I and, indeed, my good lady wife have always believed the above statement to be true. We have passed this value down to our children who in turn have passed it on to their children. A fine, solid foundation for those who espouse to be good citizens.

Recently, because of the duplicitous actions of this present coalition government, I have begun to question this.

To the detriment of my health I have always worked hard in order to provide for my family. A couple of years ago my failing health but more so the deteriorating health of my wife meant that I had to give up work in order to look after her. However, I was confident that having paid into a private pension scheme, coupled with a services pension from my time in the Royal Navy, we would be financially secure when I reached official retirement age.        If only I had properly understood how mean, cruel and spiteful this government really is.

We realised that if I was to give up work to become a carer for my wife I would have to ask the State for some assistance in order to have a reasonable standard of living. To be fair the amount which we received was adequate for our needs, just! We could not afford luxuries, or a trip to a restaurant or a visit to the cinema or a holiday away but, given our health problems, it was something that we accepted. Reach the age of sixty five and things change dramatically. Suddenly this insidious government treats you as some sort of pariah.

My services pension has been reduced by over twenty pounds per month because of something they refer to as; NI adjustment. Apparently for the ten years that I voluntarily put my life on the line for Queen and country I was paying National Insurance at a reduced rate. Iain Duncan Smith is having none of that! Which is why I am £20 poorer per month with that pension. It gets worse, My annuity is being taxed also. By Civil Service standards it is a paltry amount that I receive but it hasn’t stopped HMRO from docking 14% from the gross amount; another £21 per month that I am losing.

The Coalition say that a family of two can survive on an income of £222.05, this equates to £11442.6 per year.  Granted, there is scope for some financial help by way of Pension Credits to boost this. However because my total income exceeds this I am only entitled to the very minimum under the IDS scheme to rid the country of pensioners.

My Personal Allowance for tax purposes is £9440.00 which means that anything I receive over and above that figure is taxed at twenty percent (20%). I find it strange and very suspicious that prior to reaching retirement age I did not have enough money coming in either from the State or from pensions to qualify for paying tax. Suddenly, with a much lower income,  I am being targeted and robbed blind by the State.

It is very, very wrong and the whole system needs to be scrutinised. It appears to me that the honest people in this country are being penalised for the dishonest ones. This government gives £billions away in foreign aid, £billions to foreign nationals in benefits that they have not contributed to and yet penalises the very people who have propped up the System for years. Our honesty makes us an easy target. Well, let me tell you Mr Cameron, that your dishonesty in allowing the insidious Iain Duncan Smith to rob the very people who put you where you are will be your downfall. I for one say hallelujah. I have no chance of going back to work, like so many pensioners have had to do, because of my heart condition. The constant worry of day to day living will, no doubt, contribute to a deterioration in my health but I promise you this; I will live long enough to see you kicked back into the long grass where you belong!

You and your Chancellor say that ‘the deficit’ is the real problem and that you main priority is to reduce it. Strangely you keep borrowing money at an alarming rate. More so, I believe, than the clueless Gordon Brown managed to do in his elongated tenure in Office.

The real problem; the poor; is being ignored. This government has created a poor society, a society made up of retirees, the unemployed and those forced to accept minimum wage and all reliant on food banks and the generosity of those better off. Worse, having created this society, Cameron encourages his government ministers to blame them for the ills of the country. The failings of government are all piled up at the door of the poor. It is time the Electorate woke up, time that they looked to their own mothers, fathers, Grandparents and realised what is actually happening to them. Time they added their voices to the choir of dissent coming from the retirees of this country.

The Labour Party stabbed Great Britain in the back and the Coalition is ensuring that all life support is being withdrawn. How did we allow ourselves to be duped into this mess?

So, I ask again; Is honesty the best policy?