Niccolò Machiavelli Would Have Been Proud!

With the May Local Elections looming large, I recently received a script from one of my local Councillors. A sort of “to do” list, if you will, of what to say and what not to say when canvassing on the doorstep. A potted history of the demise of a Party to which I once belonged and one to which I gave my heart and soul. A Party which should be, especially now, flying high but instead decided to self destruct and is, sadly, reduced to clinging on for some semblance of self respect.  However, it did set me to thinking of politics in general and I soon came to realise that politics is a much broader church than the Three-Party system we have in this country.

The term “Liberal Elite”  often implies that those who claim to support the rights of the working class are in fact members of the ruling classes and, by implication, are out of touch with the the people they claim to support and protect. The Western World is awash with countries which are ruled by a Liberal Elite. A minority of very rich but, none-the-less, connected people who act as puppeteers, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes hiding in plain sight. However, their aims are not just to destabilise their own country but to broadcast their special brand of corruption far and wide. As long as it benefits them they care not for the consequences of their actions. I refer to the Blairs, the Clintons, the Obamas, people like George Soros, Richard Branson, all rich people, some very rich but with the common denominator that they all make their money on the backs of the people that they purport to be the saviours of!

So, what can we do, the ordinary men and women in the street, to fight this corruption of our democracy? Rise up, take to the streets, cause civil unrest? Alas even extreme measures such as those would not phase the Liberal Elite. Most are nothing but parasites, feeding during the good times and fasting in times of trouble. Some foster trouble to generate wealth, pitting country against country or, as we have seen more recently, brother against brother, father against son. All supposedly in the name of freedom and democracy.   In order to counter this blight, which even now is casting its evil spell upon the country, we have to trust in and use the power of democracy. Where we cannot dent the armour of the puppeteers we must attack the puppets.

Brexit has shown us in this country just who the “puppets” are and they sit in the very heart of government, seats of learning, commerce and the Church. The Local Elections in May will be the first opportunity to fight back against the plague of Liberalism sweeping this country. The number one priority must be to ensure that the ballot box is once again sacred. The scourge of the corrupt postal vote must be addressed and the only sensible way to do this is to abolish it. The carrying of ID cards must be made Law in this country and they must, by Law, be produced in order to register a vote in any form of election, be it General Election, Local Election or Bye- Election. The “proxy vote”, whilst needed, must too be heavily regulated to stop voter fraud. So too the practice of students being allowed to legally vote twice, once in their city or town of learning and once in their constituencies, this must be made illegal. One person one vote has to be rigorously policed and adhered to.

Where democracy is being destroyed we have anarchy which often leads to genocide. There are various examples of this throughout the world at this very moment. Syria, The Yemen and South Africa being classic examples. The Liberal Elite would say that we should keep away from such conflict, conveniently forgetting that in a lot of cases the West actually started the conflict in the first place on the advice of said Liberal Elite. The  advice is not given because of some moral conscience but because it behoves them to stoke the fires of conflict for the purpose of exploitation. In truth, the consequences of conflict are far reaching. The effects are felt on the stock markets, in trade, in business and in the economy. When it affects the latter we all suffer and this again plays into the hands of the puppet masters. Control the economy and you control the people.

Which brings me back to the ‘doorstep script’. People distrust politicians, fact! Who can blame them when they have been lied to, taken for granted and taken for fools. So, when running for a position in Local politics a candidate must, in my view, look to the bigger picture. Whoever that person may be, they must have a thorough grasp of politics in general and the needs of the local people in particular. All too often we hear what this Party or that Party are going to do for you. Deep down we also know that most of what a candidate says is a pack of lies based on the Party Manifesto and the selfish need to be in Office. To save democracy we must bring back honesty, we must be brave enough to suffer the insults, the thugs and the character assassination attempts. In short, we must stand on that doorstep and tell the truth, people are not stupid and we are not trying to sell snake oil. John F Kennedy had the right approach to politics when he said. “Ask not what your country can do for you but, what can you do for your country?”  You do not need a ‘doorstep script’ all you need is political knowledge, local knowledge, and, above all, when you ask your constituents ‘what can you do for them’ you need to exude the confidence and self belief that states, this is an honest question and I am the person who will honour that and give you an honest answer!