Been There, Done That.


‘Time for bed, darling.’
‘Why are the leaves on the trees rusty just like our gate, Daddy? Mummy says it’s because you haven’t painted it. Will you have to paint the trees, Daddy?’
‘How much green paint will you need, Daddy?’
‘Can I climb some trees and paint them with you, Daddy?’
‘The leaves aren’t rusty, darling. They are dying.’
‘Will you go rusty when you die, Daddy?’
‘No, darling I don’t think so. The trees need lots of sunshine to make them grow big and strong and so they grow lots and lots of leaves in Spring and Summer. The leaves eat up the sunshine and that helps the tree grow. In Winter there isn’t a lot of sunshine and it’s very cold so the trees don’t need the leaves any more that’s why they go brown and fall off.’
‘Why don’t the leaves fall off a Christmas tree in Winter?’
‘That’s because Christmas trees are not as strong as ordinary trees and they need a lot more sunshine. So, they keep their leaves all year round.’
‘They must be a bit strong Daddy because they hold all the decorations and some presents.’
‘Christmas decorations are not very heavy darling.’
‘Aren’t presents very heavy?’
‘Some presents are, especially if they are big presents.’
‘Will my presents be heavy?’
‘I don’t know, we will have to ask Father Christmas.’
‘When he comes to town to find out which children have been good because he only gives presents to good boys and girls.’
Have I been good Daddy?’
‘Yes, darling. You have been very good. Now, go to sleep.’
‘What happens when you are asleep?’
‘Nothing, darling. Now, be good and go to sleep.’
‘Does everything happen when I am awake, then?’
‘Why does Father Christmas come when I’m asleep?’
‘That’s so you will wake up to a surprise when you see all of your presents.’
‘Mmm, well who gives me a surprise on my birthday?’
“I think that, that is enough questions for tonight. Now, time to go to sleep.’
Will you read me a story Daddy?’


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