The Path To Delusion.


When patriotism is labelled as racism, when patriots are vilified for waving their national flag, when the government scorns the Union flag but allows foreign flags to fly in the name of diversity, then the country is lost!

This is Great Britain in the Twenty-First century, a country floundering in a quagmire of Left Wing propaganda and dogma. A country where free speech is all but lost, where legitimate protest is litigious, where indigenous peoples are fast becoming second class citizens and a country where the governmentof the day blatantly ignores the Democratic Rights of the people it serves.

The people of Britain must wake up or they will be forever trapped in a nightmare of Left Wing corruption and lies. Uncontrolled mass immigration will become de rigueur, we will never be free of the cloyingly oppressive EU shackles, and, as in New Zealand, we will see our precious housing stock sold off to foreign buyers. We will have no nuclear deterrent and a dwindling Armed Forces and despite the protestations of the lying Left, the NHS will no longer be free at the point of access. The money that they will spend on useless projects and failed tax schemes aimed at beggaring the rich and those with the wherewithal to make money will all come home to roost and it will be the poor and the new poor who will have to pay. Directly or indirectly we will all have to pay for our own healthcare because of the young and the middle class being duped by Labour lies.

The Left are leading us down a path of delusion and please do not be fooled into thinking that the present government is not leading the way along this path. We have a two-party system in this country that is draining the very life blood from the populace because neither party, Labour nor Tory, can see a life, or indeed, want a life outside the EU. 

It is ironic that over seventy years ago our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought against totalitarianism in order to secure our basic Rights and freedoms only for their sacrifice to be spat on by their offspring.

 The Left have a stranglehold on the media, social media, education, health and transport. Young minds are being warped through a combination of militancy and Left Wing indoctrination thus ensuring that future generations will fall under the spell of the hammer and sickle. 

That we have a, supposed, Right Wing government allowing this is beyond belief.  The very ethos of the Conservative Party should act as anathema to Left Wing views but it seems that since joining the EU both Parties have succumbed to avarice, self-promotion and envy.

Post Brexit, the country needs a strong, democratically elected government. One that is in tune with the needs of the nation as well as being open to the opportunities that being free of the EU shackles will bring. What it doesn’t need is an election rigged by the Far Left Union Barons in order to get their Far Left bearded puppet into number 10!

This country has an opportunity for change on a grand scale and it must not be missed. Although in some peoples eyes it would be ideal to have a ‘UKIP’ or ‘For Britain’ government it is, non-the-less, unlikely. However that is not to say that right thinking Conservatives cannot be persuaded to take up the reins of the Conservative Party and bring back its true Right Wing values. It is time for ‘UKIP’ and ‘For Britain’ to face the truth and realise the danger of challenging Tory seats in the next GE. 

The treachery of the present Tory government is a hard pill to swallow but swallow we must or the alternative is unthinkable. 15 to 20 years of a Far Left government will leave the country in tatters and make it unrecognisable. A country not fit for purpose! It will be akin to having the lodgers take over your house, your purse and your identity.

The stranglehold of the Far Left must be broken and, swiftly, by whatever means necessary. Diversity is a word bastardised by the Left and must be outlawed in its present tense. Islam must be confined to the Mosque and not brought out onto the street. It is not our religion, it is a foreign concept, one thought up some eight hundred years ago in a Middle East outpost. Hate marches by Muslims should be banned and to ensure this, the police and Judiciary need to be re-educated in how to deal with such terms as ‘hate’ and ‘integration’. The needs and the Rights of the indigenous Christian people must always come before those of others.

Our ex-serviceman and women must no longer be persecuted for doing the jobs for which they were paid for and, under the instruction of the government of the day. Housing for ex-service personnel must become a priority with special emphasis being given to those injured or disabled when serving their country. It is no longer acceptable that immigrants take precedence for housing, healthcare and Welfare. 

The people of this country must be allowed to be proud of their country, they must be allowed to express themselves without fear of prosecution, they must be allowed to fly their national flags alongside the Union flag. More importantly, they must be allowed to feel free to criticise authority if authority is seen to be weak or inadequate for the needs of the people for whom it serves.

Above all, it must not, cannot, be seen as a crime to be proud of who you are!