Under Theresa May, Opinions are Verboten​!

It would appear that it is now a crime to have or to voice an opinion.  According to the Left or Centre Right, if your opinion differs from their mantra or the status quo it is wrong and must be changed. By rule of Law if necessary.
Look at the debacle unfolding over the result of the Referendum. All who voted to leave the disastrous EU are sad victims of a mass delusion and a protracted programme of lies and deceit perpetrated by the BREXIT campaigners. Never mind that the 17.4 million who voted to Leave are still subjected to a prolonged campaign of fear by the Main Stream Media and any Leftard luvvie who manages to get his or her face within a yard of a TV camera.
Their opinion does not matter and they must be persuaded that they made a terrible mistake on June 23rd. The real culprits were Boris Johnson and that terrible racist, Nigel Farage.  How dare they tell such outrageous lies! How dare they try to insinuate that the country pays to belong to the EU, everyone (at least everyone who matters), knows that the EU pays us, the UK, through generous subsidies and grants to be a member of this imperious gathering of unelected and unaccountable scroungers and near-do-wells.
That is their opinion, The Establishment, and it is precisely because they were given a deserved bloody nose in June 2016 that we are being pilloried now. The opinions of the Establishment vary but on one thing the Establishment is very clear. Your opinion does not count! You were given one job, one chance at responsibility and you threw it away.  In the opinion of the majority of those who voted (73% of the Electorate), the United Kingdom would be more prosperous by not being a member of the European Union. Because of this, the tabloid and Main Stream Media are picking away at all or any of the reasons given for leaving.
These range from a complete denial that we pay in excess of £350 million gross per day to the EU after all this is a complete lie. A lie made up by Boris Johnson and his LEAVE campaigners in order to try to win the economic argument. It cannot possibly be the truth because no less upstanding citizens of the people and seekers of the truth, Nicola Sturgeon, Amber Rudd and the adenoidal challenged Angela Eagle screamed out on live TV that it was not so. Unfortunately for them, it is not an opinion but fact. We do pay this amount to the EU and it varies according to this country’s GDP figures. Something they all know but hey, why let a good fact get in the way of an untruthful rebuttal?
The rather stupid statement that this money could be given to the NHS when we leave the EU was, in my opinion, a shot in the foot. I doubt that any of this fee will be given to the NHS, and why should it. Any money handed over to this over burgeoned bureaucratic mini EU is a mistake. Before substantial funds are handed over to this behemoth of disorderly chaos the whole system needs to be re-thought, revised and re-organised. Nurses and nurse training needs to be heavily financed. Nurses deserve better than to be trained to be second class citizens. Unlike the greedy Junior doctors, the nurses deserve a 30% wage increase as a first step in the restructuring.
It is not just nursing that needs revising, the whole procurement system is a complete sham, £millions are wasted on a weekly basis, catering, cleaning and hygiene all wasteful. There would be no need to ship any of these departments into the Private sector if a streamlined management system was put into place. No more deputies for deputies or assistants for assistants and no more recycling of senior posts whereby senior managers are let go and given exorbitant payoffs, only to be re-employed in the same hospital or one nearby in virtually the same position at a higher rate of pay.
But, that is only my opinion!
In the opinion of the Left and most of the media, BREXIT has caused a massive escalation of racism, hate crime, Islamophobia and homophobia. It has reached such a fever pitch that the government, in its effort to appease all but the majority have declared it illegal to commit any of the above. The only surprise is that they haven’t threatened the death penalty.
Figures are being bandied about by the left wing media that hate crime has risen by   +X% or +Y% compared to this time one month ago. They don’t stipulate but the inference is that these ‘crimes’ are all perpetrated by young white people against anyone who is not White British. I would say that that in itself is a hate crime, certainly, it’s bordering on racism.
I definitely won’t be hailing any black cabs in the future in case its a ‘honey trap’ and the hate crime police leap out and put the cuffs on me for being racist!
But, that is only my opinion!
I do not doubt for one minute that hate crime exists in this country, in fact, I would be surprised if it didn’t. However, hate crime takes many forms and I find it galling that in order to be a victim you have to be either foreign or of foreign extraction. Many UKIP members will attest to being verbally abused and subject to hate for being a member of what is wrongly perceived to be a far right wing Party. The fact that UKIP is to the Left of the present Tory government means nothing to the Leftards who see their seats and, therefore, their livelihoods going to UKIP.
So, to summarise:

Having an opinion is a matter of opinion.
Hate crime is in the opinion of the opinionated victim.
Homophobia is in the opinion of the gender opinion of the opinionated victim.
Racism is in the opinion of the opinionated inferior person’s perception of themselves as defenders of the perceived inferior.
This is only my opinion and, as such, feel free to discount it.