Today we hear that ISIS has changed tactics in that it no longer wants radicalised British Moslems to go to Syria to fight but instead it wants them to stay in the UK and form home-grown terror cells. This information comes to the fore because of a Sky News undercover investigation. We have to applaud Sky for their diligence and for the bravery of those concerned in this operation.
Sky dutifully passed this information on to the relevant authorities, the police and the Secret Services who, whilst reacting differently, reacted predictably. The former asked Sky to carry on with their investigation whereas the latter put out a statement saying that they do not comment on such as this and that the relevant “Threat Levels” are in place. Very reassuring.

One could argue that Sky is only trying to sensationalise an already tense and extremely dangerous situation for their own commercial gain but I would suggest that this particular sword is double edged. There are some things that should remain secret and out of the public domain. For obvious reasons the activities and whereabouts of terror cells on the British mainland come into this category. I say ‘obvious’ because to broadcast such news would spread panic which, in all likelihood, would compromise the effective closing down of these cells by the authorities.
What Sky has done is to highlight just how easy it is for ISIS to reach out to radicalised young Moslems through the power of the internet. These are then trained in Syria and sent back to the UK, primed and ready to launch an attack. Sky reported that there are up to seven of these trained ISIS jihadis already in the UK.
It is clear that Sky, in reporting this on air has done its profile as a news gatherer an immense amount of good but, far from sensationalising the issue I believe that they have instead given an apathetic British public cause for serious thought.

Speaking for the Opposition, Yvette Cooper tells the people, via the medium of TV, that more should and could be done in the communities to counter this threat. How naive can she be? It is within these communities that radicalism is allowed to grow. Ms Cooper’s belief that you can simply talk to these people and resolve your differences makes as much sense as a frog marrying a cockroach. Islam is all about total domination and those under its spell will not be deflected from this ideal. Their utter contempt for Christianity and Christians of any denomination is legend.
We know all about sectarian violence in this country, within living memory we have endured years of bombings and shootings at the hands of the PIRA. This was resolved through negotiation but to think that the same can be done with the leaders of ISIS is to believe that Christmas comes every day. ISLAM is an ideology and its followers have a totally different mindset to those of other ideologies. This means that there is no possibility of a meeting of minds. Also, this is not a sectarian war that is looming, it will be a crusade to end all crusades. The only thing stopping ISIS from completing its planned caliphate is the schism within ISLAM itself.
Yvette Cooper is not only naive but a total hypocrite. Her government openly recruited Moslems on the streets of Pakistan, offering them free housing and benefits and God knows what else in a desperate attempt to dilute the ethnic population of Britain in order to ensure the longevity of a despicable Labour government. She stupidly believes that because Labour’s snake-oil salesmen were able to persuade people to come and live in the UK, they will be amenable to dialogue now that they are here.
They won’t, Ms Cooper. Community leaders will all say whatever the general public want to hear, if for no other reason than they want to remain in the UK. Harsh but true and until we in this country wake up to the fact that you cannot negotiate with these people we will always be walking around with one eye permanently looking over our shoulder.

When politics clouds fact we have a big problem and this is what is happening in the UK at the moment. Immigration has become THE issue of they day and it shouldn’t be. When a country loses the ability to decide whom it allows comes across its borders and instead of resolving this, argues about who should stay and who should go, its time to pull up the drawbridge and start again.
Liberal thinking has allowed Britain to fall into the trap of apathy through Human Rights legislation, Political Correctness and, to use a vulgar Labour term, diversification. We need to shake off these shackles and become the lion we once were. The country needs to toughen up, not through rhetoric but through deeds. It is time to take to the streets in peaceful protest in order to show our well fed politicians that we have had enough of liberalism, enough of being told what to do, who to believe and how to behave to foreigners. This is Britain, we are British and there has been a credible threat to our reigning Monarch. Now is not the time to be shaking hands with ISLAM!
Cameron with his ludicrous Foreign Aid programme is giving money to these people and pretty soon we will be seeing the fruits of their purchases on the streets of Britain. We have already seen Obama shake the hand of the Devil in Iran and they now have the saliva of the Ayatollah running down the cheek of America as a thank you.
Do I hate Moslems? No! However I am not blind to them either!


One thought on “IT’S ISLAM, STUPID!

  1. Darren Scanlon August 12, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    A brilliant piece mate and I couldn’t agree more. Time to wake up!


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