Merkel Madness


It would be oh so easy to dedicate this post to “I told you so”, when referring to the idiotic refugee policy adopted by the EU. In truth some of it will echo that sentiment but I hope that what follows will be a more balanced revue of the whole policy.
Is it me, or does it seem strange to you that from Afghanistan to Somalia and all countries in-between, over one million people have decided to travel to Europe en masse in order to seek a better life? I know that in a lot of those countries there are despotic dictators, famine, disease, civil war or, in the case of the Middle East, ISIS but can it be, as Frederick Forsyth claims, that the internet is to blame?
If so, why this year? Are they all following some mythical celestial orb which is stationary over the EU? My view is that quite a lot of this mass movement of people can be put at the feet of the Left-wing EU bureaucrats who see this mass migration as a simple means of diluting ethnic populations throughout Europe. Once completed, their control over people and their wish to end the status of countries will make their goal of zoning so much easier to attain. Also there is the propaganda factor from radical Islam. The Mullahs are telling their flocks to go West to seek their fortunes and to make a better life for themselves and their families. While there, build up Islam and the Word of Mohammed so that eventually Islam IS the Word! Then there are the true radicals of Islam who recruit young Moslems and turn them into Jihadis. These are the most dangerous because they recruit from within the West as well as from outside. Their aim is for the complete destruction of Western civilisation and, in my view, anyone who does not see or believe this is a complete fool!

True to its policy of multiculturalism, Germany led the way when it came to taking in so-called refugees. Surrounding EU countries are struggling still to cope with the streams of people intent on getting to the ‘Promised Land’. Suddenly the The Schengen Agreement doesn’t seem such a good idea and in an act similar to Hitler tearing up the The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, Merkel has ordered that Germany close its borders in order to stop any more ‘refugees’ coming in.
So grave is the problem in Germany we hear, that people are taking to the streets and telling the immigrants to go home. Then there are the attacks by Moslems on innocent German people and the destruction of Christian churches and buildings. Gratitude is obviously not a trait of Islam.
All over Europe fences are going up along borders in order to keep the hordes of migrants ( mostly men) out. Is it any wonder when there have been some disgusting scenes right across the continent? People with kind hearts, most of whom I believe to be misguided, have been giving out food and water to the refugees only to see them throw it away or, worse, throw it back into their faces.
These young, fit men who, as has been proved, are quite capable of physical violence in Europe claim that they have fled their own countries in fear of their lives. Surely, if you can fight on foreign soil you can fight at home where the cause is patently more worthy.

The EU it its selfish pursuit of its Utopian goal has, in effect, scored an own goal this time. Their policy regarding refugees is in disarray and the effect has been to cause economic and social misery throughout Europe. The sensible policy would be to instruct, Italy, France, Greece to stop taking in refugees altogether. Instead of kowtowing to these boat people, send them back; by force if necessary.
The EU policy of open borders is also in disarray. The sooner people across Europe get a sense of their own identities back the better. Multiculturalism is fine, in small doses and as long as it does not upset the status quo. However, when the minority start to dictate to the majority and the government gives in to said minority, alarm bells should start to ring. The fact that the batteries have been deliberately taken out should send shock waves through the Western World.
Even the blind can see that the real enemy is Islam and if you believe that mosques will not be blighting the landscape in a town near you, you are either deluded or you voted for Jeremy Corbyn!
In a world which is unstable both economically and militarily it is vitally important that we keep our identities. We need to in order to be strong.
Politicians may fool themselves into thinking that they rule the world but they are only puppets in a much bigger show. The puppet Masters? They are for another post, suffice to say the financial crash in China was no accident.

Yes, Mrs Merkel, we did tell you so but as usual you refused to listen and now you must pick up the pieces of your failed social experiment. Cameron was similarly told but he too has decided to take the moral high ground and take in even more refugees.
It has to stop, already the borrowing of this UK government in order to pay for this debacle has sky rocketed once again.
The only real answer as far as I can see is to get out of the EU as quickly as possible and raise the drawbridge. Once done we can weed out the false and send them packing and the good will have to prove their worth or they can go as well.
Be tough, be seen to be tough, put British people first.


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