Socialism is fine in principle but the problem is, like the brains of most socialists, the basic principle has been lost along the way. Back in the day when factory owners, landowners and employers in general thought it their duty to exploit their workforces, the idea of a fair deal for all was right and proper. The rise of Trade Unions and their political wing, the Labour Party has improved the lot of the average worker in this country immeasurably, unfortunately power went to Union leaders heads and they decided that it was their right to bite the hand that feeds them.

The short sightedness of Labour and their Union paymasters has always staggered me. If you squeeze your employer to the point where that company or organisation has no choice but to close what have you achieved? Considering that the majority of Labour MPs attended university and so to the Union hierarchy, I find it strange that none of them has a basic grasp of simple economics.

Look at the concept of ‘open borders’. What loon thought that a good idea especially in an area with a history of bloody conflict? Labour, ever ready to show that they suffer the same degree of amnesia as the bureaucrats who came up with this plan, grabbed the concept like a dog grabbing a bone. All very well some might say, but Labour had a plan of monumental spite which it unleashed on the indigenous population of Britain. Not only that but they brought in legislation coupled with intimidation, ably aided and abetted by Brussels, which ensured that any criticism of the plan swiftly rebounded upon the critic. Not only did labour unlock our borders to mass uncontrolled immigration they walked away and ignored the hordes that surged across.
This was bad enough and caused great hardship to many communities across the land. Communities which will probably never recover their original identities. However, the real damage has been done to the economy and I say this despite Cameron and Osborne banging on about Britain having the fastest growing economy in the Western World. The truth is, big business and multi-nationals are seeing the benefits but the average worker isn’t.

We now have an economy which is ripe for exploitation, evidenced by the continued plundering of profits by bankers and their shareholders, the obscene profiteering at the petrol pumps and the exploitation of parents during school holidays by travel companies and airlines, not to mention the minimum wage becoming the ‘maximum’ wage! No matter, Osborne repeatedly tells us that the economy is booming, this by the way from a Chancellor who has borrowed more in three and a half years than the previous Labour government did in thirteen. How does this effect the economy? Many experts predict that it will stagnate, they believe that it is cyclical and that once it has reached its peak in two or three years time we will see the usual decline. The ‘boom and bust’ scenario which Gordon Brown assured us he had banished forever. However, because of the gross mismanagement of debt by this Coalition and the suicidal refusal to change tack when it comes to the economy we are now paying something like £75 per second in interest payments plus, don’t forget, the obligatory £636.57 per second we have to pay in ‘club’ fees to the EU, then there is the 0.7% of GNI that Cameron takes out for Foreign Aid, which equates to £137 per head of population. Is it any wonder that the average man and woman in this country feels worse instead of better off?

How do the Tories fit into all of this? By their very nature, they are obviously not egalitarians, God forbid that they would ever want equal rights for every citizen. Is that true of todays Tories though? By being so vehemently Europhile they are, by default, copy cat Socialists. Nigel Farage was quite correct when he stated that you would be hard-pressed to get fag paper between the Tories and Labour. The politics of the two Parties is so similar that has become boring. Even Paxman found it necessary to call it a day!
People might scoff and descend to name-calling but the only Party capable and willing to make a real difference for the better in Britain is UKIP. Critics of the United Kingdom Independence Party might argue that UKIP has poached the best policies of Labour, best policies of the Conservatives, dismissed the Liberal Democrats for the waste of space they are and thrived on a policy of plagiarism.
I would argue that we have simply taken the middle ground evacuated by the old mainstream parties. It is not just a case of having common sense policies, it is more a case for having a completely new common sense approach to politics. This approach is neither radical nor extreme as our detractors would have you believe. Quite simply, UKIP recognises a problem, deals with it and moves on. No spin, no waffle, no bull.
The government, like a lot of housing developments, is built on waste. Every department haemorrhages money by the lorry load. It is like a virus, a money haemorrhaging virus, it is virulent and has spread, unchecked, throughout the Public Sector and the only vaccine the Government has come up with is more money. How many times have we heard Cameron, Clegg, Miliband or Osborne tell us of the need to inject more cash here and inject more cash there?

The only way to ensure future economic growth and fiscal stability is to first get Britain out of the EU. Second tighten our borders. Third invest in our infrastructure using the money set aside for the EU vanity projects that are HS2 and HS3. Fourth, establish new trading agreements with the Commonwealth. Fifth, regain control of our fishing grounds, agriculture and utilities.
Sounds simple because it is, when you control your own destiny sensibly thousands of possibilities open up for you. The task then is to grasp them and make the most of what comes your way. It won’t be a free ride and it won’t be an easy ride but it will be a ride worth taking if it means getting our independence back. I for one am willing to take the risk.