Or, The Good, The Smug & The Failures.

Oh dear, it seems that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the Labour tree”!  Remember when the Labour Party  decided to send out its lightweight hitters to warn the Tory elite about the dangers of UKIP. I’m talking, of course about Hilary Benn telling Sky last year that even though UKIP stand no chance of ever governing the country they will devastate the Tories in the local elections.

It would appear that, in the “World of Benn”, the Labour Party is a smooth machine, much-loved by the people and set to rule yet again come 2015. The “Grey Vote”, (his term for Pensioners) he informed us is voting UKIP or, certainly abstaining from voting Tory, because of the disastrous policies that the Coalition were putting forward. Apparently most of their ire is directed at Iain Duncan Smith who had the temerity to suggest that they “the more well off Greys”, give up their pensions.
Is it me, or is there a slight whiff of collective amnesia in the air? Was it not Labour who plundered pension pots like demented Maxwell’s? Was it not Labour who strong-armed local authorities to move the old and infirm into smaller social accommodation? Obviously, these stories didn’t get to the editorial desk of the “Benn’s World Gazette”!

Oh, and another thing, on the subject of having no chance of ever governing Britain. What were the odds of Labour coming to power in January 1924? They, under Ramsay MacDonald, had failed to win the General Election of the previous year. They managed to get 191 seats, more than the Liberals but less than the Tories. The then Tory Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, realised that it was impossible for the Tories to carry on in power when the combined Opposition totalled more seats in the House of Commons than the Tory seats. He stood down and advised the King to invite MacDonald to form a Government as they had more seats than the Liberals.
Obviously young Mr Benn had forgotten that the Labour Party of the day only had three members who had previously been ministers. One of whom was an ex Liberal. Hardly an auspicious recommendation for governing the country and certainly something to remember when castigating UKIP for having no Cabinet experience.

Given enough votes and the faith of the Electorate, could UKIP form the next Government? Yes, because they would have to. I do not doubt for one minute that should that happen the rats would be flocking from three prominent sinking ships and asking Mr Farage for forgiveness and a place in his Cabinet. Given that scenario he would be foolish not to consider them.

The point all of the current political elite seem to be missing is that the Electorate are fed up with being screwed by lying, self-serving, greedy politicians who take them for mugs. They are sick and tired of the EU dictating their daily lives, sick and tired of a Government which is unwilling to listen to them, sick and tired of a Government which is only looking after itself and its members, sick and tired of secret courts, sick and tired of bullying tactics against the people by the very people who are supposed to protect them! More than all of that, they are sick and tired of the country of their birth being turned into a depository for Europe’s, misfits, nere-do-wells, unskilled and criminals.
Don’t put your coat on yet Mr Benn. The Electorate are also sick and tired of Labour, weak when in power, weak in Opposition and, not only forgetful of the facts but, forgetful of the Electorate. You and your cronies are nothing more than LibConDem in red sweaters. But, those sweaters do not seem to be red enough for your paymasters, especially Red Len McCluskey.

The people of Britain want change and with change comes uncertainty. We at UKIP are prepared for that, as we are prepared for the inevitable changes that will come within our own Party. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the scaremongering of Clegg, Cameron and Miliband, designed to make people wary of UKIP is falling upon deaf ears. The Great British Public admire the un-sensational approach UKIP take to the rotten apples that sometimes slip into the mainstream. We treat problems within our Party very seriously but what we don’t do is react in a knee-jerk way designed to appease the media and our critics. Unlike LibConDemLab we are very aware of our weaknesses, equally aware of our strengths whilst at all times being totally loyal to Britain. We trust the British people, which is something the others do not do.

Hilary Benn should have  taken time out to read up on UKIP policy before going on TV to declare that UKIP are only about immigration and withdrawal from the EU. Destroying your country from within is treason, Mr Benn. I’m shocked that the Labour Party has not been arrested for doing just that. The LibConDem’s should also be arrested for aiding and abetting.

The news of his father’s death was sad. It is always a distressing time when one loses a parent and for that I offer him and his siblings my condolences. However, I cannot condone what his father stood for. Nor, what he stands for by supporting Miliband and his wastrel’s in Opposition. Let us not forget that Labour are guilty of the following: –

1.   Deliberately diluting the ethnicity of the indigenous population, which is wrong!
2.   Deliberately doing so for political gain, which is wrong!
3.   Deliberately making the Welfare budget attractive, which is wrong!
4.   Deliberately poaching the pensions of hard-working people, which is wrong!

I could go on but there is so much that is wrong with Britain because of the mis-management of Labour and the Coalition that it would just get to be boring. The point is, the people of Britain want change. They want a Government which looks after them and puts them first. They want a Government which realises that we need a strong defence force and one that will look after the men and women who volunteer to belong to that force. They want a Government that is not afraid to expel undesirable. They want a Government that believes in fairness for all.

They want UKIP and in May of this year people are going to show this greedy political elite that they no longer want mediocre, no longer want platitudes, no longer want to be told what is good for them by a bunch of toffs who are really only concerned with what is good for themselves. The British people will reclaim politics and next year, despite the propaganda you will be swamped with from the LibLabConDem lie machines, common sense will be placed in the Palace of Westminster via the ballot box and UKIP MPs will be rubbing shoulders with the red-faced idiots who have managed to hold onto their seats.