It’s Democracy, Stupid!

The dust is settling and those who profess to seek democracy are crawling from the woodwork. I’m talking of those stalwarts of the democratic doctrine such as David Lammy, Nicola Sturgeon and other political lightweights who believe that it is only their version of democracy which counts.
Lammy, for instance, has organised an online petition, which has so far gathered over two million signatures, calling for another referendum. He says; and I quote,
“The referendum was was an advisory, non-binding referendum. The Leave campaign’s platform has already unravelled and some people wish they hadn’t voted to Leave.
“Parliament now needs to decide whether we should go forward with Brexit, and there should be a vote in Parliament next week.
“Let us not destroy our economy on the basis of lies and the hubris of Boris Johnson.”
Ah, ‘hubris’, Mr Lammy knows all about hubris.

Up in Scotland the ever fragrant Nicola Sturgeon has called together her band of revers and they have decided that negotiations must start for another Scottish referendum. This on the basis that 62% of those Scots who voted on Thursday June 23rd voted to remain in the EU. Never mind that more English and Welsh people voted to Leave the EU. Once again democracy, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder. The clue might well be in the title of the Party that she fronts but would it not be more sensible and far less arrogant to have asked the Scottish people first if they want another referendum?
All of the UK politicians have been told by a majority of the electorate in this referendum that we have had enough of their abject arrogance and want them to remember to whom they are accountable. The referendum was also about democracy and the rule of Law. Both of which the majority wanted to take back control of. I imagine that a majority of Scottish people respect and support democracy and are quite happy to accept the majority decision to leave the EU.
The Nationalists in their fervour for Independence may well find themselves in no-mans-land. As of now they are still (Scotland) part of the UK and as such are on their way to leaving the EU. Sturgeon, if reports are to be believed, thinks that she can negotiate for Scotland to remain in the EU when the rest of the UK departs. A skewed vision in my mind as, on the one hand she wants Independence for Scotland whilst on the other she wants to belong to a totalitarian State to which democracy and Independence are anathema!
My view is that before any meaningful negotiation can take place for Scotland, the UK would have to complete its own negotiations for Brexit. Only then would the EU entertain an approach from Scotland for membership. Good luck on that front Mrs Sturgeon, what has Scotland got to offer, dwindling oil stocks, burgeoning public sector debt, and no support from the rest of the UK. The £ sterling would be out of reach as the EU would demand she adopt the Euro (€). Jobs would be lost as the Faslane nuclear submarine base would have to be relocated to either Portsmouth or Plymouth taking with it the shipbuilding and nuclear engineering facilities and all of the ancillary industry associated with it. Good news for the rest of the UK.

Meanwhile if Parliament take heed of Mr Lammy’s pathetic attempt to usurp the democratic will of the people I can see big trouble brewing, not least for any MP who supports such a measure.
Furthermore, I can see an even bigger problem if the LEAVE members, i.e. Boris, Gove, Hannan, Fox et al, try to negotiate any deal which involves free movement of people. The people of this country just voted 52/48 against that and for any deal which contains that outcome. It would appear that our MPs still haven’t got the message, they are our representatives and, on an issue important enough to call a referendum for, they must do the bidding of the people or be held to account.
The same can be said for Tim Farron who says that he will fight the next election for the LibDems on a platform of getting rid of Brexit. What a despicable man, proof, if proof were needed, that our politicians have truly learned nothing from the result of the referendum.

We are entering uncharted waters but history tells us that navigating uncharted waters is what this country does best. However, this needs brave and decisive people to carry out this task and Boris, if he does succeed Cameron, must choose the very best people for the job. There must be no Brexit-Lite, that is not what the people voted for. We need to be told exactly what whoever is in charge intends to do on our behalf and if that does not match up exactly to the promises made during the referendum campaign we, the people, need to challenge the government. If necessary we will bombard Westminster with the definition of democracy and let them know in no uncertain terms why we are where we are after the referendum!
The next incumbent of number 10 must be under no illusion as to his/her task nor, to his/her duty to the good people of this country who put him/her there! No more lies, no more deception, that’s why we needed to get out of the EU. Let us start on a brave new dawn, let us work for a better future and, most of all, let us not have anything to do with free movement of people, excessive tariffs or any other ties to the vile organisation we have just voted to leave!
It’s Democracy, Stupid!


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