Natures Tribute


They said the bang was audible
At least one mile away
The still of the night was shattered
As night turned into day
A patrolling fox was frightened
By the fire’s mighty roar
And with heat singed fur he galloped
Back across the moor
Unheard screams rang out, from the
Inferno’s heart
Mournful cries from people, whose souls
Would soon depart.

Help was slow in coming, in fact
It came too late
The remoteness of that country lane
Had all but sealed their fate.
Blackened, grinning corpses in relief
Against the glow
Greeted rescue workers who, from trucks
Began to flow
The burning wrecks; two family cars, were hosed
To dissipate heat
Steam from sullied water
Obscured the firemen’s feet.

The awfulness stared at them as the sun
Rose in the East
Casting light upon the scene, starring
The deceased
Each body was examined; procedure,
But in vain
Each skid mark measured, that scarred
The country lane
Notes, carefully taken, theories thought
Not said
A rainbow in the asphalt, a memorial
To the dead.

© Phil Bottomley 2015


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