The Ruble & The Dollar


When your country’s money becomes the sole trading currency for another country, then you have the upper hand and can dictate terms and influence within those countries for whom this is true.
American influence and expansion is entirely dependent upon the strength and spread of the Eagle. In other words, the Americans will go to extraordinary lengths to make the Dollar the ‘gold standard’ in most parts of the world. This is why the USA has been the most powerful nation in the world for decades.
The Middle East war with Iraq was not just fought on the lie of weapons of mass destruction, nor was it solely based on oil as some sceptics believe. Saddam, sick of US sanctions and interference in his country decided to use gold as the price for oil instead of the dollar. This would have cost the American economy trillions of dollars and caused a mighty downfall on world stock markets.
In my opinion this was the real reason that they, with the help of the duplicitous Tony Blair, decided that Saddam must go. The same happened in Libya and I would not be surprised if Tunisia and Egypt were also influenced in some way by American interference.
Getting rid of despotic dictators for the right reasons is one thing especially if you have a plan as to whom and what will replace said dictator and his/her regime. Sadly, the Americans and their allies did not. Tunisia got lucky, Iraq is in a state of complete disarray and about to be overrun by ISIS. Egypt is still in turmoil, one dictator being replaced by another with the country on a knife edge. Libya, like Iraq is in complete disarray and is being run by gangs.

This brings us to Syria and another dictator who will not bow to American demands. A despot, Assad may be, but he is a wily man. A man who has shown that he is not afraid of America or their threats and sanctions.
The trouble in Syria started as a direct result of Assad refusing the USA permission to run a gas and oil pipeline through his country. Underlying all this though was his desire to stop trading in dollars and to trade in gold. This was a step too far for the Americans, something that they simply could not allow. So they financed rebel anti-Assad factions within Syria to destabilise the country and overthrow Assad. Which was working perfectly well until two things happened. The first was the rapid rise of ISIS and its desire to set up a Caliphate engulfing Iraq & Syria. They also control large swathes of North Africa, the Yemen, have bases in Afghanistan and have great influence in the Caucasus.
The second was the intervention of Russia. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is another world leader who refuses to see the dollar as the trading currency for his country. He too prefers to use gold. This has caused a great amount of friction between the Kremlin and Capitol Hill.

Given that this country had an Empire encompassing 25% of the world along with its peoples, I just cannot believe the staggering naivety shown by the past three governments when it comes to Foreign Policy. Along with the Americans we have forced out two Middle East dictators and left behind a vacuum of chaos and despair in their respective countries. Syria would have been next if it had not been for the timely arrival of Mr Putin and his armed forces.
Aside from Putin’s desire to run his own affairs without US interference and sanctions he has stopped Syria from imploding. I am not justifying any of Assad’s atrocities against his own people but replacing one despot with the evil that is ISIS is surely the wrong way to go.
America has shown little desire to tackle ISIS, other than a few tactical bombing raids which have been spun to great effect, and dare I say, out of all proportion, by their propaganda machine. On the other hand, Putin has shown his desire and his willingness to rid the region of ISIS and any other rebel faction which tries to destabilise the elected government. (Whether that government is there by fair means or foul is for another debate).

In my opinion, the situation in the Middle East now heralds the start of another ‘cold war’. America has a weak President, a man who has made a mockery of his position and who has weakened America’s status on the world stage. The biggest and most vociferous enemy of the United States in the Middle East is Iran. In an act of unmitigated stupidity, Obama has signed off on a nuclear deal with them opening the gates for years of Iranian expansion and terror throughout the region. To show their utter contempt for Obama and America, Iran has now sent its armed forces to fight alongside the Russians in Syria. The bitter irony being that they will be fighting against the very rebels that America is funding in Syria in its vain attempt to topple Assad.

In conclusion, America’s desperate attempt to maintain its dominance of the world stage has caused chaos in the Middle East, forced Putin to flex his muscles in Ukraine and has shown the UN up for the pathetic, toothless, sabre rattling organisation that is really is.
Russia has shown that it is once again a major military might, able to show its steel on a real battlefield rather than on the staged theatres of pretend where it has practiced for the past six decades. The balance of world power is truly that, a balance. Weak leadership in America, shown in two major ways, one through its unwillingness to do anything positive about a rising threat from an ever militant Islam has made the West and especially Europe vulnerable. Two, Obama has more or less declared his southern border with Mexico open to anyone, thereby putting his own country and economy at risk.
The vulnerability in Europe is made worse by a ridiculous EU open border policy and the inane desire of the moderate elite to forgive and forget any atrocity. This attitude has to be redressed before we are over run by radical Islam and pushed out of our own countries by an overpowering influx of foreign nationals.
A strong America has ensured worldwide stability for decades but, sadly, greed has reared its ugly head and the world is unsafe because of it. I just hope that when Obama is finally put out to pasture he is replaced by a strong but visionary POTUS whose sole aim will be to restore world order and make America strong and respected again throughout the world.