Duplicitous Dave & The Corbyneers


It will come as a surprise to no one that Duplicitous Dave, showing all the negotiating skills of a victim at a serial killer’s convention, has spectacularly failed in his efforts to stop immigrants from the EU mugging the British taxpayer over work benefits. Which proves that when you have a mug negotiating with a mugger there will only be one winner.
This is only one of the trivial demands that Cameron has promised to put to the Member States of the EU in his quest for a better deal for the UK within the Union. Lets face it, if he cannot do the ‘trivial’ what chance when serious negotiations are called for? Surely he has lost all rights to demand that this country stays in the EU as he has made it quite obvious that he cares not one jot for you and me nor for this glorious country. His assertion that he believes that we are better off in this ridiculous club of fraudsters and near-do-wells not only shows him as a weak negotiator but also as a weak leader.
As a reminder of his weakness as a leader, take a look at the House of Lords, A Constitutional Chamber which regularly embarrasses Cameron. Bear in mind that he crammed the Upper Chamber with Tory and Lib Dem cronies with the single purpose of getting his own way. A spectacular fail whichever way you look at it, The Liberal Democrats, after proving that they are not fit to govern, have spit out the dummy and blame Cameron for the demise of their sad Party. You would  have thought that Cameron would have realised this and would have taken the necessary steps to bury the knife in deeper so as to nullify any meaningful opposition from this wishy-washy group of party-poopers. Remember though that we are dealing with Dave, the leader the Lib Dems never had, instead of crushing the Lib Dems he crams the Upper Chamber with them. (1288% more than they have Members of Parliament). The Lib Dems have 8 Members of Parliament and 111 Peers in the House of Lords. Is it any wonder that when joined by Labour Peers and the fruitcake Cross Benchers, Cameron finds himself in trouble every time he submits a Bill to the Upper Chamber?
Some might argue that he is attempting to do so much in his time as PM that he occasionally takes his eye off the ball. I would counter by saying that I doubt he even knows what the ball looks like!

On the other side of the House, ‘Capability Jezza’ is going from strength to strength. Stoically ignoring his critics Mr Corbyn goes about his business with an air of a man who knows who he is and what his mission is in life. A pity then that Dave and the MSM still dismiss him as a political force. That Corbyn is underestimated is an understatement in itself. He has managed to do what what the Tories, UKIP and the other right of centre Parties have all failed to do and that is to tap into the young and the middle class vote. He actually promises nothing but drops hints of his vision of a world without conflict, a society totally at ease with itself and comfortable in the knowledge that the State will take care of all of its needs. A North Korea without the intimidation and hypocrisy. A dream which would quickly turn into a nightmare if it were allowed to become reality but a dream which a society born out of the Welfare State wants to be true.
Corbyn aims to recruit 100,000 new members into the Labour Party before the next GE, an event which might come sooner than expected if Dave looses the Referendum. The Labour Party are hard at work as I write aiming to make this wish a reality. Promises of votes for 16 – 17 year olds has fuelled interest in colleges and universities throughout the land. The young will have a voice at last. The argument will be that they are old enough to join the Armed Forces, old enough to marry and start a family, so why are they not old enough to vote and have a say in their future?
Experience, springs to mind. Plus the fact that most young people are subliminally guided towards the Left through the State Education system. Also, as Christmas approaches, the young want it all and they want it now. Who can blame them, didn’t we all when we were young? Utopia seems so easy to attain at that age, equality still a concept before it turns to envy and greed.
Corbyn has targeted the disaffected, the weak and the young but not content with that, he has cleverly seen the coming demise of the Middle Class in this country and is exploiting it. What he is doing is not rocket science and it amazes me that the other Parties have failed to do what he is attempting to do. The frightening thing is, he could well succeed and become the UK’s next PM.
The message to UKIP and the Tories is clear, wake up to the Left and take your message out to the British public. I am more concerned about UKIP, they seem to be floundering once again. Unable to take on more than one thing at a time when they need to be seen to be multi-tasking. Readers of my blog will know that I am an ardent supporter of UKIP but with membership stagnant at around 40,000 one could argue that the Greens with a rising membership of over 62,000 is the more proactive Party. Let Farage take on the Establishment and fight the fight to leave the EU, the other top names should be touring the country garnering support and boosting the membership. Farage boasts about having won the EU Elections and having more MEP’s than any other British political Party but where are they? Sitting in a Brussels Parliament where their vote counts for nothing is a waste of time in my opinion, they should be out on the cold, wet cobbles earning their money and being seen to want to make a genuine difference.

The Corbyneers meanwhile are out in force on a daily basis, spreading lies and discourse while Dave is on tour proving that he is the weak leader of a weak country made weaker by Coalition and Tory fiscal policy. Corbyn will follow the Party line when it comes to the EU, Labour have made no secret of their utter contempt for the British people and the UK in general. They will urge their followers to vote to stay in which is why the biggest recruitment campaign in Labour history is now on.
Under Cameron the Tories have lost 50% of their membership which is a sad condemnation of his leadership and George Osborne’s austerity measures. If 50% of Tories do not believe in Tory policy why should the general public?
It is a question which will be ignored by Dave because he is totally fixated on the economy and his commitment to stay in the EU. The fuel for Osborne’s economic recovery has been, by his own admission, excessive, unregulated immigration. So on that subject they are singing off the same page as Labour. We deserve better but only we can make things better because our comfortable politicians and MEP’s are content with our continued apathy.
It is often said by our politicians that change will only come through the ballot box but, I now believe that we should start to do as the French do and that is to take to the streets in peaceful but raucous demonstration until our elected trough snufflers lift their heads and take notice.


One thought on “Duplicitous Dave & The Corbyneers

  1. Darren Scanlon December 19, 2015 / 10:54 pm

    “…our elected trough snufflers…”

    What a phrase! Love it and so apt.

    Great piece, Phil.


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