I was informed by my twenty three year old Grandson that he intends to vote Labour at the next General Election. Somewhat taken aback I enquired as to what made him come to this decision.
Said Grandson is a bright lad, a thinker, not one to make rash decisions. He has always shown an interest in matters worldly and, unusually for someone of his age, he loves to engage in discussions about politics and history, especially early history covering the emergence of the great empires and empire builders. He is particularly interested in how the actions and thoughts of these men and women of old impact on modern life. That is, of course, when our modern day leaders bother to learn from history themselves!
So I was intrigued to learn from him why he had come to this momentous decision about GE 2022. He started by saying that Corbyn is likeable and appeals to young people. Furthermore, Labour offers hope to the young and to the vulnerable whereas the others (Parties) just expect them to get on with it. He likes Corbyn’s approach to nuclear weapons too. What’s the point of them? He asked, when we all know that no one will ever use them. Why do we need to be spending vast amounts of money maintaining and building our Armed Forces when we are no longer a world power and have no empire to protect? And, surely it is right to negotiate with your enemies rather than rushing in, all guns blazing?
What is the point of a University education that will put you into life-long debt? Why is it that I can never earn more than the minimum wage, which is pathetically low. Labour will increase that to £10 per hour and reduce the amount of income tax that I have to pay. So I will be much better off under Jeremy Corbyn. And, he added. I will be able to travel through Europe and work in whatever country I want to without the hassle of border checks or having to change currency in each country because Labour will keep the Single Market which will allow free movement throughout the EU.

Listening to him made me realise just how good Labour are at misleading the young, those with no life experience. No wonder they want to bring the voting age down to sixteen.
Labour are also very dangerous, their tactic of giving false hope wrapped up in gold lame is especially appealing to the young because it is playing to their “wants” and not to their “needs”. It is a cruel joke, a bit like sending an engineering apprentice out to find a left-handed screwdriver. All very well until reality strikes and the pain sets in.
The reality being that the grass is rarely ever greener on the other side although, this does not seem to deter the vast majority of the Electorate. Which is maybe why people are now keeping their voting intentions ever closer to their chests, as the Independent commented on in April 2016; and I quote:
‘Britain is turning into a nation of swing voters as increasing numbers of electors shop around at general elections before deciding which party to support.
Almost one in four people switched their allegiance between the 2010 and 2015 elections – the highest proportion on record and three times as many as 50 years ago – according to fresh research from the British Election Study (BES).
The dramatic rise in “consumer politics” means the political parties can take far fewer electors for granted, forcing them to target their messages at millions more potential undecided voters than a generation ago.’
This is what the Labour Party have tapped into and their targets are the young and the vulnerable.
There will be a potential pool of over 9 million voters between the ages of 18-24 in 2022 that Labour will be targeting. 9 million people with little or no real life experience but which make up just over 13% of the voting public. More than enough to swing any General Election. A YouGov poll from the 2017 General Election demonstrates the power of the young vote:


The chart clearly shows that the Conservatives cannot rely on the 50yr+ vote to swing an election in their favour. Corbyn very nearly caused the biggest upset in British political history. To the young he was speaking in common sense terms, in this materialistic world in which they live, they do not want bombs, they don’t want submarines, they don’t want to pay for care, what they do want is freedom and the money to enjoy it. Unfortunately Left Wing Utopian freedom comes at a price.

Those of us who lived through the fifties, sixties and seventies know exactly what devastation a Labour government can do. Massive Public ownership, Unions running amok, a Labour government forced to give miners a 35% pay rise in order to end the 3-day Week. Productivity at an all time low, British manufacturers getting outpriced because it was cheaper to buy goods from abroad. The Winter of Discontent, Labour’s legacy of chaos through mis-management and a policy of over reliance upon the State. Inflation on the rise.
What about the Tories? I hear you yell. Yes, they made many bad mistakes during the 2017 election campaign, not least losing sight of the real demographic. They have also been at fault when in government, not least rushing the UK’s entry into the EU on a lie. In 1984/85 Margaret Thatcher held off the Miners Union when they tried to shut down British Coal. She could have handled that situation a lot better but it soon became apparent that it boiled down to a battle of wills between her and the NUM President, Arthur Scargill. It was a no contest as she had the might of the State behind her and the media. Did she need to punish whole communities by closing most of the coal mines post strike? In my view, no!
However, I digress, it is fair to say that the Tories were stymied for much of their terms in office because they had to clean up the mess left by the previous Labour administrations!

In reality, Labour has not only lost touch with the people of Great Britain, it has lost touch with the demands of the twenty first century. In Corbyn we have a throwback to a style of Socialism that was dying out in the mid nineteen eighties. He is supported by union bosses who see an opportunity to take back complete control of the office and shop floors, lost to them by Tory Legislation.
The obsession with nationalisation harks back to the old Socialist mantra that if you can control the manufacturing base, food, money, then you control the people. Left to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald the State would run everything including our lives!

What do todays young people know about our recent past? Very little is the answer because whenever Labour have managed to grab power they have made it a priority to airbrush out the past, exclusively those parts that effect Labour. They also effectively dumb down education by manipulating the curriculum and flooding the schools, colleges and universities with Left Wing teachers and lecturers.
This has created generations of disaffected, disillusioned people all looking to get out of the rut that Labour created for them but unable to comprehend that it was the same Labour that put them in that predicament.
We now have an Electorate whereby a small majority are willing to listen to Mr Corbyn’s vision of the Utopian future under his leadership, with a majority of those, willing to believe what he says.

What of my Grandson? Well, we talked some more, I put my point of view across, he countered and vice versa. Did I try to persuade him to vote another way? No! That isn’t how democracy works, I answered his questions honestly. I explained how my answers and views were based upon experience and not nostalgia.
Will he become a future Socialist Prime Minister? I doubt that very much but, that is a path he must choose for himself. He is young and has yet to gain experiences from which to learn from. As I said at the beginning, he is a clever lad and I have no doubt that common sense not Common Purpose will prevail.