A Bucket On A Train

Another terrorist attack in London, the fourth this year. This time on a tube train and, thankfully, above ground. The politicians are out in force, quick to condemn another atrocity on British soil. Yes, the same politicians who are arguing to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union. The same ones who are blind to the fact that these animals just drift from country to country within Europe because of the Free Movement of People edict.
No doubt we will be told, once again, that lessons have been learned and that the public should just go about their normal daily business as if nothing has happened for to do otherwise would mean that the terrorists have won. Sadiq -“terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city” – Khan has already issued a statement condemning his countrymen (no, he didn’t go that far!), condemning this atrocity and telling Londoners to stand firm. No doubt as soon as the sun goes down he will be attending a hastily organised candlelit vigil for the burn victims. For, if nothing else, Khan and his Lefty cohorts in Labour, will always “stand with the victims in solidarity”. Let’s face it, as far as these hypocrites are concerned a candle is worth a hundred votes and a candlelit vigil is worth its weight in gold.

A swift departure from the EU will not stop these terrorist attacks in our towns and cities but, it will go a long way in enabling the Judiciary to expel those who incite terror and in doing so, reduce the frequency of such attacks.
Never forget that the Labour hypocrites who are doing their damnedest to unhinge the Brexit process are associated with the very same Labour animals who trawled the world looking for any Tom, Dick or Achmed who wanted to up sticks and reside in the UK when Blair and Brown were in power.

The Left are all over the media, the police, the Judiciary, Local Government and, to a greater extent Parliament. So when people like myself dare to complain we are “labelled”. We are either, Far Right, fascists, nazis or, any other nasty expletive of less than seven syllables that these morons can think of. The fact that we are none of these things matters not one jot to the new “Red Guard” now controlling everything that is said, read, or thought in this country at the moment. Too severe, too sensationalist? I think not, I defy any of you reading this to try and state anything on social media that is even slightly critical of Labour and the broader Far Left and not be censored in some way. I have lost track of the amount of times that Twitter has either suspended my account or put some sort or punitive restriction on it for daring to criticise Labour.

It is well documented that Corbyn is a known friend to some of the worlds top terror suspects and terror regimes. He has even invited these scum to the Houses of parliament!
Labour invited all and sundry into the country, Labour eased border controls, Labour, when in power, gave away our civil liberties to the EU, In 1998 Labour enshrined the ECHR into British Law, effectively making it impossible to deport criminals or hate preachers. Labour forced integration and diversity policies on us which caused a lack of diversity and a wariness of integration. The Labour Party’s aim in all this is to gain votes, if not the votes of the ethnic British people then the votes of those foreign nationals whom they have flooded the country with.
The Far Left are the real terrorists. Just look at their policy of civil disobedience through illegal Union activity designed to bring down the economy and hence the government, through to the organised Far Left gangs of thugs who are bussed into disrupt any march or gathering which is critical of Labour and its ill-thought out, money wasting policies. As I said earlier, “The New Red Guard”.
If you succumb to these Far Left Corbynista thugs, expect more terror attacks, more civil disobedience and more disruption to your everyday lives.