The ‘So Not Parliament’ Party have arrived in London. Apparently the school bus, upon which they travelled down from Scotland, was awash with Buckies and Tennants Extra. So unruly were they that the bus driver threatened to turf them all off at Watford Gap services.
One expects nervousness and ignorance of protocol from new MP’s but the childish behaviour of these morons makes you wonder what the 90% of Scottish people they represent have come to.
Insisting on taking the Oath of Allegiance in Gaelic as well as English, forgetting to mention the Queen in the Oath and fighting over seating in the HoC is not what one expects from one’s elected representatives. The Parliament is the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the Queen is Head of State for the United Kingdom and English is the spoken language of the United Kingdom. If you cannot accept any of that, then you have no place in Parliament; sod off!

All is now quiet in the UKIP camp say Party officials. That is, Party officials whom it seems have escaped the ‘purge’ that never was by the Party leader who was, then wasn’t, then was again. The only person to come out of this with any dignity is Suzanne Evans, ever the professional she has managed to wade through the detritus of claim and counter claim with her head held high.
It has to be said that the MSM and especially the vile, taxpayer funded BBC have revelled in the upset within UKIP and have all done their level best to stoke the fires of supposed unrest at every opportunity. They would like nothing better than to see the end of UKIP and UK Independence Party members would do well to remember this. Great organisations are usually topped from within, ego being the main weapon of mass destruction.
It is the opinion of many people, mine included, that Nigel Farage is the best leader of a political Party in the country. I think it was a travesty that he failed to win a seat in Parliament but, alas, that is now history. He is the standard bearer for UKIP and members must now rally round him in order that we get a positive result in the forthcoming referendum. That Cameron will try to rig the vote is a given. He will probably lower the voting age for this and allow immigrants to vote as well. We have been here before, the un-level playing field which they expect UKIP to play on is oh so familiar now. Therefore, we must treat it as the ‘norm’ and show the Establishment that we can win no matter what obstacles they put in our way.

The Liberal Democrats are no more. They only serve to highlight the pasquinade which parades as a fair voting system in this country. Their leader, ‘Clegg the Deluded’ has resigned and disappeared into the far reaches of Portugal with his wife and children.
The leadership will now fall to one of the two village idiots left in the Party. The smart money is on Tim Faron, a man who is so deluded about the future prospects of the LibDems that he makes Clegg look good.

After years of UKIP being described as ‘scum’ by Labour supporters we can now all see where the real scum lies. Labour are the “New Scum Party” NSP for short. Not to be confused with the SNP, although like the SNP they spout the same crap but without the nationalistic fervour.
They too have lost their leader. I use the term ‘leader’ in the loosest of ways. Ed Miliband was never a real contender even after he had stabbed his brother in the back. He was always a puppet of the unions and like all union puppets he paid the ultimate, humiliating price.
I shed no tears for the man who would have borrowed the country into bankruptcy and then sold its soul to the despicable EU.
The contenders for his job are a motley crew of has beens and wannabe’s. The front runner, if the biased MSM can be believed, is the murderous Andy Burnham. A man so devoid of principles and compassion that he happily stood aside as over 1200 patients died needless deaths at South Staffs hospital when he was Secretary of State for Health. He then allowed the whistle blowers and bereaved to be mercilessly hounded by the Press and paid-up ghouls from the Labour Party and unions.
It is worth noting that in 2010, after the country had rejected the Labour Party, he stood in the leadership race after Gordon Brown stepped down. He came a glorious fourth out of five candidates and if the NSP have any sense they will give him the same clear message this time around.


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