Torrents From Arabia

The biggest threat to this country is not Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump or Kim Jong-Un. The biggest threat comes from within, it is in the form of radicalised Islam. Home grown jihadis waiting for the call so that they can go out and create mayhem in the name of Allah.
It does not help that our politicians and Law enforcers are blind to the danger, bound by a ridiculous code of political correctness and deluded in the belief that they can negotiate with these people.

Make no mistake, the flood of immigrants from the Middle East, the Indian Sub-Continent, Balkan States and from Turkey is no accident. Nor is it a consequence of war. It is no less than a deliberate and sinister act of infiltration organised by a devious, unscrupulous band of High-Ranking Moslems whom are Hell bent on world domination!
We in the West must realise before it’s too late that central to the aims of Islam is the complete control of the people through government. This aim is already bearing fruit in the UK. The first step is to strip the country of its Christian heritage, convince people that they are living in a secular society and parallel with this, control local Councils, local school boards, Chambers of Commerce and Combined Authorities. The next phase is to outlaw any criticism of Islam or its followers by creating and using schisms within the local and broader communities.
We can see evidence of this in many cities and towns across the UK. Moslem no-go areas have been deliberately created, enclaves where Sharia Law is practiced and where police and local authority figures are too scared to enter for fear of being labelled as either racist, fascist or simply homophobic. The government being forced to pass Laws at the behest of a minority which affect the majority. Most of them based upon the Human Rights Act and all strongly biased against the ethnic population. Here are just eight examples of where Islam is in charge:

Birmingham Moslem Mayor
Luton Moslem Mayor
Blackburn Moslem Mayor
Sheffield Moslem Mayor
Oxford Moslem mayor
Oldham Moslem Mayor
Rochdale Moslem Mayor
LONDON Moslem Mayor

Many theologians wrongly believe that Islam is an Abrahamic religion created to affirm the Bible. In fact the complete opposite is true, It began 600 years after the death of Christ and its aim is to remove anyone who does not believe or follow the path of Islam. Its main weapon in this war of attrition is the country’s own government which it coerces into enforcing the Laws which allow Islam to take over.

Islam portrays itself as a religion of peace but fails to condemn those within its ranks who know only violence as a weapon of conversion to the ways of Mohammed! The Mujahideen. Al-Qaeda and, more recently, ISIS are all militant groups within this category. They all take some parts of the Koran literally and believe that a Christian – Jewish alliance exists solely to destroy Islam. Fanaticism of the highest order one might think but a fanaticism nurtured within the Mosques by hate preachers and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world by the leaders of these radical groups.
It is well known that ISIS have changed tactics, they no longer want radicalised British Moslems to travel to Syria to fight but instead have trained and prepared them to form home grown terror cells in the UK. as of February this year approximately 850 people from the UK have travelled to support or fight for jihadist organisations in Syria and Iraq. The authorities believe that about half of those have since returned to the UK.
Those convicted of offences relating to Syria or Iraq number 101. The offences are numerous, around 30 in total and range from Assisting an offender to attempted murder.
Liberal thinking, Human Rights legislation, political correctness and, to use a vulgar Labour term, ‘diversification’, have all allowed Britain to fall into the trap of apathy. Some might say that the country has been apathetic for years and there may well be some truth in that but unless we shake off the shackles of apathy we are a lost cause as a nation state.
We need to remember that first and foremost we are British and we live in a United Kingdom whose freedoms were hard fought for. We are a proud Christian nation, never more true now that we are leaving the European Union. Now is the time to assert our freedoms and our way of life. It is not the time to be walking around with a placard hanging around your neck professing – “I am Moslem” – when clearly you are not! Just deluded. Nor, is it the time to be shaking hands with and embracing Islam.
However we should be reining back on the freedoms that we allow to Moslems as they clearly do not appreciate our generosity nor hospitality. We should ban the building of mosques and severely restrict the activities within the mosques already in use.

Successive Prime Ministers have licked the hand of Islam, an apathetic acceptance of a cult which has seen an exodus of ethnic British people from our towns, villages and cities right across the country! Not forgetting the pain and grief caused to hundreds of British people on their own High Streets in the name of Islam.
Not long ago we saw President Obama shake the hand of the Devil in Iran and, as a thank you, we witnessed the saliva of the Ayatollah running down the cheek of America!

Do not hate Islam but do not be blind to it either.