The ring of silence concerning paedophilia within “The Establishment” is deafening, some might say chilling!
In February 2014 the Sun exposed the charity, National Council of Civil Liberties’, (NCCL) links to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). The article stated that the investigation centred around the 1970’s when ex Labour MP Patricia Hewitt was General Secretary of the NCCL. She and, now Labour MP, Jack Dromey were on a committee which recommended radical changes in sex Laws which would directly affect young children. Backing the work of PIE a statement issued by the NCCL in 1976 called for the age of consent to be dropped to fourteen with a provision that in certain cases it could be lowered to ten years of age!
To be fair to Mrs Hewitt she has since apologised for, in her words; “getting it wrong on PIE.”

Rumours of abuse and grooming of young people, mostly young boys in this case, by people in High Places have been rife for decades. Where the police were quick to act upon the faintest hint of abuse by celebrities post Saville, they seem to drag their feet when it came to “The Establishment” figures. Similarly, in Rotherham they were slow to act even when having proof thrust into their faces. The lack of convictions of Pakistani men so far is symptomatic of the police’s reluctance to upset the ethnic Pakistani communities in our towns and cities. It’s a disgrace and needs acting upon. Who do we put first, our children or the presumed Rights of an ethnic minority who see young girls as fair game?

What worries me more though is the thought that this abuse of young children could still going on behind closed doors, if the rumours are to be believed and being perpetrated by Establishment figures presumably immune from prosecution. These people are our law makers and interpreters of the Law, how on earth can we be expected to respect the Law when they, presumably, have such total disregard themselves?
Perhaps the police are the wrong people to be investigating this vile crime, maybe we need a specialist team of private investigators to root out this evil. I’m not suggesting for one moment that the police are too frightened of finding that they have active paedophiles within their own ranks or, that there are such vile people there. But, the police are public employees and as such have to be careful upon whose toes they tread, although I do realise that this should not even be a consideration. Powerful figures wield powerful influence and an outside force with the full backing of Parliament to carry out investigations on anyone of interest, no matter their rank or position, seems to me to be the best solution. Transparency would have to be paramount and proof of any foul deeds would be scrutinised by a highly vetted government standards committee before being submitted to the CPS and it would be incumbent upon them to involve the police for the purpose of arrest and charging.

My point is, it is all well and good to demand that we drain the swamp as long as we realise that not all the crap sinks to the bottom because, as we all know, the scum is at the top!