Here’s the thing, how do you perceive perception? The definition of perception is, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, as follows: “a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem:”
Does this mean that the CPS is now interpreting the Law based on an opinion? That is, the opinion of someone whom they perceive to have been wronged, based on the perception that the perceived wrongdoer meant to cause dissent or harm. Is it any wonder that the term, “The Law is an Ass!”, was never more so true as it is today?

We are told that this new Law is necessary in order to cut out ‘Hate Crime’. However, it is my perception that the underlying reason is that it is necessary in order to force ‘Diversity’ down our throats so as to hide the inadequacy of the government to cut immigration, both legal and illegal. It is also a clever ploy by the Left regulated CPS to stop any criticism of ethnic minorities. Or, should that be ‘perceived’ ethnic minorities because in many inner cities and towns throughout the UK, ethnic Brits are the real minority. London being a prime example.
This knee-jerk reaction to a perceived situation is typical of the Left and their quest; especially under Corbyn, to control every single aspect of peoples lives. Control the money, control industry, control agriculture, manipulate history and you will eventually control the minds of the people under you. Stalin and Mao did this to chilling effect in Russia and China. Eventually, like them, you will create a totalitarian state where opposition is banned and the Party is king.

That this is being allowed to happen under the Tories watch says just how far Left they have staggered since the days of Thatcher and Macmillan. The whole country, fed on the lies of Corbyn and his Far Left cohorts such as, a socialist Utopia is not only possible but just around the corner, has become a maelstrom of dissent. Far Left thugs are bullying voters at the polling stations, on the doorstep and on the factory floor. It is more like the Third World than modern-day Great Britain.
Now, to stop any criticism of their foul tactics, the Far Left have the ultimate weapon. That weapon being the use of perception.

This vile term was used to great effect just recently when the Labour MP for Rotherham and, a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Front Bench was unceremoniously dumped by Corbyn because her “truth” was perceived to have caused race hate. The Sun printed an article, attributed to Ms Champion but which she later described as ‘a nuance’ in which she is purported to have stated. “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?”
Her accuser, another female MP, ironically of Pakistani origin was outraged that the truth, already known to millions across the country, should be made public. There is, however, more to this than meets the eye. Moslem enclaves are prodigious supporters of Labour and no surprise, they are populated by predominantly ethnic Pakistani families. It suits Labour to encourage this as it serves several purposes. On the one hand it proves their ‘perceived’ diverse attitude to racial tolerance whilst on the other they have in place an ethnic MP with little danger of losing his or her seat and so strengthening their position in the Houses of Parliament. This is also true of Local Government, in some areas of the North one would be hard pushed to find an ethnic British born white person elected to Council.
This isn’t a bad thing per se but when race is used as a weapon it is very wrong indeed. The Far Left Labour Party has managed to weaponise race and now, with the added help of ‘perception’ they are set to wage a bloody war on the country whilst perceivably staying within the constraints of the Law.

For the police to endorse this is totally wrong in my opinion and we must fight this hideous new trend to defend the indefensible. Those with a modicum of common sense can see the evil fingers of Common Purpose behind this latest move to destroy true democracy. As arbiters of the fate of the EU, Common Purpose will use every dirty trick in its vast arsenal of dirty tricks to destabilise the UK. It is not in their interest for Britain to have a smooth transition from the EU.
Yesterday it was “perception”, Today we hear that it is “English as a second language”. I guess that the aim is for the people to rise up in some sort of common revolt, thereby playing straight into the hands of Common Purpose and its ultimate aim for anarchy in the UK.

For the trolls who are reading this, be aware that this piece is only my “perception”!