“BORDER”:  The line or frontier area separating political divisions or geographical regions: a boundary.

Britain used to have definable borders until Wilson and Heath signed the country up to a catastrophic European experiment. First, Ted Heath rushed off to the Continent in 1973 and almost sprained his wrist getting his pen out of his pocket, so eager was he to sign up for this jolly jape. In Opposition, Harold Wilson promised a referendum on Europe if he won the next Election, after renegotiating our terms. For all his posturing he almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, winning by just four seats.
Realising that he had a mountain to climb he set about organising the biggest con trick in modern-day politics. Like our present incumbent he relied on spin to get him what he wanted. He wove a masterful  tale of all that was wonderful in Europe and would therefore be good for the UK if we stayed in.

He promised that Britain would ensure that Europe would not fall to the Federalists. All of it empty rhetoric which hid the fact that Britain would be no better off financially because the other Member States thought him a fool and a chancer and had no intention of renegotiating. They fobbed him off with insignificant bits and bobs which he sold to the Nation as major gains for Britain but, all he really did was to agree to a much higher financial contribution.

Should Cameron win the next Election it will be interesting to see what “Non Deal”, he will try to sell to the British Public. No doubt it will be based on the lie that it will be in our best interest to stay in the EU. In doing so, he will be plagiarising Harold Wilson’s methods. The next two years are going to be filled with pro EU propaganda. Even the doubters will start to believe in the ‘miracle of Brussels’. My advice, look to history. Britain has never fared well when it has teamed up with Europe. We have always squabbled, usually over trivial things which have then escalated. I am not advocating isolationism, I’m saying take a step back and view things rationally.

The two main economy’s of Europe, Germany and France have never really been good neighbours to Britain. Germany have always been expansionist whilst France has often tried to be. Getting into bed with these two nere do wells should not be contemplated. In fact, Hollande and Merkel should come with Health Warnings!

So, look to history and vote to get out of the EU, that is if we actually do get a referendum.
Borders not only refer to land mass. Being an Island Nation, Great Britain’s borders extend to twelve nautical mile out to sea. We also have an agreed extension of this for our fishing fleets. Although, if we hadn’t been so compliant with NATO and The UN during the third “Cod War”, we would still have a considerably larger fishing fleet than we have now.

Added to that are the restrictive EU fishing quotas imposed on British fishermen, which have  shrunk the industry even more.

Cameron will tell you that he and his Government will and are helping the fishermen to find alternative employment and that part of his “renegotiating strategy” will be to reverse the restrictions put on our fishermen. So did Harold Wilson, so did Ted Heath, so did Jim Callaghan. In fact, every Prime Minister since 1973 has spouted the same hollow rhetoric! Too little too late! Fishing communities which could trace their proud history back for centuries have disappeared. Cameron has yet to answer the question; what do you replace a fishing industry with? We are talking here about highly skilled, brave seafarers. Men who work in hazardous conditions on a daily basis in a place where Health & Safety dare not tread.

If you have ever been in the middle of the North Atlantic on a small vessel when this mighty ocean decides to throw its dummy out of the pram, you will know that namby pamby H&E rules are hazardous to health. You trust in your Captain and crew mates. Unfortunately, because of thoughtless EU regulations and our own weak, self-serving, politicians these brave gatherers of piscine produce  have no one left to trust.
Going back to the broader issue of “borders”, this is something that the EU want to do away with. At least, borders as we know them. They see Europe as a border free zone; “zone” being the operative word, whereby people can migrate freely from country to country. A country’s indigenous Peoples having no say as to who populates where or, when. At present, 27 countries make up the European Union, leap ahead ten and a half years: –

Picture Europe, as I imagine it to be, in the eyes of the anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels, with borders  but without country names. Each area will become a “Zone” and, no doubt, each “zone” will have an identification designation. Germany will be designated FDC – Federal Democratic Capital.
A fanciful notion of what is to come I hear you say. Is it though? When we Europeans carved our way across Africa we created zones at the drop of a hat with no regard to the ethnic population, their beliefs or their needs. Divide and conquer, a lesson learned from the Romans who, in turn, probably studied Greek and Carthaginian methods of subjugation. Given the expansionist agenda of the EU, I can foresee a borderless Europe as soon as 2024. Brussels will then create zones, each one subservient to the FDC.

Where will this leave Britain? Hopefully, on the outside. We are an independent Sovereign State and the people of this island have fought many wars and given many lives to keep it that way. To allow a cheap, snake oil, salesman like Cameron to give this country away on a lie (another lie to compound all of those of his predecessors) does not bear thinking about. The only way to stop him is to vote NO to the EU and yes to UKIP. Countries will still trade with Britain when we leave the EU. Don’t believe the Left of Centre propaganda machine who would have you wringing your hands in despair at the thought of life outside the EU.

We have the whole World to trade with, especially our Commonwealth partners. We would also be free of the yoke of Brussels bureaucracy when we do so. Britain will be fine and, wealthy.
To those outside of our borders I say this. A new dawn is coming in this country. A new dawn whereby the soft Liberal Elite will be pushed aside and a new, stronger politic will be in charge. One which will listen to, fight for and put the people of this country first. If you have the skills we need and are willing to give to this country without taking, we will welcome you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a free ride on our Welfare System don’t even bother to pack your bags and your sun cream. We will no longer be the soft touch of Europe, what you will find should you come to our shores will be a country of fairness for all, a tolerant country but, above all, a country which puts its own people and those who want to live within our rules, first.
In conclusion, do borders matter? The simple answer; yes! Long established, well policed borders are a necessity. Without them there would be no law and order, disease would spread anonymously and unchecked and, probably most important of all, without borders there would be no National Identity. Exactly what the Federalists in Brussels and Strasbourg want.

Ask a guy from California where he is from and he will say, America. Why do I use this example? Simple, The USA is made up of States created by the Federal Government from land either ceded or purchased from foreign powers. State borders drawn by Colonial Powers and then modified by the Federal Government.

So, in fifty tears time when you ask a Frenchman or a Lithuanian, where do they come from? They will say, Europe. We will still be able to stand proud and say, “Britain!”
Vote NO to the EU.

Vote YES to UKIP.