Life After Brexit?

The title of this piece is the throwaway question of everyone who believes that this country’s future lies with the European Union. The Remain Campaign have no confidence or, indeed, concept of a life outside the confines of the EU.
Let me answer the question that, according to Remainians, we who believe in Brexit are too afraid to answer. “What happens after Brexit?”
When Britain decides through its long awaited referendum to leave the claustrophobic EU on June 23rd nothing will change. The grass will still be green, the sky will still be blue and Ken Clark will still think that we would be better off in!
The first change when we leave the European Union will be that the United States of America will automatically become the largest trading bloc in the World. Market forces dictate that they will want to trade with the UK as will the EU. Tariffs will be low and incentives high for Britain to trade with both blocs.
Last year alone we had just under $1500,000,000 trade deficit with the USA. UK trade with the EU is dominated by goods rather than services; in 2014, trade in goods represented close to two-thirds of all UK exports to the EU, and over three-quarters of total UK imports from the EU. Between 1999 and 2014, goods imported by the UK from the EU have risen by 4.9% per year on average, compared to exports which have risen by 2.5% per year, causing the UK’s trade in goods deficit with the EU to rise to £77.0 billion.
Although the UK has historically recorded a trade in goods deficit with the EU, its trade in services balance with the EU is much more favourable, running a surplus in each year since 2005, which reached £15.4 billion in 2014. (figures from the Government Archives).
It is also clear, as these figures show, that the economic argument is far from won by the Remanians, in fact with a destabilising Euro (€) I would say that the Better off In Camp are running scared and have had to resort to their usual scaremongering tactics.
It also points to the fact that the UK will have a strong voice and an even stronger (£ ) when we trade on the world stage as an independent trading nation.

In my opinion and, contrary to Remainian propaganda, The Uk will have no need to follow the Luxembourg model or the Norway model or any other model thrown at us because we will follow the Great Britain model.

Cameron and Osborne assert that there will be a recession when we leave because business and the City will be afraid to invest until we have renegotiated our trade deals with the rest of the World. According to those two seers of repute we can take this as fact.
Just last year Cameron was telling us that we could easily survive and prosper outside the EU, after all is Britain not the fifth largest economy in the World? If lies were flies, Cameron could open up his own maggot farm!
It annoys me that the Remainians assume that we will invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty when we vote to leave the insidious European Union and then make great play as to how long it will take to renegotiate our trade deals etc, etc. There is simply no need for this, by repealing the European Communities Act 1972 we can start the ball rolling almost immediately. The only thing which might slow progress down is the repealing of all the useless Regulations that have been passed into British Law and the Laws which the EU has forced upon us.
I know that the referendum is not legally binding but an OUT vote is and OUT vote and the government must honour this or face the wrath of the people when we win the referendum. So too must the Leave Campaign, we do not need anymore renegotiation because as we all know the EU is not interested. We must cut our ties with Brussels and start again.

The Remainians also assert that they will win the referendum by arguing for the economy and jobs over immigration. The veiled slur being that the Brexit Campaign are running a campaign on racism.
The truth is that immigration is at the very heart of the economic and employment debate. You cannot create jobs or a stable economy whilst you have free movement of labour and uncontrolled immigration. At some point a country must be able to check its workforce and its ability to create jobs and housing for those within its borders.
This is impossible whilst we are members of the European Union. A fact acknowledged by Theresa May but summarily dismissed as she has nailed her cloth to the EU mast.
Mass immigration and especially illegal immigration causes a massive Black Market, and one that is easily exploited by Eastern European criminals who are living in the country, most illegally. All this impacts on the Judiciary, the police and the prison service and, something that the Remain politicians will not acknowledge or admit to, the economy.
So, far from being won, the debate about the economy is still very much alive and if you cut through all of the lies being perpetrated by Cameron and Osborne, Brexit have the more persuasive argument.
I know where my “X” is going on the 23rd June!

One thought on “Life After Brexit?

  1. Darren Scanlon May 25, 2016 / 9:01 am

    Me too. A great piece and one with which, I couldn’t agree more.


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