Combined Authorities; The Death Knell of Nationality.


The promised Referendum is itself, much like Cameron’s 4 key demands, a con.
The Referendum Act is an Act to make provision for the holding of a referendum in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union.
It makes no provision for winning or losing, it is, in fact just a glorified opinion poll which will tell the government what the majority of people who vote in it want. If Cameron loses, the Act gives him ‘wriggle room’, in other words it means that he can prolong our departure from the EU for as long as he wants to.
The majority of Party Members who make up the Westminster Village are Europhiles. To them, this Referendum is nothing but a distraction. They are quite happy with the current situation and want to continue down the path of complete capitulation to the European Union. Some of the arguments made by the founders of this Union were quite feasible. For example, after hundreds of years of constant squabbling, fighting and war would it not be sensible to all join together in one committed union?
Unfortunately these ‘Founding Fathers’ had a hidden agenda, what we were told would be a union formed for the purpose of trade and economic stability was in fact a blueprint for a totalitarian top-down economy little distinguishable from those seen in Russia or China.
Driving this agenda is the European Commission with what it calls its ‘Europe 2020’ strategy.

The in/out campaign or, the “Referendum Campaign” is already floundering on the ‘rocks of apathy’. The Main Stream Media and polls will tell a different story but ask the man and woman in the street and most just don’t care. This may come as a shock to the hardliners on both sides but it is, never the less, true. It is why the message has got to be taken to the doorstep if it is to be taken seriously. The Out Campaign should be especially concerned about this because they are the ones who have to convince the majority of the general public that the UK is better off standing on its own two feet.
Ipso’s MORI Opinion poll tracker for September 2015 shows 39% of those polled in UK want Out while 52% want to stay In.
The Europhiles of the “In” Campaign have, up to now, had an easy ride. They have found it quite easy to exploit the plusses of being in a corrupt union of 28. Free movement of labour, job creation, a strong £ sterling and a stable economy. It helps that they are all in government, be they on the Opposition Benches or, on the Government Benches. They may pretend to hold the reins of power in the UK but the fact is they are only acting as mere caretakers for the real power brokers over the Channel in Brussels.

The “Jewel in the Crown” for Cameron and his EU paymasters will be the Combined Authorities. In other words, zoning. The idea is that each zone (Combined Authority) will be self sufficient and funded by the European Commission. What does this mean? It means that the Commission will by-pass National Governments and enforce policy direct with local government and businesses. Party politics will become thing of the past as everything will be decided in Brussels.
These powers were given to the Commission by the Coalition with the Localism Act 2011 and they mean that any local authority which does not comply with the Commissions directives is automatically fined.
The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), for example, will take over governance of Police, Fire & Rescue services across the Metropolitan area, alongside criminal justice & offender management systems. Also a number of other responsibilities including
A £500 million housing budget
Local enterprise zones and inward investment.
Adult education skills & jobs.
Mental Health and troubled individuals.
Arts, Tourism & Culture.
World Expo bid for 2025.
Some areas, which will be included later, have deliberately been left out of the proposals as they were considered to be too contentious. Things like the running of the NHS, the inception of a metro mayor and the scrapping of transport bodies such as Centro. All transport costs will be levied from the local authority in proportion to population and the function of Centro will be taken over by the Combined Authority.

Chancellor of the Exchequer,George Osborne has ringed fenced the NHS. In other words he has pledged not to cut funding but, and this is a crucial ‘but’, this does not apply to the West Midland Combined Authority. By moving responsibility for the NHS to the WMCA he will be able to shift a huge amount of deficit from the national balance sheet onto the Combined Authority.
In July of this year, the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council told a business meeting that there would be an annual £28.2 billion deficit between the cost of public services and the taxation revenues to pay for them.
In order to service this deficit there will need to be a drastic reform of public services. It is estimated that cuts of £1.5 billion, which have already been identified across area such as crime, mental health and care for the chronically sick will have to be topped up by cuts to the NHS equivalent to three hospitals.
Is it any wonder that Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron have kept this very quiet when waxing lyrical about the benefits of staying in the EU?

The European Commission has enlisted the aid of CEMR, (Council of European Municipalities and Regions), to draw up plans for the eventual implementation of Combined Authorities. Their plans make for very frightening reading.
In essence, the WMCA will be run by committee and fuelled by loans from the European Commission and the Treasury and private sector. In their brief to West Midland Councillors, Manchester is cited as an example of economic growth. The main omission in this ‘example’ is that GMCA is racking up debts that would make Greece look like a model of fiscal prudence. Loans of over £2 billion have already been agreed, loans which have a 30 year term and will not have a financial burden on the present Councillors but will have a grossly adverse effect upon future Committee members. This is ‘bad growth’ by any other name.
All these loans from the European Investment Bank to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority have come at a cost and I’m not just talking about interest charges. GMCA is forced to implement EU ‘green policies’; for example, there is a target of a 48% reduction in Manchester’s carbon dioxide emissions which GMCA must meet. This will mean the setting up of acres of solar power arrays and totally useless and unsightly wind farms. These will be built and the energy consumer will foot the bill.
There are also plans afoot to implement policies for congestion charging, toll roads and waste disposal fees. Residents opposed to these proposals will find that their concerns fall on deaf ears.

CEMR, in its proposals for the setting up of the WMCA, state that it is essential that Birmingham City continues to robustly pursue the implementation of the improvements recommended by the Kerslake Review. This will ensure that the benefits intended from the creation of the proposed WMCA will see that the devolution deal can be fully realised.
Let me quote the first recommendation from the Kerslake Review:
“Some have suggested that Birmingham City Council is simply too big and should be completely broken up. On balance, we are not convinced that would currently be the best option. It is not clear that splitting the council alone would address the major challenges the city and council face. Our view is the council’s problems are not just due to its size; many are the result of a series of poor decisions over a number of years but they must be addressed.
We have developed our recommendations to improve Birmingham City Council’s governance alongside the interventions that are being led by Lord Warner and Sir Mike Tomlinson. We believe that taken together these will turn the dial sufficiently for Birmingham City Council to begin to improve. However, it is clear that Birmingham City Council will need independent support and challenge to deliver the changes needed.”
Recommendation 1
“Alongside the recommendations below the Secretary of State should appoint an independent improvement panel that is able to work with the council to provide the robust challenge and support the council requires. We recommend the Secretary of State invites Lord Warner and Sir Mike Tomlinson to join the panel as ex-officio members. The council should draw up an improvement plan with clear dates for delivery. The independent improvement panel should provide regular updates to the Secretary of State and updates on progress should also be made to the city’s residents.
It is essential that the council follows through on all of the changes we identify. Otherwise the problems will continue to recur and the question of size and structure will inevitably be asked again. “

It is safe to say that this “review” was a complete waste of taxpayers money as the decision to set up a West Midland Combined Authority had already been taken in Brussels.
That aside, having reached the conclusion that Birmingham City Council is too big to function correctly, the EU completely ignore this and go ahead with their plans for a Greater Birmingham, i.e WMCA. We will now have a situation where the same Councillors who, we were told, could not run Birmingham, will now have a hand in running an Authority the size of the West Midlands. It is total lunacy and a slight to the intelligence of the West Midland taxpayer.

There are to be more of these Combined Authorities, or, as CEMR put it: “Territorial Development”. “An EU Urban Agenda should facilitate local authorities’ action on the ground.”
The bottom line is, the UK will no longer be a Sovereign State, there will be no need for Parliament because the EU Commission will deal directly with the Mayor and the Committee in each region. This means that you and I will have no say at all about local or national issues as the ballot box will be virtually defunct.

If this is not a wake up call, I do not know what is. Everyone should be concerned about this and the direction that Cameron, Mandelson and Osborne are taking the country. I for one will most definitely be voting to get out of the EU and all that it stands for, I will then be campaigning for a General Election at the earliest opportunity because when we win the Referendum I do not trust the likes of Cameron et al to honour the people’s wishes.

If you want your country to remain “your country” then you must start to dig deep into the nitty gritty of what it would actually mean to be fully integrated into the European Union. The facts will astonish and sicken you,

No free will!

No national identity!

No national currency!

No Sovereign!

No Parliament!

No country!

The choice is yours, I’ve made mine and I will be able to live with it. Will you?