Dear Dave;

I am one of those people of whom you refer to as, “ODD”. I make no apologies for being “ODD”, because like the leader of The UKIP, I too have had a job and have run my own business. Not only that, I have served my country as a member of the Armed Forces. Some would say that I am probably more qualified to do your job than you are.
I write because of my fears for this Great country of ours, you will notice that I use a capital “G”, even though Britain has not been truly Great since around 1910. In my opinion, the closest we came to reclaiming greatness was under Margaret Thatcher but, even she baulked at taking us out of the one institution which would guarantee we would never be Great again!
I digress; you and Mr Osborne continue to put your faith in The European Union, buoyed by advice from greedy business leaders and bankers. Even though, despite your fiscal belt tightening, the economy is still stagnant. If, as the business leaders say, we are better in The EU than out because of Trade; why is the economy not moving? Surely someone has got it wrong. Your Fiscal Policy, far from being insightful is, in fact, spiteful. It seems to me that you are kicking the dog in order to get the cat to move off the chair. The old adage that we have two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a reason is as true now as it ever was. Take off the blinkers, remove the ear plugs and take notice!
I would suggest that one reason for slow growth is the transport system. Road freight in this country is excessive. For years, road maintenance has seen a paucity of funding whilst road haulage fleets have grown. One of your “BIG” ideas is to borrow money for new road schemes, some of which you tell us will be toll roads. Instead of tearing up the countryside why not improve the roads we already have and make them fit for purpose? More freight should be put on the railways, forget HS2 it is a waste of money and will be an unnecessary blot on the landscape. Again, improve on what we already have, where possible open up some of the old routes closed by Beeching. Spend the vast amount of HS2 money on rail/road hubs. This will not only take the juggernauts off the roads it will also create much needed jobs in and around these hubs. Small businesses should benefit immensely.
On The EU you say that you have listened to the British people and know how they feel about not being offered a referendum on their own fate in Europe. I’m sorry Prime Minister but that is a lie! You have not listened at all, had you done so you would have given the people an in/out referendum two years ago. You perpetuate your lie by adding that even though you will offer a referendum, you will fight with all your heart and soul to stay in the European Union.You will also fight with the help of the deceitful BBC propaganda machine, millions of pounds from your wealthy backers and, no doubt, EU funding. Hardly a level playing field! The message you are giving out is ‘my way or the highway!’

Thorbjørn Jagland, ex Prime Minister of Norway, thinks that Britain should stay within the fold of the EU. This probably has something to do with the fact that he is in favour of Norway joining The EU. Here, we have a Labour Politician who in 1990 published a book called, “My European Dream”. I mention him because you and everyone else who wants us to renegotiate terms with The EU, seem to hold up Norway of a shining example of a country outside of the EU but onebenefitting with trading within The EU. As Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Jagland has made reform of the Council of Europe a central point of his term of office. He has set four main standards and principles:

  • Strengthening of the rule of law in Europe, based on democratic and human rights standards.
  • Building a culture of living together,
  • Broadening Europe’s neighbourhood and exploiting the full potential of co-operation with partners, in particular The European Union.
  • Reform of the European Court of Human Rights is an integral part of this process.

Sounds to me like everything you have ever wished for Mr Cameron. Even if you do want to and, actually do, renegotiate terms of membership for the UK; this cretin will make sure that they are all taken back. Lest anyone forget, he was on the committee which awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to The European Union in 2012.

Another reason for slow growth is our Banking System or, the lack of regulation of it. Without help from the banks, business is going nowhere. I am probably naive in my thinking here but, when you say that because of the vast amount of money used to bail out RBS it is now effectively owned by the Public, does that mean it is Nationalised? If so you can order the Governors of RBS to lend to business at reasonable rates in order to kick start the economy. Naivety aside, because the Government lent money to RBS that it cannot possibly pay back, surely you have some clout in forcing them to be more amenable in the area of lending to business. At the very least, take back the powers given to the Bank of England by re-regulating it. If you are frightened by the enormity of this task or perhaps just frightened by the money men, I suggest you resign and give the responsibility to a Party which will impose regulation on these freeloaders. That would be us, the “ODD” ones.

I could go on, but to turn this letter into a rant against all that you have got wrong would be to make me appear as shallow as you. Suffice to say, if you have truly listened; give us a referendum now!