Lessons Learned?

A vile “narcissist”, “psychopath” and “exhibitionist” with “antisocial personality disorder” along with an acolyte and a deluded wife condemn six children to death because of the loss from a State-fuelled income of  £80:40 per week. A mere 7.71% of the yearly amount this man and his family claimed per year once you have deducted the earnings of his wife and girlfriend. I am talking of course about Michael Philpott of Allenton, Derby who in 2012, along with his wife Mairead and their friend Paul Mosley, caused the deaths of six children by arson. One of whom Philpott had not fathered.

Quite rightly, the three of them were brought to justice and jailed for this vile crime. However, the narcissists and jobsworths sitting in the House of the Deluded could not wait to get on record to spout their opinions as to why this happened. The MSM had a field day and in the days following the trial we got the usual rhetoric,
‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, “lessons will be learned”, blah, blah, blah’.

How often have we been on this merry-go-round of politic-speak? How many “lessons” will have to be learned before the message gets through? Sadly, the answer is that the lessons are not likely to be learned because they go against the beliefs of the, self serving, Mandarins who run the country. The same, self serving, Mandarins who make up the rules by which we mere mortals have to live by. The same, self serving, Mandarins who stood back as Grenfel Tower became a literal beacon of death and despair and the same self-serving Mandarins who watch every move that we make, every minute of every day.
Sadly too, the same, self serving, Mandarins who will brook no criticism of their methods or actions. A bubble of deceit and deception at the very heart of government.
The system is ruthlessly run by the acolytes of the political elite who, fearful of wrath from above, pass the message down to their acolytes, who, ever fearful for their non-jobs, pass the message down to their acolytes and so it goes on.
It has to stop! This endless circle of ‘pass-the-buck’ has been going on for too long.

It is a game to these people, pass-the-buck long enough and the public forget about it. Should they not, then produce a new, shinier, buck and start to pass that around. The whole system stinks because it is rotten to the core. 
Yes, I’m angry and I make no apology if it comes across in my writing of this. However, I am not angry because of the Welfare State. Nor, am I angry at the short sentences passed down on the “Vile Three”. I am angry at the ridiculous political elite who cannot see any further than the gold-plated trough that they all feed from. Nothing will change under their sponsorship, we need a new wind. A wind which will blow away all of the rhetoric, all of the dross, all of the partisan lines, a wind which will blow away the politicians whose very existence depends upon the generosity of the EU and the apathy of the voting public and who, at the drop of a wallet, will forget whom they should be representing. Finally, a wind which will blow away the fog and make politicians honour the will of the people.
What was the point of the Magna Carta if we allow this bunch of self serving career politicians to pillage the country?

Finally, I am angry when these same politicians allow a woman to turn her womb into a cash cow and then have the audacity to bicker amongst themselves whilst conveniently forgetting that six innocent children died because of their lack of policy or care!

Six children!