A Right:
that which is morally correct, just, or honourable.
2. a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something.


I look and listen to the endless media coverage given to Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour acolytes and have to wonder, is it me?
The constant barrage of demands is extraordinary. “It is everyones ‘Right’ to have free healthcare”, “it is everyones ‘Right’ to have social housing available to them”, “it is everyone’s ‘Right’ to have a living wage of at least £10 ph”,“it is everyones ‘Right’ to earn sufficient so that they do not have to use food banks”, etc.etc!
I agree, up to a point. Whilst it may well be everyone’s Right to have such things millions of others have to work long hours, some of them back-breaking, to pay for these privileges. You simply cannot demand certain standards on the one hand without looking at the consequences on the other hand.

The Left have turned ‘Basic Human Rights’ into big business. It has become your ‘Right’ to do anything and everything that you want to do regardless of ability, age or gender. In principle this is fine and I’m sure that travel operators, gym owners, employment agencies agree and are growing fat off it. The fall out from this “Gimme” society that Labour created back in the late nineteen nineties and early nineteen twenties is sad to witness. Many people who were told that it was their ‘Right’ to have a two week break in Ibiza and were then allowed to borrow money to make this ‘Right’ a reality or, those whose ‘Right’ it was to own a brand new car and then were given the finance to make this dream come true now find themselves both fiscally and morally bankrupt!
Gullible people not stupid people by any means, but all falling for the Leftwing Utopian dream sold by the snake oil salesmen of Labour. You simply cannot have something for nothing, even in Utopia! There is always going to be a sting in the tail.
It may well be your ‘Right’ to borrow money from the Financial Sector but never forget that it is their ‘Right’ to expect you to pay it back in full with interest! Same with the minimum wage, if Corbyn has his way it will be your ‘Right’ to earn a minimum of £10ph. I would argue that this should be an expectation dependent upon the profitability of the company for which you work for. To make this a Basic Right for the employee is to take away the Right of the employer to compete in an already competitive market and to run their business in an efficient and profitable manner. A manner that is sustainable and one which would guarantee the jobs of the workforce.

The irony being that to sell your soul for some political idyll on the promise of gaining “Your Basic Rights” is to give those ‘Rights’ that you already have, away! It is a big con trick of the dirtiest kind. We are not children so why do a majority of the voting public act as if they are? The vast majority of us know that nothing is free so why are millions of people believing Corbyn when he says the opposite? The answer is simple, everyone wants something for nothing and if you look under the skin of Labour you will find that it is this basic fact that they play on election after election.
It is a winner and until the public wake up to this subterfuge we will always have sorry times to look forward to. The majority of rich people are rich because they have taken risks and worked hard to get their riches. Be envious of their wealth by all means but do not punish them for it! Instead, find your own ambition and realise that we are not all equal
Without the rich exercising their ‘Right’ to go out and grab the world by the scruff of the neck we wouldn’t have the basic ‘Rights’ afforded us by society!

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