I read an interesting statistic the other day. We all know that under Labour, 1200 people died needlessly in Mid-Staffordshire hospital but, did you realise that this was more than died in Mid Staffordshire during the Black Death? Yet we still have Labour yelling at the top of their pathetic voices that the NHS is safe only in their sweaty hands and frighteningly we have a majority of the Electorate who believe them.
The reason that over 80% of hospital trusts are in the red is directly because of Labour. No matter how much money is pumped into this unsustainable institution, the NHS is hog-tied by PFI repayments, a legacy of caring, sharing Labour.

For those born post 1949, free healthcare is regarded as a Right. It is certainly taken for granted that if you see your GP or have to go into hospital for medical procedures, other than having to pay prescription charges, the visit and treatment are free.
I believe in the NHS and its founding principles, what I find galling are the attempts by successive governments to tamper with its structure.
All are guilty, they see it as a government department, albeit a non-governing department and try to run it accordingly. However, shortsightedness being the main ailment in government departments, this too is suffering from the same ailment. All governments have failed miserably to set the right course for the NHS. They seem to think that by putting in more management the system will run more smoothly, wrong!
So too the ridiculous idea of competition within the NHS.
In my view, more consideration is given to funding than to outlay. Millions, if not billions of pounds (£) could be saved if procurement was properly supervised and aggressively scrutinised. The same drugs and equipment that cost just a few pounds over the counter cost the NHS fifty, sometimes a hundred times more. This has got to stop, so too the scandalous ‘post-code lottery’ of drug distribution. NHS procurement, as a separate body within NHS England, seems to be a very complicated process. Outsourcing basic services such as laundry, maintenance and catering is also a self-inflicted headache. Cheap tenders are cheap because corners have been cut to make them cheap and this is bound to lead to sub-standard service. No matter the initial cost I would bring all these services back in-house. This way direct supervision and rigid standards can be policed and adheredto. There are at least 157 senior buyers in the NHS procurement department all on a salary of £50k – £70k per annum. Below them you have hundreds of buyers with various titles.
All these people and yet, the system is still  flawed.

Labour is doing what it always does and that is to blame everyone and his dog for all the ills of the world. With typical Leftard amnesia they write over all Labour misdemeanours swearing that they did not happen, at least not under Labour’s watch.  Yet again we are back to the ‘it wasn’t me’ syndrome which is typical Labour dogma.
If we break this down, yes Margaret Thatcher took us to war in Iraq. She did so as part of a coalition of countries because Sadam Hussein had invaded Kuwait. Now, if memory serves, Blair took the UK to war against Iraq for the second Iraq war on the basis of the phantom, Weapons of Mass Destruction. Not for the oil or to boost his own profile and ego on the World stage! If one was cynical, you could almost believe that he did it for self gain.
This little sojourn and the one he involved us in in Afghanistan, has cost thousands of lives and, for what? Can we honestly say that we are safer, can we honestly say that we are more secure in our own country? The answer is a categoric, NO!
Western interference into the, so called, ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011 has, instead of stabilising the region, had completely the opposite effect and has left us with a completely destabilised Middle East. It also led to the rise of the ultra extreme Moslem group, ISIS.
Whilst it is true that the Coalition has to hold its hands up with regard to the ‘Arab Spring’ debacle; Labour is as complicit as they voted with the government. Let us not forget, however, who sowed the seeds of discontent in that region and in the wider Muslim World. That accolade most definitely belongs to Labour. On a broader note, Labour always has been a cess-pit of corruption, from their Ex Deputy Leader’s association with PIE, to Lord Janner. It is no surprise that Janner’s solicitors are claimed that he could not stand trial because he was suffering from dementia, this seems to be the malady of the entire Labour Party. The collective ability of this obnoxious collection of miscreants to forget recent events which cast doubt on their credibility is well known. Yet, strangely, forgotten by the electorate who slavishly vote for Labour election after election.

I attended a hustings in my local village hall the other day and had to sit and listen to the baying mob of Labour supporters shouting down the other speakers. I will give them their due though as their candidate was typically rubbish. He couldn’t even get his lies right, a fact where I felt that I had no alternative but to get up and point this out to him. The room erupted once again but, as I pointed out to a colleague, ‘short memories as a direct consequence of narrow minds’.
The biggest deception is yet to come and that will be revealed when the postal votes are counted on May 3rd. Why Labour are allowed to get away with this obvious flouting of Electoral Process I do not know but it goes on for election after election unchecked.
Then we have the question of ‘the big lie’! I refer of course to Corbyn’s assertion that he will not do any deal with the SNP. We all know that if push comes to shove he will be in there like a shot. Judy to Nicola Sturgeon’s Punch. It is worth remembering when you hear Corbyn give his “I’m Mr Cool”, speeches on TV and radio: –

  1. That he represents a Party which holds no allegiance to the UK.
  2. That he represents a Party which gave away half of our rebate to the EU.
  3. That he represents a Party which sat back and watched the fastest decline in British manufacturing since the Stone Age.
  4. That he represents a Party which drained the coffers dry and, which then borrowed on an unprecedented scale causing the biggest deficit in peacetime history!
  5. That he represents a Party which is so frightened of falling on a racist sword of its own making that a it allowed hundreds, if not thousands, of young white girls to be groomed by Pakistani, Asian gangs!
  6. That he represents a Party which oversaw the needless deaths of thousands of NHS patients across the country and, a Party which still seeks to blame others for their own reprehensible neglect!
  7. That he represents a Party which actively hid details and facts concerning known paedophiles within government.
  8. That he represents a Party which is more anti semitic than Hitler’s Brownshirts.
  9. That he represents a Party so vile, so morally corrupt that it should never, ever be allowed to govern this country again!