The favourite State of the European State is, the State of “apathy”!

Just when we thought that we were perhaps making some headway in getting rid of this parlous behemoth of unelected, money-grabbing idealists that is the European Union. Along comes the IPCC, armed with tales of doom and gloom all designed to put us back firmly in our apathetic places.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a total disbeliever in Climate Change. I like to think that I take the more sensible, non-alarmist approach to this subject. By this, I mean that I look to history. Earth’s climate has constantly trended hot to cold, cold to hot and all stations in-between. Too simplistic? I think not, take for example the IPCC assertion that, “in Alaska the collapse of sea ice is allowing huge waves to strike the coast, causing erosion so rapid that it is already forcing entire communities to relocate.” This may have something to do with the fact that there is more ice coverage of the North Pole than there has been for decades. The inference from the IPCC is that the collapse of sea ice is because of retreating sea ice fields due to rising sea levels and temperatures when in fact the reverse is true. This process of advance and retreat of the Polar ice fields has been going on for millennia.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is twenty six pages long and makes for very heavy reading. To give it the gravitas that the IPPC believe it should warrant, we are told that 300 scientists compiled the report. What we are not told is that they did so in their spare time. Is Climate Change and Global Warming that important that scientists are asked to do it in their spare time? Come on, if we are to take this seriously then at least have 300 full-time dedicated climate specialists on the case. This leads to another heady point and one that I will mention but not debate because it is a completely different issue; where are the IPCC going to find 300 totally un-biased so-called experts on Climate Change.? Try telling me that big business and governments won’t be jockeying for position on selection in that one.

Nothing disturbs governments more than an up-beat populace. A populace which questions their leaders, expects straight answers, is prepared to stand up and be counted. No, governments need their electorates to be subdued, calm. In a word, “APATHETIC!” What better way to do this than to give them something to worry about, something other than the mundane workings of politics. Something like, a shortage of water, something like, a shortage of food, something like, regular flooding. Good old fashioned scaremongering. The thing is, it works; time after time, after time. It is a proven way by which governments control the masses. As Randall Strahan wrote and I quote:-
“Leaders are said to be responsive to what their followers want because the followers choose the leader and leaders want to keep their leadership positions. The assumption that leaders will be responsive to followers because leaders want to win and hold power is a useful starting point for understanding the politics of leadership in any democratic institution. However, such an assumption may become misleading if leaders are understood to care only about retaining their leadership positions. If some congressional leaders are strongly committed to political goals beyond remaining leader–and we shall see that some are–we would not expect those leaders always to be inclined to take their bearings from what their followers want. When opportunities arise to pursue other intensely held goals, some may be willing to act independently of followers and even risk their leadership positions in pursuit of those goals. If so, leaders who are more risk-tolerant may be consequential for influencing outcomes in a wider range of political situations than just those situations in which their followers are already mostly in agreement.”

Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are classic examples of the type of leaders that Strahan is talking about. It is rule through populist legislation and it’s all designed to keep the status quo. Playing on people’s fears is a sure way to keep them subdued. For example:-
1). ‘The oceans are rising at a pace that threatens coastal communities and are becoming more acidic as they absorb some of the carbon dioxide given off by cars and power plants, which is killing       some creatures or stunting their growth’.
2). ‘Organic matter frozen in Arctic soils since before civilisation began is now melting, allowing it to decay into greenhouse gasses that will cause further warming.’
3). ‘Climate Change is happening and no one in the World is immune!’

Obviously there are a lot of truths in the Report, the people of the poorer countries of the World are getting poorer and food and water is in ever shorter supply. They and the IPCC urge the West to do more in the form of Foreign Aid as they feel that they have been paying the price for decades of profligate Western consumption. A figure of $100b per year has been estimated to offset the effects of Climate Change on these poorer countries. I’m sorry but I disagree with this, the $billions that have been sent in Foreign Aid to many of these countries has been scooped up by unscrupulous dictators and government officials. The people rarely see a fraction of the generosity bestowed upon their country by the West and their leaders make great political play out of it. We don’t need more Foreign Aid, we need better policing and monitoring of the Aid that we already send.

Meanwhile we in the UK will soon be suffering from the consequences of this Report. There is no doubt that the EU will be forming legislation as I write that will make life more costly and more difficult for the majority of us. Climate Change and Global Warming are the scaremongering mainstays of Western governments and especially the ghastly EU. The two are used to great effect whenever people start to answer back. The awful thing is, we will accept whatever the government tell us to do on the back of this Report. As I said; “APATHY”. It is the antithesis of good government and a sad indictment of the way standards have been eroded in this once great country of ours.

In conclusion, wether you believe in Climate Change or, like me, you err on the side of the sceptics you only have to look around you to see that all things pertaining to Nature are not as they were thirty years ago. I do not necessarily subscribe to the theory that these changes are all man-made especially when we have volcanoes belching chemical cocktails and dust into the atmosphere on a twenty four seven basis. For every scientist who tells us that Climate Change is man-made another will tell you that it is all part of a natural cycle.
To make this country great again we all need to take responsibility, whichever side of the Climate Change spectrum you are on. The government are on the side of the EU, who back the UN to which the IPCC is affiliated.

Churchill said; “the price of greatness is responsibility!” I have seen neither in this Coalition so, once again it is up to us in UKIP to lead the way and show some common sense. By all means read the Report and take on board the findings therein. However, the findings should then be judged against findings in reports from those scientists and experts who do not accept the concept of man-made Climate Change. Only then can a balanced and informed decision be made.