The ‘Silent Majority’ , never has their silence been more deafening! From politics to environmental issues, from the economy to immigration, the silence is truly frightening. Protest groups abound, purporting to speak for everyone yet rarely doing so as most are double-jointed and speaking from their own sphincters.

Sarcasm aside, we have entered a worrying phase in this country. People would sooner use their mobile phones to take video footage of an elderly Asian gentleman getting verbally and physically abused by a rabid young woman than use it to call for police assistance. There was a time, not to long ago, when this vile individual would have been surrounded by outraged citizens and held until the police arrived. Unfortunately this brings us to another trait of modern Britain, the response time of the police. Not only that but those holding the perpetrator are as likely to get arrested as the victim when the police do eventually see fit to arrive upon the scene whilst the thug walks free.

Now, we have the diabolical spectacle of mob rule coming before the rule of Law. In Balcombe the police have advised the drilling company, Cuadrilla, to scale back their drilling operation because they cannot guarantee the safety of the site. Another example of the Silent Majority allowing the loud-mouthed, ill-informed minority to walk all over them and blight the future of their children. A sensible debate is one thing, mob rule is an entirely different animal and one which we ‘The Majority’  should shout down.

I must admit that I am confused about the Law in cases like this. I thought that there were rules in place concerning the size of a protest gathering. Isn’t this how pickets were outlawed by the Tories? I may be wrong and, please correct me if I am, but we simply cannot allow a motley crew of ‘Swampies’ and haute couture diva’s to get their own way because they shout louder and push harder.

No surprise that Cameron and his weak entourage of Ministers will eventually side with the Greens and single issue extremists. Of course he will tell us mere mortals that a review of procedures is needed in order to run these exploration sites safely and efficiently. This of course will put the Shale Fracturing Industry back months, if not years.  The ‘Silent Majority’  will be duped into believing that the ‘fat-cat’  bosses of the oil and gas industries have questions to answer on both environmental and safety issues  and that until satisfactory answers are forthcoming, no more drilling will take place.

As usual it will be a complete farce and whitewash. The coalition using their usual tactic of trying to please everyone except where it pleases them to do different.

What of the police? The Chief Constable of Sussex, Martin Richards, certainly has questions to answer. If he isn’t up to the job he should be removed immediately so to the incumbent of the overpaid and completely nonsensical post of Police and Crime Commissioner. The majority of the population showed their utter contempt for this post by turning out in their 10’s all across the country to vote for these non-jobs. What was the turnout, about 14%? Another case of the ‘Silent Majority’  being totally ignored.

It is this silent apathy which allows our politicians and their paymasters in the Bildberg Group, Common Purpose and the EU to sell this country down the river. Real issues are swept under the carpet because they, the men in suits, are safe in the knowledge that the majority of the people of Britain will suffer in silence.

This apathy is not just a trait in this country, My friends in America tell the same story which is why the worst President in living memory has been allowed to live a lie for the past six years.

Democracy works on a majority vote arrived at after serious discussion and debate. It also allows for peaceful protest from the minority should they feel aggrieved by the decision of the majority. What it does not allow for or should condone, is violent or intimidating protest because things have not gone the way of the protestors. All too often we see this happening and the authorities caving in to it.

America in the Fifties had McCarthyism and the witch-hunt that ensued because of it. We cannot allow that sort of thing to happen in this country. We have had Leveson and the Hacked Off campaign which tried and succeeded in heavily influencing the outcome.

What was behind this blatant attack on democracy in this country, who bankrolled Hacked Off, what is it that fosters the Silent Majority?

In my opinion the root of all evil, the most disruptive force against democracy in Great Britain is Common Purpose. We need to bring this vile organisation to the fore and show it up what it really is. A power hungry organisation which trains its graduates to peck away at the very fabric of democracy from the inside. Common Purpose is a registered Charity but, upon investigation, you find that it is a lot more than that. It is a political organisation which is pro EU and its main aim is to destroy democracy in this country.

Their methods are simple but effective.

Create apathy.

Create discontent with the Government and within the Government.

Create an active minority

Create an inactive ‘Silent Majority’

Four boxes ticked and we, the British Public, are allowing it to go on because most of it is done in secret. It will be a long and dirty fight if we are to reverse the evils of CP. They have infiltrated everywhere, government, business, banking, law, the police. Every time you turn over a stone you will find Common Purpose.

They are at the heart of Government, the insidious BBC, the Civil Service. In fact, wherever you look you will find a CP graduate. Their influence is everywhere and anyone who opposes them or their practices is labelled with an ‘ism’ or, called racist or, ‘Little Englander’. Sound familiar? It should, the United Kingdom Independence party is in the firing line at the moment and, probably, the only British political Party unafraid to stand up to this vile organisation against democracy.

To give some idea of the tentacles of power I have inserted a graphic which goes some way to show the influence Common Purpose has over us and why we are all  in danger of falling under its eveil spell.