Striding out from the gusset of SNP delusion, the fragrant Ms Sturgeon gave her Party’s vision of an austerity free future for the United Kingdom. Pledging not just a “stronger Scotland” but a “better and more progressive politics for everyone” in the UK.
She also said that the SNP would increase spending by 0.5% per year enabling £140bn of extra investment.
Build 100,000 affordable homes in the UK.
Increase minimum wage to £8.70 by 2020.
Restore the top income tax rate for those earning above £150k per annum to 0.50p.
Build an alliance against the renewal of Trident.
Retain the triple lock on pensions and protect the winter fuel allowance.
There were other pledges and vague promises but, by then, I had run out of Prozac and had resorted to filling my ears with cotton wool in order to keep out her incessant nasal drone. Non the less, she carried on wittering, pausing every now and then in order to give the crowd a facial prompt so that they could burst into choreographed applause.

That this diminutive non-entity can have such sway over British politics is criminal. Even worse is the fact that the Prime Minister and leading members of his Cabinet are running scared of her. When a past Tory Prime Minister and a wannabe future Tory Prime Minister felt it necessary to spell out the dangers posed by a Labour/SNP coalition, then you know that they are truly rattled. Not just that, you also know that they have very little in the way of electoral ammunition to stem the rising tide of SNP support north of the border.
Sturgeon has also sparked a feminine revolution of sorts in England and it is possible that many women will vote Labour because they see a future which will be heavily influenced by Nicola Sturgeon.
We are not talking “girl power” here, rather a backlash against decades of male dominated politics in the UK. Both major Parties have only got themselves to blame for this situation. Neither of them has sought to promote on merit alone, both have used the ‘old-boy network’ spiced with a touch of PC appeasement. Over the last two Parliaments leading female politicians have demanded that there be a gender balance in the HoC. Most of the shouting for this coming from the Labour and LibDem benches as they both fight with each other to be seen as the most gender friendly and PC Party in Westminster.
I do not care what gender or colour our politicians are as long as they were chosen on merit and are good at their given jobs.
It is nothing more than a clever Left-Wing ploy to divide and conquer, they already use the scenario of the ‘haves and have nots’, the ‘bankers and the account holders’, the ‘rich and the poor’, the ‘workers and the jobless’. The list goes on and on and is used to great effect.

However, I digress. The real issue for everyone in the country is money. Forget Miliband and his spin doctors saying that the NHS is forefront in everyone’s mind because sadly it is not. In this consumer led society in which we live people are much more concerned with being able to pay their bills on time, saving for the annual holiday and the weekly shop.
The NHS is an emotional issue which is guaranteed to get everyone talking. The fact that it is not sustainable is neither here nor there because the fundamental principle of a free at the point of entry health service is now part of the British psyche. It is the unsustainability of the NHS which makes it such an easy target for opposing political Parties. It is, by default, the perfect ‘political football’!
Do not mis construe what I am saying, I fervently believe in a free NHS. However, I am realistic enough to know that extra money will always have to be found in order to keep it that way.
The SNP want to increase spending by 0.5% per year which means that the Labour puppets that they will be propping up will have to borrow an extra £140bn per year. This will see services stretched to the limit because the more the government borrows the more it has to pay back in interest. This will reflect on how much money they can afford to put into the NHS, into housing, into Welfare, into education etc. We will reach a stage, as we did the last time Labour were in power, whereby borrowing will become out of control because the government will have lost control of Budgetary spending.
The country’s credit rating will fall because we cannot manage our debts and interest rates will steadily rise to double figures as they did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The housing market will once again collapse and social housing will become a scarcity. Private landlords will be on the rise leaving tenants vulnerable to uncontrolled rents and slum conditions. Everyone’s standard of living will suffer as a consequence of over enthusiastic anti-austerity measures. A quick look down memory lane will show that this is fact not fiction!

The notion that a mansion tax plus a 50p income tax rate for everyone earning above £150,000 per annum will somehow pay for all of this extra spending is as ludicrous as scrapping Trident. So too the pledge to raise the minimum wage to £8.70 by 2020. Does this mad woman realise that there are four bands of National minimum wage? For the over 21 years of age band she will have to raise the minimum wage by 34% in order to bring it up to the desired £8.70. However, and one can only assume that she has lumped all four bands together to form one national minimum wage, she will need to raise the apprentice minimum wage by a staggering 219% in order to attain £8.70.
To those who attack her proposals she has a stock answer and that is that our words are an affront to democracy. I would say that she adds a whole new meaning to the word ‘hypocrisy’. Her sole ambition is to break up the Union, her policies which are designed to bankrupt the country are in line with that ambition. How can she claim that she is democratic when her deep-rooted, far left politics are more akin to those of the old East Germany than to democracy?

Miliband’s true socialist colours have come to the fore also. He states that Tory opposition to the SNP threatens the integrity of the UK. Here, it is either a case of; ‘there are none so blind as those who cannot see’ or, Miliband is as crazy as a fox and needs to be treated accordingly.
He tries to portray himself as ‘Mr Tough Guy’ when in fact he is more akin to something that Aardman Animations has created. This was never made clearer than on the last TV debate when Wood and Sturgeon ran rings around him. Even the fruit loop, Natalie Bennett, scored more points off him than a dart player at the Lakeside.
The Left are having their day in the sunshine and the shadows that they cast will darken many lives. It is down to all of us, those of us who truly believe in democracy, Great Britain and a free market, to make sure that we are not fooled by this false rhetoric. We have had thirteen years of Labour, thirteen years of spend, spend, spend that we have all had to pay for over the last five years. It is all very well bemoaning austerity and the misery it causes but joining the village idiots as they enjoy their day in the sunshine would, in my view, be a folly. Just remember the wise words of your Grandparents when these clowns are spending your money on their pet projects. “Enjoy your day in the sunshine but always save for a rainy day”!

It never rains in Sturgeon’s World, only on those around her!


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