Immigration, the great taboo of British politics! Labour have admitted that their ludicrous ‘open-door’ policy was a complete and utter disaster and the Coalition, having promised to cut net immigration, have succeeded in increasing it. Would the UK Independence Party do any better at curbing this ever growing influx from the European continent? Certainly Judith Woods, who writes in the Telegraph, doesn’t seem to think so. With a pithy, undignified statement she dismisses UKIP as being a Party of undesirables; according to the fragrant Ms Woods – and I quote: “it seems like every other day someone gets turfed out of the party for being a complete nutter?”
Thank goodness for that, thank goodness that UKIP is a Party which actually recognises nutters and does something about them. I do not ever remember her putting pen to paper and stating: “it seems like every other day someone gets turfed out of the Labour Party for being complicit in the deaths of hundreds of NHS patients.” Or, “it seems every other day someone gets turfed out of the Conservative Party for fiddling their expenses and being complicit in covering up Government and Opposition members misdemeanours” No, and the reason is that the triumvirate that is Labour, Tory and LibDem, always sweep their scandals under the carpet; usually getting the press to wield the brooms for them. Treat the great unwashed like mushrooms and you will do well my son, seems to be the Whitehall mantra.

So, what is the truth about immigration? Is it as good for the country and for the well-being of the populace as some pundits would have you believe? First, an unpleasant fact. Brits, those born in this country, take out £591 billion more from public finances than they put in. This is due to the fact that whether they realise it or not most Britons rely heavily on welfare. Be it for their children education, their health, or because they live in social housing, or are in receipt of some sort of benefit.
Another “fact”; under Labour – pre Margaret Thatcher and post John Major – it was made much more attractive to be indolent than diligent. Hard work and the desire to better ones self was rewarded by high taxes and restrictive practices. This caused a mass exodus of home-grown excellence and made it so much easier for highly qualified foreign nationals to seek work in the UK as there was a vacuum to fill in this sector because of Labour’s ridiculous social welfare policies. Take the NHS, it is often said that without immigrant labour it would cease to function and, sadly, I have to agree with this.
The Health and Social Care Information Centre produced some figures last year which showed just how much the NHS relies on immigrants to fill key positions in the front line services. 11% of all staff who work within the NHS and in Community Health Services are from overseas.
Professionally qualified clinical staff account for 14% while doctors account for a staggering 26%.

However, notwithstanding those facts, the figures which are cleverly hidden under the cloak of “migration” are those which list the number of low-skilled workers whom have flooded into the country, both legally and illegally, because of the ridiculous ‘open borders’ policy. It is this sector which is most damaging to our economy and to the prospects of British youngsters getting jobs and housing. Blame must also be put at the doorsteps of employers who, disgustingly, take advantage of the immigrant workforce with the widespread use of zero-hour contracts which have created a maximum wage out of the minimum wage. This has the knock on effect of dissuading British youngsters from wanting to take low-paid work because there are no prospects and who can blame them? Oh yes, the Tories – they have named them as “The Feckless”.

I was born in an age when education was thought of as important, an age when we still had ‘callings’, an age when manufacturing was thought to be important, an age where secondary schools encouraged and taught the sciences, an age which readied the young for adult life and gave them a sense of ambition.
I realise that all was not that rosy during those halcyon days of yore and I also take on board that times and technology have changed and moved on. But, through Civil Service arrogance, shortsighted foreign policy and the creation – by Labour – of the ‘Nanny State’ , Britain instead of moving forward has remained static. Stuck in a quagmire of apathy and welfare reliance. The unfortunate thing is, there is not a sign of any light at the end of the tunnel because without drastic change we will remain in a constant flux.
Silly policies thrust into the pre election melting pot which promise to freeze energy bills, guarantee OAP’s their pensions, cut student fees etc are just that, ‘silly’. They are the brightly coloured bunting hiding a drab interior. For all the so-called ‘nutters’ referred to by Ms Woods there are thousands of bright, right-thinking people in the UK Independence Party who abhor the direction in which this country is being led by the centre left and are prepared to do something about it.
Like me, the vast majority of UKIP supporters embrace immigration and we are not ashamed to admit that without it this country would be a much poorer place. However, we must look to bringing in only those who have the qualifications that this country needs and more importantly, we must start training our own back to the standard required by industry and technology. In short, we must give our young people the hope and real expectation that their Grand Parents had at their age.
Education should be free or, if not free it should be heavily subsidised by the State. Much of this funding could be gleaned from the Foreign Aid Budget and by scrapping the ridiculous ‘Green’ subsidies presently enjoyed by the renewable energy shylocks.

In conclusion, the UK Independence Party may contain some nutters and loons still but they will be weeded out and expelled. We are a young and progressive Party and, as such, we expect to make mistakes but we also put our hands up when we do. UKIP is not a Party which brushes its problems and problems caused by stupid members under the carpet. We face them head on and are not afraid to expel people, no matter their position in the Party, if it is deemed that they and their actions bring the Party into disrepute. Can this be said of the triumvirate? I think not.
Hundreds of idiots will be bussed to Margate in order to tell the country and the World that UKIP are nothing but a shower of racists, the irony is, they have missed the bus! Sensible people applaud the fact that we are not afraid to talk about immigration, are not afraid to voice the concerns of our supporters and the often unspoken concerns of millions of the population.
A country can only support a certain amount of people, to say that we are full is not racist, merely realist. To us in the UK Independence Party, immigration is not the great taboo that title belongs to the EU open door policy.