With a looming energy crisis just around the corner one would think that everyone would be pulling together in order to avert said crisis. Not so the tree-hugging Friends of the Earth. This country has the potential, not only to produce relatively cheap energy from beneath the ground, but to become a major exporter of gas and oil. We have, so the experts tell us, enough reserves of gas and oil locked in shale deep underground to last for up to one hundred and forty-one years.

It will come as no surprise to readers of “The Lunatics Monthly” that the tree-huggers are using EU Regulations, Global Warming and the threat, (imaginatively conceived) to wildlife as the main thrusts in their argument. They, like Labour, argue for ‘renewables’. Ironically it was proved to be the case that Friends of the Earth were no friends to wildlife when a bird – rare to British shores – came upon a wind turbine.

dead bird

Much to the astonishment and despair of the assembled ‘twitchers’, who had gathered to witness the arrival of the White-throated Needletail, the poor thing was decapitated by the swirling blades of the wind turbine. Not so renewable wildlife despatched to the Great Aviary in the sky by one of the tree-huggers favourite methods of renewable energy. Oops, doesn’t cut it!

The frightening thing about Friends of the Earth is that, on the surface, their arguments are plausible. However, you only have to dig just below the surface to realise how weak and nasty their case against fracking is. Scaremongering of the very worst order! They say that chemicals used in the fracking process will contaminate the water table. At this point it would be sensible to ask yourselves, ‘how many chemicals occur naturally underground’? Too many to list in this blog anyway! These are filtered out by our water companies as part of the process of supplying fresh water to the populace. The next question is, ‘what chemicals are the fracking industry using?’ Well, we have NaCl, a mixture of sodium and chloride However, don’t panic as you are probably sprinkling it on your french fries as you read this. It is common salt. The other is commonly used by wearers of contact lenses to lubricate them. Nothing “TOXIC”  as Friends of the Earth would have you believe and nothing that cannot be dealt with and rendered safe.

Of course there is always the ‘biggy,’ Global Warming! They base their evidence on their belief that methane, which is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, will be spilling into the atmosphere through the fracking process. Again, studies have shown that, yes, methane will be released but not in the amounts spouted by Friends of the Earth and any such leakage can be contained and controlled. Further, shale gas is less of a pollutant than natural gas.

There is another irony to this sorry tale, while the Friends of the Earth are dragging shale gas exploration through the courts, the esteemed George Osborne is giving just under two billion pounds of our money to “climate aid” abroad. This at a time when we need every penny that the Treasury can save. It is utter madness and no surprise to find that, once again, our politicians are bowing to the diktats of a Federal European Union. The Green Policies eschewed and put into Law by the power-hungry elite in Brussels are costing this country billions of pounds and causing the loss of thousands of jobs. It simply cannot go on. When is someone going to have the strength to stand up to these crooks and say enough is enough!?

Remember these words from four years ago? “No party which detaches itself from the EU mainstream can claim to be committed to acting on climate change.” Yes, spoken with a straight face by our very own, one-eyed ‘Man o’ the Manse’, Mr Gordon Brown. a Prime Minister so inept that he single-handedly made the Labour Party unelectable. So sold on the idea of Climate Change and Global Warming was this drip that he put into legislation laws which would ensure that four years down the line this country would be facing a serious shortage of energy producing plant.

I will remind you again of this idiots vision: “And at home we are implementing a radical set of climate policies. Our Climate Change Act makes the UK the first country to put our emissions cuts into law – by 34 per cent by 2020, and by 80 per cent by 2050. And the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan we published in July ( is the first in the world to give every department responsibility for its own “carbon budget”. Of course, Labour were too busy congratulating themselves to realise that if you de-commission perfectly good power stations then it is prudent to have new ones on standby.

They like the loons in Friends of the Earth will tell you that wind power, biomass, hydro, wave power and solar power are the future for our energy needs. They haven’t told you that we cannot afford these ridiculous, still in development, forms of generating electricity. by the way, Friends of the Earth are no friend to this Planet!  Some facts: – Solar power, photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar thermal panels (CSP). PV takes up 3.5 to 10 hectares of land per megawatt of energy produced. CSP takes up to 4  – 16.5 hectares of land per megawatt of energy produced. This land cannot be utilised for anything other than the production of energy.

PV plant creation involves the use of some very nasty chemicals. HCl – hydrochloric acid. H2SO4 – sulphuric acid. HNO3 nitric acid. HF – hydrogen fluoride. C2HCl3 – trichloroethane. C3H6O – acetone.

Wind turbines take up between 30 – 141 acres of land per megawatt of energy produced. Yes this land can be re-used but the use is limited. Add to this the cost in compensation that the Government is paying to landowners for this land. Not only that, but when the useless wind turbines fail to produce energy because the wind is too strong then the owners of the turbines are compensated to the tune of millions of taxpayers money!

Strange how the tree-huggers look the other way when confronted by facts such as the above. The truth is not in their remit nor, does it follow EU diktat.  If all else fails they will tell you that fracking causes earthquakes. Really? Studies have shown that coal mining causes more earthquakes than fracking.

Until we get strong government in this country we are going to be plagued by minority groups such as Friends of the Earth, with their loony agendas, holding up our economic recovery. It is time we ditched the present crop of useless Westminster incumbents and instead put our faith in sensible politics. Politics with the interests of Britain and the British people at its heart. There is only one Party which can and will deliver sensible politics and I fear that if Britain does not wake up that Party will go the same way as the wretched White-throated Needletail!