D.I.D (Democracy is Dead)

The Taxpayer is paying the democratically elected Members of Parliament a basic salary of £50,296,350 per year. This does not include allowances, expenses or, Ministerial increases. When you take into account the backroom staff, Civil Servants, advisors etc, you can treble that figure. 

I, for one, would be less annoyed at seeing my taxes subsidising this shower if they acted in the best interests of those of us whom put our trust in them to carry out the promises that they made pre-election. The shambles in Parliament this week just proved that the vast majority of them do not want to leave the European Union and are quite content to see Theresa May waffle through PMQs after PMQ’s because not one of them wants to take up the mantle of leader.

Democracy, as we know it, is dead! Whether you voted to remain or leave the European Union is of no consequence now. The “Will of The People” has been forcibly replaced by the ‘Will of Parliament”. Many of us believed that the Referendum, whichever way the vote went, would give the electorate a voice over what had become an increasingly corrupt government. In fact, the HoC had become a mere sorting house for a deluge of restrictive EU regulations. A place whereby the only duty required of our elected politicians was to ‘rubber-stamp’ said Laws and diktats.

That we have 650 self-serving, lazy politicians, all feeding in one way or another, from the EU trough is a travesty and a shameful scar upon the Mother of All Parliaments. More so because we allow them to do this whilst swallowing their lies and allowing their deceit to wash over our heads. 

Perhaps we, the people, should shoulder the blame for the destruction of Democracy in the UK. Perhaps we should be more like the French and take to the streets in violent protest. After all, the famous, ‘Stiff upper lip’, has got us nowhere. All we seem to do is to complain on Social Media, moan down the pub, disparage one anther at work, we might just as well shout at the moon for all the good this passive aggression does. We have allowed ourselves to become too trusting, too sure that the right thing will be done when, at the back of our minds, we know that it won’t. Unless a modern-day Churchill or Cromwell appears on the scene and, pretty soon, this country will be under the yoke of a burgeoning Globalist dictatorship and the only ones to benefit will be the politicians to whom we have foolishly entrusted our future. 

Proof, if it were needed, has just manifested itself in the ruling Tory Party. Those most opposed to Theresa May’s diabolical handling of the Brexit negotiations finally found the will to write letters of no confidence in the Leadership and she had to face her Peers in a confidence vote. Notwithstanding the fact that May has colluded rather than negotiated with the EU, just over 60% of her MP’s backed her meaning that she carries on as Prime Minister to the benefit of her politicians and not to the people. This, despite the fact that 70% of Conservative constituencies and 60% of Labour constituencies voted to Leave in the EU referendum.

These figures not only show what an utter farce politics in this country has become, it also shows that government has a frightening stranglehold over the people and this is not how it should be. The people should never be scared of government, government should always be scared of the people.

“It is what it is.”  “That’s the way it is.” Statements for a modern society from a modern society. A society moulded by social media and a hard-core MSM, all under the scrutiny of Big Government. The statements are designed to pacify, to have a calming effect and create a feeling of inevitability.

‘Theresa May has won her vote of confidence.’

‘Oh, it is what it is!’

No, it most definitely is not and it is dangerous to allow ourselves to think along those lines.

Liane Gabora Ph.D. Tells us that psychologists  interpret this increased use of “it is what it is” as a sign that people are increasingly comfortable with “states of potentiality”, which are states that could “collapse” to different actual states depending on the context. As a simple example, in one situation you might interpret a bat as a toy and in another situation you might interpret a bat as a weapon. 

The message is clear, Democracy is a tool whereby the majority hold sway over the minority through a simple but effective ballot. 100% of the people eligible to vote in the ballot are free to do so and, on any given subject. The result of the ballot has to be sacrosanct because if not then democracy fails. We are now in a situation where government is using democracy as a weapon against the people. Their democracy in which 650 people hold sway over the lives and ambitions of over 66 million people to the extent that when a democratic ballot is held they decide whether or not the result is to their liking. If it is not, as in the case of the Referendum to Leave or Stay in the EU, they will do their arrogant best to find a result which best suits their needs and with total disregard to the people whom they are supposed to serve.

This is no longer democracy but, totalitarianism. A form of government that we fought against during WW11 and then again during the cold war years. It is a battle that is never completely won because those of us who live in a democratic society are all too often complacent. All too often ready to let our guard down because, let’s face it – it is what it is!