Its Racist, Innit!


Racism, prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that ones own race is superior.
The noun, racist, sort of trips off the tongue, six characters, two syllables, easy to pronounce, no awkward paired characters to get your tongue around. It is the favoured word of the Left wing/Liberal dominated Remainers. It joins other words in their lexicon of words of less than three syllables such as, ‘scum’, ‘c- -t’, ‘nazi’, etc. Some of the more retentive on the Left remember bigger words such as, ‘homophobe’, or ‘xenophobe’, The cleverer ones mix the words and throw them at you like some verbal cluster bomb.
All well and good and all fodder for the MSM as it is probably the most effective weapon in the Leftwing arsenal. To deny the accusation is to admit it, that is the view of the Left and one that they pump out at every given opportunity. However this is one lie, one accusation too far and the British people are getting wise to it.
We cannot ignore those who throw such abuse in our direction, we must fight back, we must stand together and point out that they are the real racists. They are the ones forcing integration upon us. Surely those foreign nationals who come into the country should be told that they have to integrate with us not the other way around. Not doing so is as much a disservice to them as it is to the British population.

Do these Leftist/Liberal NIMBY’s and SJWs suffer the ignominy of being accused of racism when they are campaigning to remove Gypsy Travellers from a field or common in their village or town? I think we all know the answer to that, usually they are feted for getting rid of them, no matter that they have simply moved the ‘problem’ further down the highway. A problem they may be to them and their high-brow Liberal buddies but they, like the immigrants that they profess to want to protect from anyone concerned about over population, are real people with real lives. Yet it is these same NIMBY’s who turn to the Leftwing lexicon in order to vilify those of us who ask for fairness for communities and sensible control when it comes to excessive migration.
That they, (Travellers), choose to live a different kind of life is entirely their business and it is to the local authorities that the NIMBYs should be addressing their complaints not making bold statements in the Press to justify their actions. They deserve purpose built sites upon which to stay, not eviction notices.
Since the result of the referendum, common sense seems to have gone out of the window. Realism is anathema to the Left. The UK population grew by over 500,000 last year and you do not have to be racist to realise that a surge in population of over one million every two years is completely unsustainable.
If you have the money to flit from continent to continent, country to country this is not going to bother you in the least. Those to whom it is a problem are the ones left behind, the ones who are supposed to integrate, the ones who are expected to accept diversity as if it is some gift from above.