Brexit & The Implications For The UK

As the Great Bard might say, ‘to leave or not to leave, that is the question.’

For me there is no question that this country should leave the European Union but it would be inane of me not to give solid reason for my decision.
I would also be remiss if I did not contemplate the role of UKIP in British politics after Brexit. This, I will address later.

The idea of a European Union goes back to at least the early 1940’s. Indeed, in 1944 there was a conference held entitled: “How Germany Will Dominate The Peace When It Loses The War.”
Given Germany’s position in the EU now, that does not seem as fear-fetched as it did to many at that time. However, let’s not kid ourselves that these ideas were confined to Germany. Our very own Conservative MP, Peter Thornycroft said during 1947: “It is well to state this at the outset – no government on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan for European Union could involve.
The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences. No satisfactory economic plan for Europe can be devised without sacrifice of sovereignty by the nations concerned.”

This political union was always meant to be duplicitous, always meant to subjugate the people. The founding fathers said as much: “We are working discreetly…and all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.” – Arnold Toynbee.
“The fusion of economic functions would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State” Jean Monet – 3rd April 1952.
On 27th December 1998, the Daily Telegraph reported the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer as saying: “Creating a single European State bound by one European Constitution is the decisive task of our time.”
This was taken further by German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder who said the following month, in January 1999: “The time for individual Nations (in Europe) having its own tax, employment and social policies is definitely over.
We must finally bury the erroneous ideas of Nations having sovereignty over defence policies and foreign policies. National sovereignty will soon prove itself to be a product of the imagination.”
As you can no doubt see, the idea of a European Super State was not something that was thought up a few years ago but one which was devised and has been nurtured for decades. The details of this State have been deliberately kept from the general public, as Thornycroft stated, “the people must be led unconsciously…”
I highly recommend that you go on Youtube and find : “The Peoples Channel”.
I have to thank the producers of that Channel for their wonderful and in depth research which has helped me enormously with the first half of this post. Unlike the “Better Off IN” brigade who have been trying to frighten the populace with lies, The Peoples Channel will frighten you with the truth. More so because you will realise that the truth about the real intentions of the EU founders and those running it have been hidden from you by successive governments, going back to the war years of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

It is quite clear that the EU was conceived as a vehicle for a Federal State. Unlike the USA where the States have retained some individuality the architects of the EU have very different ideas. If they get their way, countries within the European Union will cease to exist within a generation and be completely forgotten within two generations.
The dictatorship, led by Germany, plans to control every aspect of your lives from birth to where you live, how you live, where you work, where you bank, where you shop, etc, etc. They will even have the power to confiscate your bank savings.

Some other things to consider if you are still hovering on the fence:

  • 100% of the UK’s economy is subject to the burden of EU regulation. Less than 10% of UK GDP derives from exports to the EU. Indeed up to 95% of UK firms do not sell to the EU at all.
  • In 2012 China sold €290 billion of goods to the EU. Businesses do not have to be in a political union in order to trade,
  • Claims that 3 million UK jobs are dependent on trade with the EU are false. It is based on the false premise that all UK exports will cease when we leave whilst in fact that will not be the case as our membership of the World Trade Organisation protects us from vexatious actions by trading partners. Also, it is a fact that other Member States export more to the UK than we do to them.
  • Since 1975 all of the UK’s Trade Agreements have been negotiated by the EU Trade Commissioner. He or she has to take into account the interests of 28 Member States, many of whom are protectionist.

There are many more valid reasons as to why we do not need to be a Member of this insidious club in order to survive in the world. The campaign for “IN” has yet to come up with one irrefutable valid reason for the UK to stay in the EU. Instead they use the tactics of fear and repetition in order to brainwash the general public into their way of thinking. Judging by the polls,this tactic has not been as effective as they (The Establishment) would have hoped.
It will not be easy when the UK Brexits from the EU. I imagine that the first two years will be particularly difficult and uncertain, thereafter, however I envisage growth and gradual prosperity as we find our way in the world once again as free agents. The EU on the other hand, will continue to decline especially without the weekly cash injections from Britain.

But what of The United Kingdom Independence Party?
Should the people of this country decide to remain in the EU, UKIP will be finished. I very much doubt it. The SNP lost their referendum and came back stronger at the GE. Granted there will not be a GE for another three years but UKIP will continue to work on behalf of the British people, standing up for their Rights in the European Parliament and in the Welsh and Scottish Assemblies. Don’t forget the hundreds of Councillors, County, Parish, et al up and down the country. They are not going to lie down and leave the running of Local Authorities to the idiot Labour and Tory groups. They too will be working hard for their constituents and for re-election.
The likes of Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood, the Scottish Nationalist leader and the Welsh Nationalist leader, plus the diabolical BBC who believe that UKIP are a two issue Party – Immigration and Brexit – are way off the mark and are obviously too wrapped up in their own fantasies of power to see the real picture.

On the other hand, should the good people of Britain vote to leave the hideous European Union, UKIP will be equally busy ensuring that within the first two years any deals struck by the government are the right deals for the country and the people of the country.
It wont be “job done” and the Party disbands, it will be roll you sleeves up time and tackle the injustices of Tory and Labour policies.
I envisage a concerted recruitment drive throughout the country and I believe that many people will see that The United Kingdom Independence party is more than a two string bow. Many of the UKIP policies adopted by local Councils will prove popular with disaffected Tory voters and those in Labour who dread the thought of being led by a neo communist like Corbyn.
It will take a lot of hard work but the Party has shown that it is resilient and the Members have shown their willingness to tackle the task ahead. I think that after Brexit politics in the UK will change forever. I can see a lot of career politicians being very scared for their future especially as there will be at least 24 ex UKIP MEP’s clamouring for seats in the House of Commons.
Rose tinted glasses? Maybe, but I see a bright future for UKIP and I think that many people, not least prominent politicians are going to be surprised over the next few years.


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