A Quango Too Far

The Environment Agency is a quango led by stupid idiots for the purpose of the Green agenda and Left -wing sensationalists.
Its stated purpose is, “to protect or enhance the environment, taken as a whole” so as to promote “the objective of achieving sustainable development” (taken from the Environment Act 1995, section 4). Protection of the environment relates to threats such as flood and pollution. The vision of the Agency is of “a rich, healthy and diverse environment for present and future generations”.
You can see from the wording of that mission statement that it was the stupid idiots in Brussels who actually put pen to paper therefore making it more of a directive that a mission statement.

Created in 1996 as a result of the 1995 Environment Act, the Agency is the principle flood risk management operating authority for England and Wales. Prior to this the husbandry of farm land, dredging of rivers, streams and ditches and other flood management activities was the responsibility of farmers and local authorities. Sadly the art of land drainage has been lost along with the equally important art of laying hedges.
The Environment Act, when it was introduced, put more emphasis on wild life, flora and fauna than on the needs of safe, dry habitat for the human populace of the country. Obviously, it has not helped that greedy developers and short-sighted Councils have allowed dwellings to be built on flood plains and Green Belt. To compound matters these same Councillors have cut back on drain and culvert cleaning citing government cuts as the reason for doing so. I must point out that there were no such drastic cuts when the Act was enabled in 1996 nor, for the next 13 years under despicable Labour.

There is a irony in all this nonsense, which is, the pen-pushing bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg have deemed that silt dredged from rivers, dykes and streams is toxic and must be disposed of as toxic waste. Paradoxically they have, through the Environment Act, (and herein lies the irony), put protection orders on salt marsh around the coast for reasons of diversity and the well being of the wetland. Completely ignoring the fact that these wetlands were formed by silt deposits from the rivers.
Does this mean that these idiots have made, through the Environment Act, the Environment Agency the guardian of thousands of acres of toxic waste?

It was my intention to write a detailed factual piece on this subject but after reading through reams of reports and conclusions from the EU along with the consequent Laws and Directives which followed it soon became clear that I would be writing a “Paper” on the subject rather than a blog post so, I decided that I would just vent my feelings about the whole debacle of flood defence and leave you, dear reader, to make your own minds up.
Suffice to say that most of the thinking on the subject has been as a result of the Green Lobby. However this is one area where one does not have to do too much research before you find that the Greens are funded by big business and further subsidised by various governments throughout the EU as well as by the EU itself.
The truth, as far as I can discern, is that Green Energy is not as sustainable as its proponents would have you think. We all know about wind power and what a con that is but so is the promotion of biomass fuel in the form of wood pellets. These are used in converted coal-fired power stations and are advertised as; “100% biomass fuel, using sustainably-sourced renewable wood pellets”. However, acres of trees have to be cut down to produce these pellets, (mainly in America and Canada), the plants where the trees are converted to pellets use ovens to dry out the timber which is then cut and compressed into pellets. These are then sent by diesel trucks to the docks where they are loaded onto diesel powered ships for transportation to the UK. Upon arrival in a UK port the pellets are off-loaded and transferred to diesel powered lorries and transported to whichever power station has ordered them.
Here is the rub, when these pellets are burned in the furnaces of the power stations CO2 is released into the atmosphere, as would happen with any other fossil fuel. However these emissions are not counted in Government’s proposed greenhouse gas standard even though it is the single largest emission associated with bioenergy. This is justified by the assertion that the CO2 is immediately neutralised by regrowth in the forest from which the wood was harvested.
Crazy and, if I may say, dishonest.

The one area of managed natural beauty in this country that the loons in the Environment Agency have not got their useless hands on is the Fens. An area which does not suffer the flooding seen in other parts of the country.
The rumour is that they will soon take over this beauty spot and I can only imagine the destruction and mayhem that this will cause when they do.
It is worth noting that most of the creatures which the Act and, therefore, the Environment Agency, purports to save through its diversity programme actually thrive in the waters and bogs of the Fenland. This despite regular dredging, ditching and drainage. Who knew?
Suffice to say that the only way to reverse this ridiculous mismanagement of our waterways is to leave the European Union for good. I am ever hopeful that his will be the year that this happens.
Perhaps we can even start burning coal again in our power stations, after all, surely we only have to plant a new forest to neutralise by regrowth the carbon which will be emitted. Isn’t that the excuse given for burning equally carbon emitting wood pellets?


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