It looks as if that slimy weasel, David Cameron has pulled off a master stroke. The United Kingdom is an island nation and has been since the two Acts of Parliament – Act of Union With Scotland 1706 and in May 1707, The Act of Union With England. By merging the two nation state parliaments to form The Parliament of Great Britain, England and Scotland created the most powerful military and trading nation in the World.Being an island nation makes for innovation, self-sufficiency, an openness for trade and a willingness to protect trade routes. Something we British were very good at and something which still gives us some standing in the modern World. However, great power and wealth begets arrogance which in turn begets liberalism and weakness. Welcome to Great Britain 2013.

The rot set in when politics became big business instead of a ‘calling’. We no longer have politicians who are passionate about politics and the welfare of the nation. We no longer seem to produce men and women whom, once they have gravitated to the Palace of Westminster, are able to enthrall the electorate and carry them on a wave of optimism and hope on the back of sensible policies, laid out in a common sense way which are for the benefit of the people and the nation. I’m talking about honest politicians who say what they mean, men and women who put themselves and their careers on the line for the good of the country. People who trusted the electorate and, in return, were trusted by the electorate.

Instead, we have been saddled with ‘career politicians’. Men and women who go straight from school and into university where they are pre-selected by the political Parties and upon leaving university are given jobs in the political system. These self-serving individuals have no concept of nationality, to them land is something you live, work, fight and die on, the sea is for sailing upon and the air is for flying from one piece of land to another in the quickest time possible. They have been conditioned to believe that they know what is best for us mere mortals and will hear no argument that contradicts that belief.

Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and David Cameron are classic examples of ‘Career Politicians’.

David Cameron promises the Earth but rarely makes good his promises. Not for nothing is he known, with some derision,as ‘Cast Iron Dave’! The only thing which does carry a cast iron guarantee with Cameron, is the knowledge that he is a one hundred percent Europhile. His allegiance has always been to his paymasters in Brussels and his mentors in Common Purpose. He promises a referendum in 2017, however there are provisos. The main one being that he wins the 2015 General Election; given that he does win he has then to renegotiate Britain’s Terms of Membership within the EU, something that the EU have said is non-negotiable. So, another false promise from the King of false promises.

However, you should not be at all surprised because his EU credentials have been plain to see for years. He promised an EU referendum should he be voted into power in 2010, (the infamous, “cast iron guarantee”)  but then wriggled out of it by cleverly mixing metaphors and twisting words. The man simply cannot be trusted with the stewardship of this country.

Also not to be trusted are the Unions, especially Len McCluskey’s Unite. Once a Liverpool docker, McCluskey became General Secretary of Unite in 2011. Here is a union boss of the ‘old school’, one who loves to flex his muscles in the face of legitimate hard-working business owners. Many of his demands are ridiculous and borne out of the knowledge that most employers cannot afford to stand up to his union. He has vowed to wreck the governments Immigration Bill and was quoted as saying, “we do not spy on our friends and neighbours on behalf of the state!”

The idiot conveniently forgot that Labour’s disastrous “Open Door Policy” on immigration from 1997 to 2010 put many of his members out of work and drastically reduced the wages of others.

Red Len came across an even bigger bully than himself when he tried to cross Jim Ratcliff, the billionaire Chief Executive of Grangemouth UK. The row started earlier in the year when a shop steward at Grangemouth was caught up in the selection process for the Labour candidate for Falkirk. Initially he was suspended by Ineos and then reinstated. However, the Unite union balloted their members on strike action accusing Ineos and a majority shareholder of “sinister victimisation”. They picked on the wrong company! Citing massive losses and lack of investment, Ineos called Unite’s bluff and said that they would close the petro-chemical plant down with a loss of over 800 jobs.

Enter “Slimy Dave”. He knows that if the Scots decide that they want to stay in the Union with England his chances of forcing the UK to stay in the EU are slim. However a divided United Kingdom is just what he, the EU, Common Purpose, the Labour Party, the LibDems and the Greens want. So he urges Unite and Ineos to get back around the negotiating table. Strangely this is all done within forty-eight hours of Ineos announcing the closure of the petro-chemical plant. Notice the Government were not so active in saving British Leyland from closure!

Cameron also summons Salmond and Ed Davey, the Environment Secretary, to a summit whereby they thrash out a financial package as an incentive to Ineos. The result of these clandestine meetings is that the plant is, miraculously, saved from closure. Mr Ratcliff browbeats Unite into accepting a three year pay freeze, a cut in pension benefits and a three year ban on strike action. Not only that but Salmond agrees to a grant of £9million to the petro-chemical plant, (we all know that this will come from the hard pressed English taxpayer) and Cameron pledges a £125 million loan guarantee.

The closure would have lost Scotland 8% of its manufacturing industry and almost certainly would have led to the closure of the adjoining refinery. This would have disrupted the production of oil in the North Sea Forties Field and could have had a profound effect on petrol prices. The Grangemouth refinery receives one third of the oil produced in the Forties Field. The effects to the Scottish economy would have been huge and would have seriously damaged the SNP’s chances of winning the forthcoming Scottish Referendum, hence the panic by Chief Minister for Scotland and leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond. However, I would suggest that the biggest panic of all was in number 10 Downing Street and in the power corridors of the EU. Salmond and his SNP are the key elements in Brussels plan to engulf Britain within the folds of the EU. Money from this insidious organisation will be pouring into the SNP coffers to ensure that they get the result that they want when the referendum is put to the Scottish people. Moreover, Cameron could have done nothing and ensured that the Union remain strong but no, having pledged to do all in his power to keep the Union he has once again reneged and nailed his true EU colours to the wall!