The Outing


The Dithering Maypole finally triggered Article 50 on Wednesday 17th March. That she was allowed to wait for so long is a testament to the patience of those who voted to leave the EU back in June 2016. One could be forgiven for believing that I and the rest of the 17.4 million who voted to leave actually trust her.
The problem is, she is a politician and like all of her compatriots, with the exception of a very few, she firmly believes in the European Union and the benefits which it can bestow upon the country. Not forgetting of course the benefits that this dastardly institution can bestow upon her and her family should we remain.
Be under no illusion, this is exactly what May and her duplicitous team of negotiators have in mind. They want all that the EU stands for and more! Don’t be fooled into believing that immigration controls will miraculously tighten up, neither should you be fooled that the Single Market and the free movement of people associated with it, will disappear overnight. Far from it, concessionary plans are already in place that will not only please the EU Member States but which are designed to lull the British public into a false sense of achievement.

The sad fact is that only those stalwarts within the Conservative Party who vehemently argued for a clean break from the EU can do anything about this blatant betrayal of the people’s wishes. Be under no illusion, it will be a betrayal!
It will do no good to turn to UKIP as their leader has ensured that, as a feasible political Party, they have lost all credibility. No, the fight must be carried to the very heart of the Conservative Party. The Grandees and those on the Twenty Two Committee must be clearly told that the people have lost what patience they had with Mrs May’s dithering.
Only a clean break from this insidious Union will be acceptable, no compromises, no concessions and definitely no clandestine shady deals behind closed doors.
The Tories think that because of the new Boundary Changes they will be assured a large Majority come the GE May 2020. It must be made abundantly clear to them that all of their seats will be in danger if they renege on the Referendum result. Right now as we start Brexit negotiations it is the politicians who should be scared of the public and their reaction should they mess this up. We have given them a mandate and we should not be worrying as to whether they will carry it out.
Far from it, they should be really scared that if they do not carry out the will of the people as it is they who will be out of a job.

We must fight fire with fire! No more money must be paid to these thieves in Armarni suits. Definitely no divorce settlement as we are up to date with our contributions. We can prove through audited accounts that we have paid and that they have received the contributions due whereas they cannot! It would take a very brave or, somewhat, stupid EU bureaucrat to argue otherwise as they have not yet published a set of accounts in their entire history and proof of any payments or receipts from anywhere would be dubious at most.
As for using Gibraltar as a bargaining chip! Please! All we need to do is to beef up the garrison and re-establish the Naval Docks. Base the TA in Gibraltar along with a Fleet Air Arm base plus deep anchorage for the new carriers.
Gibraltar is of enormous importance to the UK and, more especially, NATO. When Russia releases its warships from the Black Sea ports into the Mediterranean it will be the British who will stop their progress through the Straits and into the Atlantic. It will also be incumbent upon us to blockade Suez to ensure that no ships make their way into the Indian Ocean via the canal. To do this we need a strategic base and a strong presence in the area. Giving up the “Rock” and not fortifying it pre Brexit is not an option.
So it is in everyones interest that we keep a firm hold upon this historic and strategic piece of Limestone rock!

Paul Nuttall likes to say that UKIP will ‘hold the governments feet to the fire’ to ensure Brexit does actually mean Brexit. Load of rubbish! The only people to hold the Governments feet to the fire will be the British people! Make no mistake, if we do not scrutinise every decision May and her cohorts make concerning Brexit we will have lost. It will be as if the Referendum never took place.
We have already sent a message out to the Westminster Village that we do not trust its inhabitants, we must now enforce that message by badgering our local MPs at every opportunity and forcefully let them know that we, the British people, will brook no more subterfuge over the EU. We voted out and that is precisely what we want them to achieve on our behalf.
No half measures, a complete withdrawal from the European Union and all that it stands for. The penalty for failure from any MP of any Party will be a P45 signed by the British people!

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