The Innocent – An Open Secret!

It was a hot summer night, the dormitory housed twenty pre-pubescent boys; ages ranging five through to twelve. Despite the heat, several of the young boys were shivering in their beds.They had heard the cars pull up outside, they had heard the raucous laughter as the ‘guests’ gathered for drinks downstairs. Now, they waited, fearful of every footfall outside their dormitory, hoping that the door which opened would be to another dormitory. Praying that their wish for invisibility had been granted. Unfortunately, each child knew however that hope was forlorn, that prayers would go unanswered, that they were but toys to the ‘Gentlemen’ who would soon ascend the stairs and fall upon them.
Was that noise the creak of a floorboard? …….

We are told that the filthy, disgusting Elm Guest House rapes and tortures of young boys had gone undetected for over thirty years. I would suggest that it was going on for many years before that. The biggest cancer in our society today is paedophilia. Paedophiles are well organised, international and deadly. Children are not only abused on a regular basis they are frequently trafficked and, sometimes killed as well, all to satisfy the sick minds of perverted criminals who believe themselves to be above the Law.
Omertà protects these vile cretins, with vendettas commonplace for anyone who breaks ranks or who tries to expose them. Take the case of Geoffrey Dickens, an avid right wing Tory MP who spent sixteen years in Parliament. He died twenty three years ago, The last few years of his life were spent in fear because he dared, in 1981, to use Parliamentary privilege to name three paedophiles. They were an MI6 operative, a diplomat and Sir Peter Hayman, Dickens demanded that the Attorney General explain why the latter had escaped prosecution over the discovery of violent pornography on a London bus.
In 1983 he stumbled upon a paedophile network involving “big names”. He threatened to expose these ‘pederasts’ in Parliament, saying that the network comprised of people of power, influence and responsibility. The following year he campaigned for the closure of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Unfortunately he naively handed the dossier which contained information about the abuse of children in care (principally local authority care) to Leon Brittan only for it to be lost or destroyed by Home Office officials.

Unsurprisingly PIE, an organisation that wanted the age of consent reduced to four years of age and ran a ‘contact page’ so paedophiles could network across the UK and Europe, was not banned and the Local authorities within the dossier were not investigated. It may be worth noting that future Labour Party luminaries, Patricia Hodge, Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey all held positions of influence within PIE. To highlight the disgraceful attitude of Leon Brittan (later to become Lord Brittan), to occurrences of paedophilic attacks on young boys, three men – to become infamously known as “The Brighton Beasts”, carried out a sickening attack upon a young boy of six. The attack happened in 1986 whereby the boy was abducted, sexually assaulted and then dumped in the street. The police investigating this vile crime interviewed PIE members in connection with the attack, but the crime still remains unsolved some 32 years later.

Geoffrey Dickens  got little sympathy in Parliament from his fellow MPs. He even told, in a speech, how since his vociferous stance against Paedophilia and his exposure of people in the public eye and in high office, he had been the target of threatening phone calls and had been burgled twice, both at his constituency home in Saddleworth, Lancs and at his London flat. Whilst nothing was reported missing, it was widely believed that whoever was responsible for the break-ins were looking for the dossiers and/or evidence which went to the compiling of the fifty or so pages of each dossier. On a more sinister note, the police found a notebook, owned by killer Arthur Hutchinson, know colloquially as ‘the fox’, which contained Mr Dickens name. This was no coincidence and made more frightening by the fact that Hutchinson had been seen reconnoitring Mr Dickens’s Saddleworth home on several occasions but had always managed to evade the police. So seriously did the police take this that they provided protection for the MP.
It was probably clear to him at that stage that the benches of the Upper and Lower Houses of Westminster were filled with filth and no one, especially one of their own, was going to be allowed to upset the apple cart.

It doesn’t end with Geoffrey Dickens, in 1985 a SNP activist who threatened to bring down the government by exposing a paedophile ring was found dead by the side of a remote road in Wester Ross Scotland. The man’s name was Willie McRae and he supposedly had evidence regarding Westminster paedophiles including Cyril Smith. It was said that McRae had discovered evidence of child abuse by Cabinet Ministers and other members of the Establishment on both sides of the border. Apparently he was seen photocopying a dossier of names in case something should happen to him. However, it is not known if any of these copies are still in existence. McRae’s tragic death came just months after Geoffrey Dickens had handed his own lengthy dossier to the then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan.

Some years earlier, McRae was linked to another document in which he described a network of high-ranking Scottish paedophiles. This motley bunch were dubbed – The Untouchables – by James Gallogley, a child abuser who made this confession on his deathbed. Typically, this dossier was considered a hoax by the Authorities.  However, many years later Police Scotland set up a team of detectives to investigate claims of child abuse involving the late Solicitor General, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP and other high-ranking Scottish legal figures from the same time. Many believe that McRae’s dossier implicated many powerful men from both sides of the border and that he was close to going public. However, as we know, this was not to be as his body was found just off the A87 with a bullet wound to his head. A gun was near the car and the police deemed this enough evidence to pronounce his death as suicide. Strangely, even though he had showed his briefcase of documents to a policeman friend just before setting off, the briefcase nor the documents within it were ever found. Even more strange was that prior to setting off on his journey from Glasgow much earlier that day, his tyres had been slashed. It is quite feasible that someone wanted to make sure that he was alone on that Highland road. There has never been a public enquiry into his death despite the fact that no fingerprints were found on the gun and that McRae was not wearing gloves. Also the weapon had been fired twice and was found some distance from the car.

Whether it was as a result of McRae’s death we will never know but, a few months later Geoffrey Dickens spoke in the House of Commons and highlighted the dangers he had faced because he had attempted to expose – as he put it – ‘powerful paedophiles’. He said. “Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began. First, I received threatening phone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home.” “Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list.”

Anyone who attempts to highlight this vile betrayal of our young is vilified by person or persons unknown. Take the case of MP Simon Danczuk who repeated claims in a book he wrote about Cyril Smith, whom he alleged was a serial child abuser. Not only that, but he claimed that Smith had been protected from justice by a network of paedophiles at the heart of government. Since taking this stance, Mr Danczuk has been vilified, not least by his own Party, the Labour Party. He resigned from politics in 2017 and vowed never to return. Another victim of cruel smears and innuendo.

The list of local authorities involved in child sex abuse is long. They appear in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Rochdale, Manchester, Rotherham, Telford and so on and so on ad infinitum. Career paedos go from local authority to local authority, practicing their vile filth and then moving on before any action can be taken. Not that it ever is. The Police authorities seem loathe to move at anything but a snails pace when dealing with reports of abuse to young children.

Don’t expect bells to start ringing anytime soon, they have pushed this well and truly under the carpet. Too many pederasts in too many high places live above the Law. A slim majority even make the Law.
We have to make sure that our children and their children are safe, who can we rely on? Who cares?
Who knows? I certainly don’t and that is the scariest part. It isn’t just friends and neighbours it could be a family member. We need a complete clear out and we need full disclosure. It won’t happen unless decent people say enough is enough.