The timely arrival of Tony Blair’s hat, as it was thrown into the political arena post EU and local elections, only goes to remind everyone of an arrogance only surpassed by the man’s burgeoning bank balance!

“UKIP’s solutions are regressive, reactionary and make Britain’s problems worse, not better.” Adding. “Attitudes that are closed-minded, anti immigrant, anti EU, stop the World I want to get off, those attitudes don’t result in economic prosperity or power and influence in the World.”
I seem to remember none other than ‘Call me Dave’ using the latter part of that piece of theatrical hypocrisy back in 2006 when he described UKIP members as; ‘a bunch of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’.
Non-the-less, that great beacon of impartiality and non-prejudice, the BBC, greeted Blair onto their R4 Today programme with such a degree of credulous deference it caused me to nearly suffocate in my own ‘sick bucket!

I now have a ‘sick bucket’ permanently seated at the foot of my desk in case I hear or see the words; ‘We understand people’s concerns.’ or, ‘The message was clear, we know what the people of this country want.’ or; oh forget it! I feel a bout of Übelkeit coming on!
The problem with Cameron, Clegg and Miliband; like Thatcher and Blair before them, is that they are conviction politicians with a capital ‘C’.
The electorate being a mere tool which they manipulate in order to gain power for themselves and their Parties.
So convinced are they that they are both politically and morally in the right, they brook no criticism or concern that their policies may not be what the majority of the populace want or need or, that they will in any way benefit the country.

Cameron has delusions of being re-elected as Prime Minister with a comfortable enough majority to govern. He also believes that, given this nightmare scenario, he can re-negotiate Britain’s position within the European Union. He has either forgotten about or, is ignorant of Qualified Majority Voting! After November 1st 2014, over forty important areas of legislation will be taken out of the hands of the British Parliament. It means that, in effect, the ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ will be neutered.
This man simply cannot be trusted and neither can the man across the aisle from him in the House of Commons.
Miliband also suffers from gross ignorance; he still refuses to give the people of this country a referendum on our membership of the European Union. His excuse is that he cannot contemplate any such move unless there is any more transfer of powers to the EU.
Err, Ed; you fool, there will be nothing left to transfer after November the first this year!
What of that great visionary, Nick Clegg? Another idiot looking for a gullible village! He has been neutered by Nigel Farage and the ‘People’s Army’. Even the kindest of political pundits only give him twelve months as leader of the LibDems. Vince Cable already has a rheumy eye cast on the top job.

I watched with mounting incredulity as the three of them; Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, appeared on TV and radio, each professing to know and understand why UKIP had done so well both in the European elections and the local elections. None of them actually seeing their own doorsteps where the real blame lay. All three are going to look into the ‘issues’. I would suggest that none of them know what the true issues are, especially the issues which affect everyone in the country. It isn’t just immigration, although uncontrolled immigration from Europe and, especially, Eastern Europe is the root cause of most of the Country’s ills.
People are really concerned about the economy, the NHS, taxation, employment, education, transport etc.
The concern turned to anger and frustration because for over twenty years the electorate have been dismissed and derided. Not trusted with their own destiny, not trusted with a voice. Moreover, not one LibLabConDem politician will give a straight answer to a straight question! Then they wonder why people like and admire Nigel Farage, the one man who will give a direct answer.

The real reason why none of them can give a straight answer is because:
1). The question is irrelevant to them,
2). They are so entrenched in lies and deceit they cannot afford to answer directly.
They would much rather smear and lie about anyone who opposes them, anyone who can see through the lies and is not afraid of the smears. Which is why UKIP is constantly in the firing line; why you will hear them accuse UKIP of wanting to privatise the NHS, Raise Income Tax for the poorest section of society, cancel planned house building and on and on and on. Smear after smear after lie! Even the loathsome Tessa Jowell was at it, unsurprisingly unopposed, on Sky News.

The people have sent a warning to these bigoted fools through the ballot box and a warning which they should heed. If it was just the people of the UK who issued the warning, perhaps Cameron and his Westminster cohorts could take it on the chin and ignore it, (as they usually do!). However, the warning came, writ large, from the people’s of Europe as well. This isn’t something members and supporters of UKIP should gloat about. The Federalist who run the EU have spawned a new Far Right and have re-introduced Fascism on a large-scale right across Europe.
If, as the pundits predict, voters return to their tribal roots in May of 2015 a great opportunity will have been lost to give this country back to the British people. Not only that but, the Far Right and Far Left groups in Europe will turn to violence to achieve their goals.
This isn’t scaremongering, rather, an opinion drawn from recent events in Europe and European history. Persuading voters to stay with UKIP and encouraging new voters to vote for UKIP may not stop what happens in Europe but at least if UKIP have a casting vote in the House of Commons post May 2015, we can ensure that Britain is not drawn into any conflicts which may arise on the European mainland.

This country has been weakened, deliberately so, by conviction politicians blinded by their own agenda. The only way to strengthen Britain is to pull out of the EU, rebuild our Armed Forces, scrap useless vanity rail projects like HS2. (By the way HS3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10, are already in planning ). Blair says that UKIP is an irrelevance, I say no, you Mr Blair along with Miliband, Clegg and Cameron are the irrelevance. The United Kingdom Independence Party will rebuild and strengthen this country and make it fit for the twenty-first century not the Federalists in Brussels who only want to weaken and destroy this great nation of ours.