A Poem


A poem is designed to convey
In a vivid and imaginative way,
A sense of experience for all to enjoy,
Using basic English, not as a ploy but,
Chosen for sound and suggestive power,
Then rising up like a mighty tower.
With structured metre and natural cadence,
Rhyme and imagery; a natural seance.
Please, take the definition of prose;
As everyone but the modernist knows,
Is writing or speech in an ordinary style.
A form accepted in this Sceptered Isle.
New Age laureates must take the blame
For extinguishing our literary flame.
Keats, Milton, Shelley and Browning
Must be looking down, collectively frowning
Saddened that this art that they prize
Has suffered such a sad demise


©Phil Bottomley 2015


One thought on “A Poem

  1. Darren Scanlon October 15, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    So sad and so true, Phil. A brilliant piece!

    I have not the interest or patience with prose. If one likes such a thing then I’m happy for you but it’s not for me.

    For me, poetry must have both rhythm and rhyme; must take the reader on a journey, sometimes good and sometimes dark and uncomfortable, (the latter seems to be where I spend most of my time), through the simple power of words wielded in a special and creative way.

    Words are my life and my passion. Without them…


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