Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson.


The witch hunt, started and perpetuated by Tom Watson, was really a case of too little too late. The hunt for paedophiles in high office is, I believe, wholly justified. If it were not so then Saville and Smith, along with others would have been brought to justice instead of being protected from prosecution.
I do not know if Leon Brittan was guilty of the alleged crimes as cited by Watson and reported to the Metropolitan Police. The fact is, neither does Watson. Nor, do the baying, order paper waving, crowd on the Government Benches. Tom Watson has refused to apologise for the strong language he used against Mr Brittan, something which has further inflamed the Tory elite.
At the Dispatch Box, Watson said, (words to the affect), that the only apology given should be one given to the victims of child abuse in places like Rotherham. Very true but in his quest for justice and his relentless accusatory pursuit of Conservative members, he forgets that the historic and recent abuse of young children happened in areas throughout the country which were governed by Labour run Councils. Add to that, the crimes were perpetrated by Asian gangs who used the racist card as a weapon against anyone who accused them. Do I need to remind anyone as to whom introduced the race and homophobe card as a weapon to get their immigration policies accepted?
The bitter irony is and, to add insult to injury, they (Labour Councillors) were so frightened of their own ‘stick’ that they turned a blind eye to the suffering of the children in their Wards in case they were seen to be non PC.
That aside, the upshot of this ‘debate’ in the House of Commons today was that an enquiry should be held into the hounding of Mr Brittan by Watson and the police.

This political wrangling between Parties, whom I happen to believe are all guilty of knowing but not telling about historic and ongoing child sex abuse, will only serve to take the spotlight off the victims. Either a very clever ploy or an unfortunate happenstance, it does the abused no good at all.
This disgusting crime has and will probably never be investigated properly. Too many have too much to lose should a proper investigation take place. This fact has to beg another question also: Should the police, given the recent stories of cover-ups and false statements, be the ones to carry out any such investigation? Whom could be trusted to do the job instead and how would they be vetted? Come to that, who could be trusted to vet them?

Child abuse, mental, physical, sexual or, a combination of all three has been going on in this country for hundreds of years and it is time it was stopped! The recent trend of discrediting victims after they have finally plucked up the courage to come forward is disgusting. Yes, I daresay that there will be a few ‘professional’ victims and fruit loops out there but these should already be known to the police as they must be fairly regular visitors to the police stations.
I defy any victim to sit down calmly and give a coherent description of what happened to them at the hands of these monsters, especially as they have to repeat the experience over and over again. Of course there are going to be discrepancies as they recount their ordeals for the fourth or fifth time, more to the point, having it instilled into them that no one would believe them if they ever came forward, is it any wonder that they start to believe that this is the case and just give up?

It is easy for society to believe that the victims only come forward for the compensation that they might receive should their aggressors ever be prosecuted and found guilty. I happen to think that after waiting years to pluck up the courage to come forward and name names, most of the genuine victims are not interested in money nor, do they care too much about the sentence that these animals should get as long as they are put away where they cannot harm anymore young children.
No, I think that they will get more satisfaction from being believed at last. Realising that they are not “nobodies”, that they do have the same Rights as everyone else and that a person is not born a victim but that it is these perverts who turn them into victims against their will!

Whatever your intention Mr Watson, whether good or bad, all you have succeeded in doing is putting the plight of these poor souls back onto the back-burner!


2 thoughts on “Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson.

  1. rollo57 October 13, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    Brian Gerrish has highlighted this and the taking of children by Social workers through the court system. [ ] We are being lied to by our Government & Media, who are ‘owned’ by the Corporations in control of the ‘shadow government’.
    There’s an Agenda a foot, it’s being ran by the ‘shadow government’, the neo-cons of all main parties are involved, which is why Corbyn and Farage have been systematically lambasted in the press, they speak against their agenda. Common Purpose [ ] are the controlling body, they have people trained, in all aspects and departments of Society, with the sole intention of destroying it.
    Their aim is One World Government and TTIP is their next move towards this.
    All of our society has been usurped, as has our Sovereignty, given away to the EU, who in turn will give it to Corporations under TTIP, along with our Public Service rights. Teachers, Policemen, Judges, NHS Trust management, like ‘Blackpool’ through a stick of rock.

    You will also see a swell of support for Putin, who has taken on this ‘shadow government’ as he too is lambasted by the MSM. It’s all part of the same plot, as the BRICS become world Policemen against controlled terrorism and economic blackmail.


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