A Moral Responsibility?

Prime Minister, David Cameron is on record as saying that he will take 20,000 refugees from UN camps over the next five years. Yvette Cooper, one of the Labour leadership candidates, says 4000 a year is not enough. Given that over 300,000 immigrants have been allowed into Britain so far this year I believe that an extra 4000 is way too many!
It is about time that this government and the Labour hopefuls started to put British people first. This is not a selfish view but one borne out of despair at the lack of willingness by any British government over the past 18 years to tackle the problem of border control and immigration.
Whilst Cameron and his government are lavishing accommodation, money and the promise of jobs to thousands of immigrants his government is coming down with an iron fist on ethnic Brits who have had the misfortune to be out of work. Take for example the 30,630 service personnel who found themselves out of a job because of George Osborne’s austerity measures. Did you know that 29% of those people are now homeless and / or living rough on the streets of Britain? That is a staggering 9000 people, shockingly, ex-service personnel account for one in 10 rough sleepers across the UK. People who willingly volunteered their services to Queen and country only to be dumped by an uncaring government that would rather pay and house foreigners than their own!

Cameron may wax lyrical about the Foreign Aid Budget and feel proud that his government is the only one of all the EU member states which complies with the 0.7% of GDP that is requested to be set aside for this. His hubris only serves to mock those who were willing to lay their lives on the line as members of the Armed Forces.
Knee-Jerk politics seems to be de rigueur in 21st century Westminster. Cameron is no exception, he allowed himself to be duped by sensationalist photographs of a dead child and a MSM outcry without first checking all of the facts. Like for example the legitimacy of the children’s father when he claimed to be a refugee. Like the fact that the Turkish police moved one of the bodies to a more photo-friendly spot on the beach, one closer to the water-line and away from the rocks.
At the very least he should be looking to his advisers and asking. “What the Hell?”
All Parties agree that we have an acute housing shortage in this country, probably caused by a combination of uncontrolled immigration and lack of investment in the housing and construction industry. It hasn’t helped that Osborne has allowed his friends in the City to snap up property which they intend to keep unoccupied and use purely as an investment.
The Tories answer is to allow great swathes of greenbelt to be used for development. God forbid that they force these greedy speculators to free up some of their properties. In doing nothing, they are allowing talented people to look elsewhere for work, mainly overseas as they cannot afford to live in the cities where their talents are required. Those who stay are forced to live in the suburbs, areas which are becoming increasingly overpopulated by immigrants. This would not be so bad if they were the type of skilled people that the country needs, unfortunately the vast majority are unskilled and are forcing wages down.

Uncontrolled immigration has had a domino effect in Britain. Lack of housing, causing homelessness and crimes rates to soar. Lack of investment in real job creation, i.e apprenticeships, nursing, doctors, engineers, scientists. Osborne will say that they (Tories) have created more jobs and that there are not enough British people with the appropriate skills to fill them. Hence their pathetic argument that they need to import foreign workers.
How about being sensible and reducing the Foreign Aid Budget by at least £4 billion and then using this money to train our own young people. It seems to me that the emphasis has for too long been on foreign immigrants. It is far easier for them to gain access to a money pot which they have never contributed to whilst Britons, willing to work or, unfortunately out of work, are finding it increasingly difficult to get help either financial or otherwise.
It is not fair and it about time that Cameron started to give back to the British people who so generously gave him their votes in GE2015. Recent polls and surveys show that Britain does not want any more immigrants and 50% of us want to get out of the rotten club known as the EU.
For whatever reason Cameron wants to stay in the EU he needs to realise that it is the country which is a member not him! It is not his personal club and he should either bow to the wishes of those who put him and his Party where it is or, butt out and let a more honest leader take his place!
Finally, will someone please tell Mr Cameron to stop waffling on about his and the country’s moral obligation to immigrants. I feel no moral obligation to them and I certainly feel no obligation to kowtow to their whims and supposed “Rights”.
Want to come here? Fine, obey our Laws and respect our customs. If you want to pray to your God, fine, find an open space or front room do not expect or demand a mosque, temple or any other non-Christian building to be erected because you believe it to be your Right to have one!

In short, put Britain and the British people first for once!


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