Many of you will have noticed a distinct change in the air this weekend. It is emanating from the North, as most of the dramatic changes seem to do of late. But fear not, nothing too dramatic is about to make you spill tea into your cornflakes or kick the cat in frustration. We have reached the time of year when the minority Parties have their ‘last hurrahs’, right now it is ‘silly season’ again up in Scotland. The Liberal Democrats have joined together for there annual autumn shindig, this time the venue is Glasgow.
A time to reflect upon old alliances, vague promises and Vince Cable.

Last week we had the Conservative conference in Birmingham, the highlight of which (dependant upon your political persuasion), was Call me Dave barnstorming across the stage, shouting out promises, with fingers tightly crossed, threatening to save the NHS, using words like “zilch” & “nada”. Down with the kids Dave was like a man possessed.
Fast forward to Glasgow. The LibDems are saying that their new best friends are pathetic losers. They say that they do not agree with Tory policies on anything. They even say that the Tories are “nasty”.
Who, I ask, needs friends like that? Certainly not Samcam’s hubby! He is going for all out victory next year.
Go Dave!
Trouble is, he probably won’t get it. That awful Nigel Farage and his band of interloping Tory deserters will split the Tory vote allowing gormless Ed Miliband into No 10. So say the doom mongers anyway.
Nick Clegg seems to believe that this country cannot survive without a Coalition government. A coalition with, you’ve guessed it, the LibDems at the heart of it. An interesting train of thought from the man who has done more to damage the LibDems than Jeremy Thorpe did to his own reputation. This Party is so popular that it is only managing to poll 6% and yet its leader still believes that he can form a coalition after the 2015 General Election.

May 8th 2015, the day after the General Election, should prove to be a very interesting day indeed. Will Clegg still be a Member of Parliament? Will Vince Cable have been despatched to the Twilight Home for the Bewildered? Will “Ginge” Fallon be the new leader of the LibDems? So many questions and yet, such is the complacency amongst the quasi-Labour Liberal Democrats, they dare not even contemplate them. For instance, at the moment, Clegg can call upon eleven MPs from north of the border, if Cameron should get his majority and forces through his plans for English votes for English issues, any libDems left in Scotland will be neutered.
This, though, will be a double-edged sword because on matters concerning the whole of the UK the Ludicrous Labour Party along with any remaining Liberal Democrats will take spiteful delight in joining forces to try to scupper Cameron. The interests of the country as a whole will go out of the window.

Nevertheless, the Liberal Democrat Party machine lumbers on. Weird speaker after weird speaker, some wearing last years christmas jumpers, stride up to the rostrum and give forth speeches which elicit yawns and, sometimes, weak applause from the gathered few. It really is a strange sight, historians viewing archive footage of this conference will wonder at the fact that this bunch of miscreants is part of the official Coalition and actually part of the government.
Clegg is promising to spend £billions without saying where this fictitious £billions will come from. Not one Labour, Conservative or LibDem politician seems to have learned that the British public is fed up to the back teeth with this sort of opportunist politics. It appears that the Palace of Westminster is overloaded with “Walter Mitty’s”. Ineffectual dreamers living lives of vivid fantasy.
They are obsessed with taxing the rich to destruction, not once realising that by doing so they are stifling any notion of striving for a better life. Who wants to earn more money, buy a bigger house and attempt to secure their future when they hear politician after politician promise to take it all away from them.
The politics of envy always leads to extremism, always creates a society of haves and have nots. A coalition should temper these extremes, should calm the mood, make for better, well-considered policy. Unfortunately, modern Liberal Democrats are no better than old-school Labour and Cameron should have realised that trying to mix oil with water would be nigh on impossible. Not that I believe in anything the Tories have to offer. They are vacuous at best and duplicitous at worst.

The UK Independence Party is accused of being old-school Conservative, pensioners who want to return the country back to the nineteen fifties. Not so, it is, in all senses, a rainbow Party attracting members and supporters from all spectrums of the political scene and from all age groups. It is also a very discerning Party which accepts no extremism but recognises difference of opinion.
There is no desire for coalition within this Party. Clegg, on the other hand, talked at his conference of the importance of being in coalition. The importance of providing a balance and of looking after the people of the country as if somehow whoever his Party were in coalition with were /are the bad guys whilst he and his band of opt-outers are the knights in shining armour. It is such arrogance towards the electorate and such naivety for the needs of the electorate which show just how out of touch he and the other two leaders are! Instead of a coalition they should form a new Party, let’s face it, they all read off the same page. It is just a shame that they all start at different paragraphs.

Thankfully, this years “silly season” is about to come to an end. What, if anything have we learned? Well, Labour are going to tax the rich and give to the poor, the Tories are going to tax the poor and give to the rich, the LibDems are going to do whatever the Party who they believe that they are going to be in coalition with says.
My Party, The UK Independence Party have come of age. How it matures only time will tell but one thing that is for certain is that British politics will never be the same.


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