2015. The ‘fly in the ointment’ of course for him and Miliband is Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party. People are sick and tired of being told what to do by Westminster, fed up with having decisions made for them, decisions which affect them in every aspect of their lives, decision constantly being taken without consent or consultation. They are turning to UKIP in their thousands because Farage is offering them a say in the way that they are governed, a say in how their hard-earned money is spent, a say in the destiny of the United Kingdom.

It is no longer good enough to dismiss UKIP as a protest vote or to accuse them of being racist or homophobic or sexist or any other ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ that the Left throw their way. People are waking up and seeing the truth at last. There is no racism or homophobia, what there is though is concern. Concern that this country is being used as a cul-de-sac for any EU citizen who might want to hide away and abuse the Welfare System, the NHS and any other Public Service which offers them a freebie. It is only right that someone stands up and says. ‘Oi, this is not good enough!’ It is only right that someone stands up and reminds the British people that the UK is the only member of the EU which puts up with this abuse of its facilities. It is only right that someone stands up and reminds the people of the Commonwealth that they are getting a raw deal from this government over immigration and work permits. It is disgusting that this government sees fit to turn its back on the very people who willingly sacrificed their loved ones on numerous battlefields throughout the World under the Union Jack of Great Britain.

Perhaps we do need to see more centralised governance in this country but not in the way envisaged by Cameron or Miliband and certainly not as Brown sees it. The only politician with a clear head and a positive direction is Nigel Farage. This is a fact acknowledged by leaders all over the World. This is why they all clamour for him to appear on their TV shows, their radio shows and their after-dinner speaking circuits. It is also why the Westminster elite are scared to death of him and anyone who flies the UKIP banner. The man tells the truth. Not only that, he tells it in a way that everyone can understand, he says what the man in the street is thinking and he is not afraid to say it into the faces of the people who are so badly governing this country.
They, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband; are correct when they say we need change in this country but not change by any of their Parties. We need real change and the only Party in town which will offer that change is UKIP!