Where is the Middle?

In Western politics much credence is given to Right Wing, Left Wing, Far Right, Far Left, Left of Centre or, Right of Centre. The fact is, whether you want to believe it or not, since the Second World War we have all been voting for the Left in its various forms including Conservatism.
Even the UK Independence Party, hailed as the saviour of British politics by its members, is more Left leaning than it would care to admit.

I do not advocate Nazi style Far Right Wing politics nor, for that matter, the Far Left of Stalin or Mao. What I am trying to say is that there is no balance, especially in British politics. Post WW11 Western Governments were so afraid of the Far Right that they virtually banned it. I would suggest that this is why it is now creeping back and getting stronger. It’s a bit like Japanese Knot Weed, if you don’t eradicate it completely it eventually comes back and is as invasive as ever.
To take this line of thought one step further; calling anyone who disagrees with your political views “Fascist” – a term invented by the Communist Bolsheviks – seems to be de rigueur nowadays. The truth is that although there are still true Nazis out there, they are few and far between. What they spawned though is an abundance of sick Left Wing political classes intent on pursuing the very insular politics that their predecessors fought so hard to eradicate.
There is no balance, only imbalance!

It is time for a new Right Wing Party, not Ultra Right Wing, not Far Right Wing, or, even, Right of Centre. Just plain and simple Right Wing, a movement that will, after nearly seventy years, give some balance to British politics.
The Left has totally lost direction and, more importantly, the trust of the people. Take the debacle that is BREXIT. He lied, she lied, the ebb and flow of public opinion often fuelled by a vitriolic Left Wing Press. A Government totally out of touch with the people that it is supposed to serve. A result that the Establishment did not want, the architect of choice gone like a thief in the night. Too afraid to stay because he only had a “Plan A”.
A total dog’s breakfast.

More than ever, this country desperately needs a new Party, there is no “Middle Ground”, the scales are leaning ever more to the Left and the only ground to the Right is barren. BREXIT is stagnating whilst the politicians fight amongst themselves, all blatantly ignoring the people.
It will take a brave bunch of people to set up a new Right Wing Party and an even braver person to be leader of it. They must all be prepared to be compared to the Nazi Party. Expect the usual epithets of hate and derision and through all of this they must compile a manifesto which appeals to the majority of the people.
Not an easy task but a necessary one. Every Government Department must be looked at and policies written to cover the activities of those Departments. Energy, Climate, Defence, The Economy, Fisheries, Agriculture, etc. All must be addressed with sensible and affordable policies which must then be presented to the people.
The Party needs to bring a new form of Conservatism to the table, not the wishy-washy Left leaning tripe that we have grown up with but a fresh ideal favouring free enterprise and espousing a commitment to traditional values and new ideas.
Institutions such as the NHS need to be completely restructured. It is and always has been a ‘political football’ and this helps no one. A start could be made by addressing the following:
No Privatisation for the sake of Privatisation, Every department to be thoroughly scrutinised and every penny spent costed and valued. Bring back in-house NHS laundries and housewifery to cut down on super bugs. Standards drop when tendering for services because of cost to the supplier.
Procurement within the NHS is a notorious money wasting section. Departments are too big, drugs are brought at vastly inflated prices and all to the detriment of the patient. Equipment is thrown away when it is perfectly serviceable meaning more money is being wasted on the procurement of new to replace it. The list goes on and on and I haven’t even mentioned the unnecessary bureaucracy.

The country has been given the chance of a new start, a fresh beginning. I doubt the commitment of the present incumbents to carry out successful negotiations as we go forward but they are all we have. Now is the time to sow the seeds for the future, now is the time for a new style of politics. A politics open to scrutiny with politicians who see being a politician as a calling rather than a well paid job with benefits. A politics driven by the people and steered by the elected few. A government for all.
Utopia in a bottle, hidden somewhere in the barren expanse of the elusive Middle Ground.


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