Champagne Charlie’s


Bob Geldof
Charlotte Church
Russel Brand
David Tennant
Ronnie O’Sullivan
Steve Coogan
Tinie Temper
Stephen Hawking
Eddie Izzard
Tony Robinson
Daniel Radcliffe
Keira Knightly
J.K Rowling
Alan Davies

Above is a list of ‘Champagne Socialists, they will all be familiar to you for one reason or another. They also back the REMAIN campaign because they say that we (the great unwashed) are better off in a club which makes sure we know our place in society. What they really mean is that the EU has been really good for them and helped them on their way to become millionaires. Didn’t I mention that they are all millionaires?
Here are a few more, this group will be just as familiar as they are Labour MPs
: – Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Liam
Byrne, Hilary Benn, Emily Thornberry, Chuka Umunna, Jon Cruddas, Tom
Baldwin, Sir Charles Allen, Neil Kinnock, Glenys Kinnock, Roland Rudd,
Margaret Hodge, Shaun Woodward, Michael Meacher, John Mills, Assem Allam,
Andrew Rosenfeld and Tristram Hunt.

All of the above will extol the virtues of Socialism and insist that it works. Austerity has no place in our society according to this lot. Here is a thing, if Socialism works so well and it is something that they fervently believe in, why are they still millionaires?
Surely the first premise of Socialism is the shared distribution of wealth? I don’t recall any of the above sharing out their vast earnings with the poor or homeless in this country. Yes, they may donate to various charities but this is more to do with tax dodging than helping those in need.
Reality is anathema to this grubby lot. The first list live in a world of make believe whilst the second lot live in a bubble of their own making in Westminster.

Being rich is not a crime nor, is striving to be rich. I have no problem with the fact that these people are rich, my problem lies in the fact that they criticise anyone who does not have the same beliefs as them but worse they support those whose job in life is to keep the poor poor by controlling every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave.
Not so in this country I hear you cry. Think about it, since WW11 successive Governments have used repressive legislation to ensure that we all know our place. Genuine entrepreneurship is rare because the majority of those with the where with all to make good and prosper saw the light and left this country to pursue their fortunes elsewhere.
Germany has prospered because their government realised that by opening their markets to foreign investment, being open to new ideas and giving their people the go ahead to make good would, ultimately, bring financial dividends and drag the country from the ashes of war.

The big problem with all of these ‘Champagne Charlie’s’ is that they believe that we believe what they say. You have to give credit where credit is due though. Anyone who can spout such utter drivel whilst having their noses buried deep in the EU trough deserves a modicum of respect. Except, I find it difficult to respect anyone who is so far removed from reality. Take Geldof for example (please someone take him), he decides in his limited wisdom to disrupt the protest on the Thames staged by our much maligned fishermen. He and the others in his flotilla berated the fishermen and those who sailed with them for daring to say that the EU had destroyed not only their industry but their communities.
It showed a complete contempt for the plight of the Fishing industry and those in it. The CFP has been a disaster and the only ones to benefit have been France Spain & Holland. The North Sea and the North Atlantic, once a piscine gold field for the fishermen of this country has been taken over by commercial fishing fleets from the EU. The European Union has declared that this rich fishing ground belongs to them and that our fishermen can only take a certain sized catch of certain sized fish of a certain breed.
This is lost on Geldof who seems think that the CFP has benefitted the fishing industry and helped to sustain fish stocks. What a naive buffoon he is.

Politicians laud these self publicists because they believe that they will bring them closer the people whom they serve. Another example of how out of touch this bunch of hypocrites is. If they want to get closer to the people they should get out on the street and mingle with us. They should question us on their performance, question the local authorities, investigate their local NHS, show an interest in the people who put them up there in their ivory towers. However, we know that this will never happen because the risk of being found out as frauds is too high and anyway, they think of themselves as being too important to deal directly with the likes of us.
Every school kid you speak to wants to become a celebrity. Celebrity is the modern day plague and judging by the number of reality programmes thrust down our throats it is a very virulent disease. There is nothing wrong with being famous, nothing wrong with becoming rich and famous, however what most of these modern day celebs has forgotten is that fame brings with it certain responsibilities. Not least to those who put them where they are. Having said that, the majority of us do no want thanks, do not want gratitude but we do want them to keep their opinions to themselves. Especially when said opinions are so out of touch with reality!


One thought on “Champagne Charlie’s

  1. Darren Scanlon June 25, 2016 / 12:04 pm

    Hear…hear. Nicely put Phil. (Sorry this reply is so late but I’m more ‘out of it’ thank ‘in it’ (health) at the moment. Always seem to be playing ‘catch-up’)


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