Cameron – The Westminster Folly


Once upon a time in a land much too close to home a very famous, some might say infamous, Public School spewed out a young ‘try-hard’ into the vaulted halls of one the most prestigious universities in the land. There, he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Why? You might reasonably ask. Especially when you realise that I am talking, of course, about David William Donald Cameron the present incumbent of number 10 Downing Street, his residence, as British Prime Minister, since 2010.
His fundamental grasp of reality, existence and knowledge is something which would cause Plato to turn in his grave. As for economics, his track record with the production and transfer of wealth is at odds with the findings of most economic experts. “Politics” however, he is very good at. Where activities associated with the governance or area of a country are concerned, Cameron is happy to allow all countries to be divided up into “areas”.

To some, the above paragraph might show some contempt for Mr Cameron. I must admit that, yes, I am contemptuous of the man. What other Prime Minister carries around a metaphoric spade in order to dig himself out of the holes which he creates for himself on a daily basis?
Am I suggesting that he is duplicitous? Am I suggesting that he will manipulate every fact, figure and argument to suit his own personal agenda? Am I suggesting that he will renege on a promise at the drop of a hat?
The answer to all three is a resounding, YES. I say this because I believe that Cameron is a real danger to this country. He has two constants: The first is to be seen to be bombing somewhere in the World at any given time in the name of Global peace. The second is to bankrupt the poor, the disabled and old people of this country in the name of EU wealth redistribution. He obviously believes in the doctrine; “control the debt, control the people.”
More frightening to me and, it should be to all who read this, for a man who started his political career as a Eurosceptic he is now doing all within his power to destroy the very country which gave him the freedoms and opportunities he now embraces. He is Hell bent on giving what remains of this glorious Realm to a bunch of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels who care not a fig for you or I as we are but pawns in their game of political chess.

An apt example of Cameron’s disdain for this country and all who dwell here is his commitment to give 0.7% of our gross national income for foreign aid. 7p out of every £10 we earn is spent on overseas development. In 2014 this amounted to £11.8 billion.
Meanwhile we have epic flooding in the north of the country, one man dead and found floating in one of the many swollen rivers. Cameron, of course, gives his Obamaesque platitudes, saying that his thoughts and those of the country are with the flood victims. First Mr Cameron, do not think for me and second, what a load of eye-popping crap!
His government has a duty to protect its citizens from natural disasters wherever possible. 2005 and again in 2009 were examples of Nature gone mad and the results were horrific. Record flood levels in Cumbria and other Northern counties were met with sympathetic stares from Ministers and a proclamation that this was a “once in a hundred year” event. It was a sound bite which was probably given to the government by a bunch of Climate Change devotees. Promises were made as a result of these floods but it has taken the government six years to come up with a plan of action.
Last year it stated; “homes, businesses and farmland from Lancashire to Essex will be better protected from floods by an unprecedented six-year £2.3 billion flood defence programme.”
The government call it their “long-term investment programme” and say that it will protect 300,000 properties, reduce flood risk by 5% and save the economy £2.7 billion by 2021. They say that the lifetime benefits of the investment will exceed £30 billion and that with over 1,400 projects within the programme, local authorities will be able to plan ahead and reassure communities that flood risk is being reduced in their area.
Tell that to the people of Cumbria Mr Cameron. You and your colleagues are all too keen to blame Climate Change for these disasters but no matter what the cause you have failed miserably to tackle the problem. When in Coalition, you slashed the flood defence budget by £115 million, had you not done so we might have seen some happy and relieved faces in towns like Carlisle and Kendal instead of faces full of anguish and confusion.
As usual with you at the helm it is a case of too little too late.

The country is on a High Alert for terrorist attacks. So what does Cameron do? He cuts the police budget. Since 2010 the sheer scale of cuts to the police is unbelievable. By 2020 it is estimated that the police force will have been cut by at least 68,000 personnel.
The lunacy of this is being shown on a daily basis. In Leytonstone no armed officers were present at the tube station when a Moslem maniac tried to decapitate an innocent civilian. It took at least four officers and the bravery of a member of the public to bring the man down. Forces up and down the country are having to prioritise crimes, gone are the days when a crime was a crime was a crime! As a direct consequence the public are feeling less safe not only in their homes but when out and about going about their daily business.
Calling upon the Army to aid the beleaguered police force will be of no use because since 2010 full time service men and women have been cut from 102,260 in 2010 to 81,700 now. Cameron’s assertion that the increase in Army reservists will take up the shortfall is either a folly or a very brave experiment indeed.
On top of all this, since 2010 military pay increase has been limited to 1% per year. If we can believe Cameron’s sidekick, George Osborne, the economy will continue to grow thus giving greater opportunities for jobs outside of the Armed Forces. This will mean that young men and women who would normally be naturally curious about a career in the Armed Forces are now much more likely to look to the Private Sector for work. So there is a real chance that the number of personnel in the Armed Forces could drop even lower than the 82,000 which Cameron has set as his benchmark.
However, it is not just personnel that have been affected by Cameron’s insane cuts, do you realise that this country can only muster 227 working, fit for duty, Challenger 2 tanks? This is 153 fewer than Switzerland which hasn’t waged a war on anyone in over 150 years!
It isn’t just the Army that is feeling the pressure. The Service that has been humiliated most by successive governments is the Royal Navy. No aircraft carriers, no strike aircraft, and down to just 19 surface vessels. This means that the Navy cannot carry out even routine tasks. God forbid we should be in a war as the Navy has no contingency for combat loss, breakdown or the unexpected.
The promise of new aircraft carriers is all very well but the government will not commit to supplying the number of ships needed to form a ‘task force’ to protect the carriers. What’s more, the RN has only 30,000 personnel, simply not enough either to man the promised carriers nor the ships needed to support them.
Under water we have more of a problem than on the surface, Cameron and his stooges have cut the attack submarine force down to a piddling 7 boats. Not enough by any means and certainly not enough to defend the country against serious attack by a determined and fully equipped foreign Navy!

Cameron’s policy of committing 0.7% of GDP to Foreign Aid is nauseous in the extreme and just cannot stand up to scrutiny. His assertion that the gratitude of the countries which we are helping will benefit us in the future is just bizarre! Then we have his greatest folly, HS2! My God no matter how much money he and his sidekicks say it will cost you and me I suggest that you times that figure by at least a factor of four.
Foreign aid money would be better spent at home, repairing flood defences, building new homes, building new roads, repairing existing roads, etc. As for HS2, surely that money would be better spent on the existing rail stock and track. The railway system could and should be completely overhauled with the end result being a cleaner and more efficient passenger service, a larger and re-energised freight service which would take large lorries off the roads thus cutting the maintenance cost for roads and highways whilst at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

This country deserves better than Cameron, Corbyn and the other ‘head – in – the – sand’ politicians who haunt the halls of Westminster. Until they are gone we are going to suffer, either from the disaster that is the EU or, the disaster that is the Labour Party should they defeat the Tories in 2020.
Unfortunately the people of Britain will willingly follow these craven hypocrites because there is no viable alternative. I would like to believe that UKIP will be that elusive alternative but, alas, I cannot see that happening in the foreseeable future. So I have to hope that people will see sense and lobby their MPs in numbers sufficient enough to force them to consider change. Not that I think that Dave will be forced to change course as his mission in life is to be the last Prime Minister of Britain.


One thought on “Cameron – The Westminster Folly

  1. Darren Scanlon December 9, 2015 / 8:58 am

    Slowly and systematically destroying our beloved country. Anyone would think it was deliberate…🤔

    Great piece, mate.


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